Xiomi Survey Indicates 20% Rise in SmartHome Device Sales

Xiomi performed a survey regarding interest of people in smarthome devices. Yeah, they’ve collected data of sales in SmartHome segment and results indicates something very interesting to us.

In this study, Xiomi found that since March 2020 there is an unbelievable hike in people’s interest for buying SmartHome Devices. Yeah, if we believe their survey then according to their study, there’s 70% consumers who accepted that during the times of pandemic they made change in their home environment because they were at home for majority of their time.

Moreover, during this time majority of people were either working from home or they were sitting at home because they were not allowed to do their work at their workplace. So, because of this reason, during that period around 50 percent people bought at least one smart home device.

Also, this survey was performed by Wakefield Research and they considered 1000 US adult representatives to perform this survey on. Moreover, participants took part in this interesting survey regarding home automation during 11 December to 16 December 2020. Well, it was an online survey.

Interesting thing about this survey is, three people out of every five people admitted that as their leisure & work environment became same, it was hard for them to find relaxable space at home. And, around 63 percent participants purchased a home automation or smart home device during this time. Also, 79 people out of 100 people considered configuring at least one room at their home with smart home devices. And, 82 people out of 100 people considered allocating a separate room for work from home.

Now, if we get into a bit of depth of this study then, Global product manager at Xiomi, Danniel Desjarlais mentioned that, “Living in a smart home has always been about optimization and reimagination of physical space to solve problems and adapt to new realities with use of technology.” Also, he added that they’ve seen a spike in adoption of this fact in 2020.

He also added that smart home is future and it can impact a lot in routine human lives by reducing plenty of time in so many unusual activities at home. And, he further explained that how interconnected and automated homes and devices could create a whole new ecosystems within their home.

This survey also indicates that, majority of people are willing to adapt or has already adapted to an existing space to serve new and different purposes. Yeah, as 63 percent of participants wanted more productivity for their work they started easing and reducing time by replacing smart home devices to do their work.

As stated earlier, majority of consumers bought at least 2 smart home automation devices for their home environment since March 2020. Also, around 82 percent users in this survey admitted that opting in for smart home and automation improved their productivity and provided remarkable advantages to their daily living.

So, the trend here clearly indicates that consumers have started looking for home automation and smart home products as their long term living solutions. Also, 60 percent participants clarified that they’ll keep using same structure that they’ve already created during this time. However, 39 percent participants were interesting in further improvements and upgrade to what they’ve already configured at their home. And, 41 percent said that they’ll redesign their rooms again if work from home orders stays intact beyond beginning of 2021.

So, as there is a tremendous hike in smart home and automation sales, now we could expect some more and some new devices in this segment on the market in near future.