U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey @ www.postalexperience.com/pos 

Do you know why feedback surveys for services are considered important? These feedback surveys help people learn about the quality of service and also help the service providers know about the service quality they offer. Negative feedbacks help the service providers improve their service quality. 

Do you wish to voice out your opinion or feedback on US Postal Service? Then, the U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey is here for you! You can find the U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey at this web address www.Postalexperience.com/pos 

You can find the online questionnaire on this website to fill your feedbacks on US Postal Service. 

The questionnaire was formulated by US Postal Service. These questions will let the US Postal Service know how happy the customers feel about their service. In this way, they can improve over negative comments and feel happy over positive feedback. As almost everything has become online accessible now, the survey is also easily accessible online for anyone to easily answer the questions asked.

Like we already said, feedbacks form a vital part for the service providers or a company. They can review the feedbacks and work on improvements that need to be made. It will also better the experience of users. This article will tell you how to access the US Postal Service Customer Experience Survey & answer the asked questions. We will also tell you some important information about the survey.

Introduction to US Postal Service

Needless to say, US Postal Service is a government agency, which is a lesser than 50 years old. Though the postal service in the US has existed in one way or another over the last 200 years, the US Postal Service, as an official government agency was evolved only in 1971. As of now, about 600,000 people are employed in US Postal Service. 

Apart from people, over 200,000 vehicles and numerous facilities are under the control of the US Postal Service today. Every day, millions of packages and letters are handled by the US Postal Service. Though US Postal Service faces competition from various parcel carriers, they are trusted by the people for mail delivery across the country including the insular areas. 

Did you know? The US Postal Service is known for operating one of the biggest civilian fleets. About the volume and geography, US Postal Service is considered the world’s largest postal system. It delivers over 45% of the world’s mail. Over 1 billion dollars is spent just for fueling the postal vehicles.

During Christmas and Thanksgiving, US Postal Service has the busiest time of the year, as they deliver millions of mail across the country to millions of Americans. 

From the US Postal Service website https://www.usps.com/ you can easily track your packages by entering the tracking number. You can also digitally preview your incoming mail. You can also just place the packages at your doorstep and US postal service employees will come and pick your packages for free during regular deliveries. 

Now, let us see how to access the US Postal Service Customer Experience Survey. 

3 Ways to access the US Postal Service Customer Experience Survey

There are three ways to fill the US Postal Service Customer Experience Survey. These are:

  1. Through Online Website
  2. Through phone
  3. Through Scanning of QR Codes

Through Online website

To take the survey through the website available online, you should possess a computer or mobile phone with an internet connection. Make sure the internet connection is stable. You should also have the receipt of the recent U.S. Postal Service that you had received. This receipt will have an invitation to attend the survey. Also, you should know to read English or Spanish to take this survey.

Now, follow the below steps as said to fill the U.S. Postal Service Customer Experience Survey.

postal experience Website

  • STEP 2: Now, click the radio button and select your desired language from the available languages options. Select the preferred language. 
  • STEP 3: There will be information above and below the image. Read the info and type your Zip code and +4 code. You will be able to find below the location address of the post office on your receipt’s top. 
  • STEP 4: Now, when you are ready, press Begin Questionnaire
  • STEP 5: Now you should type the date of your transaction. You can find this at the top of the receipt. Enter the date of the transaction in MM/DD format. If the month is February, you should enter 02, so it will be two numbers as given in the format. The same applies to months from January to September. 
  • STEP 6: Now, fill in the time from your receipt.
  • STEP 7: It’s time to answer the questions now. This may include your satisfaction with the service and how long it took for you to wait in line. You can also find a space where you can type your custom comments/feedbacks. You can enter the comments if you wish.
  • STEP 8: Once you are done answering the questions, press Finish Questionnaire.

If you have reached step 8, then you have completed the survey.

If you face any trouble taking the survey online, you can watch the online video guide available on YouTube to get yourself familiarized with the survey.

Just for you to know, the US postal service website and customer experience survey is pretty simple to access and is highly user-friendly. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to get it done. Basic knowledge of computers and the English language will help you get the job done. 

Through phone

Taking a survey via phone is also pretty simple. All you have to have is a phone with recharge. To take the survey by phone, you should call Call 1-800-410-7420. You have to do the needful as per the instructions in the call. 

Through Scanning of QR Codes

This is another way to attend the survey. In the post receipt, you can find QR Codes. Take your smartphone and scan the QR codes on the receipt to take the survey. For this, you must own a smartphone, as only smartphones come with QR code scanning features. 

The US Postal Service introduced the customer experience survey only in 2015. This was introduced to get proper feedback from citizens regarding the US postal service. Customers can express their feedback related to various things about US Postal Service such as the mobile experience, delivery, and more. The survey results are viewed and analyzed by the US postal service agency for improvements and corrections.