YouTube Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14

Some apps are used almost every day. For example YouTube. We use YouTube so often that the app icon is engraved in our minds. So if you get bored of looking at the same app icon every day, we don’t blame you.

But there’s some good news for all iPhone users. Apple has finally launched a new feature called the “custom app icon.” Using this feature you can customise the look or aesthetic of any app you want, including YouTube.

This feature is available in iOS 14 and later versions. Even though it is a new feature, it has become extremely popular among users. If you are excited to know how it works, you should keep reading.

YouTube Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14

YouTube Icon Aesthetic apple ios iphone

YouTube Icon Aesthetic orange
YouTube Icon Aesthetic orange

Icon Aesthetic of YouTube

YouTube Icon Aesthetic purple

YouTube Icon Aesthetic gold

YouTube Icon Aesthetic black

YouTube Icon Aesthetic ios iphone

YouTube Icon Aesthetic

iphone YouTube Icon Aesthetic

ios YouTube Icon Aesthetic

YouTube Icon Aesthetic iphone

YouTube Icon Aesthetic ios

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What is the new “custom app icon” all about?

The custom app icon is a new feature introduced by Apple. With the help of this option, you can customise the aesthetic of all apps on your device. But you will need to use this feature via the Shortcuts app.

Using this option you can change the look of your iPhone apps to match your style and personality. But it has a slight drawback. It doesn’t allow you to customise all the apps at once. So if you want to change the aesthetic of all your apps, you will need to do it individually.

But there’s a solution to this. To save your time and effort, you should get a custom app icon pack online. You will find plenty of those options on the web. But most of the packs are paid.

How to customise the YouTube app icon in your iPhone?

Before you start customising the YouTube app icon, you will need to download a few app icon images. After saving the images in your phone’s gallery, you must follow these steps.

  • Launch the Shortcuts app.
  • Tap the + icon on the top-right edge of the screen.
  • Tap “add action.”
  • Locate the “Open app” option and tap it.
  • Tap “choose” and pick the YouTube app.
  • Now tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • You can assign a new name to the shortcut you are creating.
  • Tap the option “Add to the home screen.”
  • Tap on the icon right beside the name.
  • Tap ‘choose photo’ and select an app icon image that you downloaded.
  • Now tap the “Add” button and then “done.”

You have successfully, created a new YouTube shortcut. You will find it on the home screen of your device.

Go back to your home screen and you will notice that the original YouTube app is still there. There’s no point in having both the app icons on the home screen. So you can remove the original one to reduce clutter. The original app will be stored in the App Library, so you can access it any time you want.

The custom app icon feature doesn’t do anything to the original app. Instead, it creates a new shortcut on your home screen. This is a useful feature for those who like to keep things aesthetically pleasing.

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1. Can you apply the custom app icon feature on all iPhone apps?

Yes, the custom app icon option can be applied to all iPhone apps. But it doesn’t allow you to customise all the apps at once.

2. Where to look for custom app icon images?

You will find tons of app icon images on the internet. Other than Google images, you should also check out the Pinterest app. They have an excellent collection of images.

3. Do you have to download the Shortcuts app?

No, the Shortcuts app comes pre-loaded on your iPhone.

4. Why is YouTube so popular?

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform in the world. It gives you access to millions of videos of varying genres such as music videos, movie trailers, episodes, etc. It also allows you to upload your videos and earn money. It is a 100% safe platform and is trusted by millions of users around the world.

5. How to change YouTube app icon aesthetic?

If your iPhone is running the iOS 14 update or higher version, you have the option to change app icon aesthetics. By using this feature you can personalize the look of any app, not just YouTube. Just follow the steps using the Shortcuts app and you should be good to go.

6. Is the Shortcuts app free?

The Shortcuts app is completely free to use. It comes pre-installed on all iPhones. Using this app you can create app shortcuts for your convenience. It helps you to quickly start recommended or common tasks within your app. In case, you can’t find the Shortcuts app on your iPhone, no worries, you can download it from the App Store.

7. Can I download videos from the YouTube app?

Unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos from its platform. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the YouTube app or the website, you cannot download any videos. You will have to use third-party YouTube downloaders to get the videos you like. Luckily, most of these third-party apps are available for free. So you can use them to download as many videos as you want.