McDonald’s Canada Customer Satisfaction survey

McDonald’s is the world-famous fast food restaurant chain located in various parts of the world. If you are a customer of McDonald’s Canada, you would have heard about the customer satisfaction survey being conducted by them. We live in times where customer satisfaction surveys are slowly gaining a lot of attention and response from the consumers. 

In this article, we will discuss the steps to take part in the McDonald’s Canada Customer Satisfaction Survey and the terms and conditions one needs to know before attending the survey. 

Introduction to McDonald’s Canada


All we think about while listening to the word ‘McDonald’s’ is the yummy and mouth-watering food it offers. McDonald’s has successfully gained its impression in the minds of people through its awesome foods including French fries, burgers, chicken and soft drinks. It has several locations throughout the world. Concerning McDonald’s Canada, the first restaurant of McDonald’s was opened in Canada in 1967.

Did you know? McDonald’s Canada is the first restaurant of the fast-food chain that was opened outside the US. Jacques Mignault is the present president of McDonald’s Canada. In Canada, the fast-food chain has more than 1400 locations. 

Though fat and calorie-rich foods are the staple food offered by McDonald’s, you can also opt for salads and milk, if you are on diet. McDonald’s Canada is bestowed with well-behaved and friendly staff and employees. In 2016, McDonald’s Canada received the “Best Place to Work in 2016” award. The fast-food chain makes over $2 billion every year and employs over 10,000 people in its restaurants. With the customer satisfaction survey, the company aims to increase its profit and promote its good name among consumers.

McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey

McDonald’s Canada has created a customer satisfaction survey to obtain the feedback of the customers. This will help the fast-food chain make appropriate improvements and changes as per customer’s feedback. Though there is a widespread positive opinion about McDonald’s Canada, the company still wants the slightest negative feedback or opinions from the customers. 

While McDonald’s Canada will consider the positive feedback as words of encouragement, it will work on the negative feedback or comments to alter them. 

The customers can access the McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey online at

McDonald’s offers a prize or reward for the customers attending the survey. The prize may vary occasionally as per the company’s wish. The same prize will not be provided every time to all the customers. The prize may be a coupon, discount, offer or free item.  

Follow the guidelines and requirements given below before attending the survey.

Requirements for the survey

  • The customer should own a device (PC / Laptop / Smartphone / Tablet) with a good internet connection to attend the online survey.
  • He / She must have the recent purchase receipt of McDonald’s Canada. The receipt has the invitation for the customer satisfaction survey. 
  • Basic knowledge of the English / Spanish language is necessary to attend the survey. The survey is available in English & Spanish only. 
  • Only one person per receipt can attend the survey.
  • The reward or prize also can be received by one person only. (The person who attended the survey). The prize is also limited to one time receiving. 
  • Friends or family members cannot participate in the survey with just one receipt. 

Steps to attend the McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey

The steps to attend the McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey are pretty easy. Anyone with basic internet knowledge can crack it. Follow the steps listed below to complete the survey successfully.

  • STEP 1 – Keep your computer/phone browser ready. Visit the McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey site
  • STEP 2 – You will see the language options at the top of the page. Select your preferred language (English or Spanish).
  • STEP 3 – Now, you will be asked to type the restaurant number. Customers can find this information from the receipt. There will be a diagram on the survey page to help you locate the restaurant number from the purchase receipt.
  • STEP 4 – After entering the number, you will be redirected to the survey questions. Read the questions patiently and answer them honestly. The questions will be based on your experience with the restaurant, employee behaviour, customer satisfaction, and more. Answer all of them genuinely.
  • STEP 5 – After completing the survey, a coupon will appear at the end of the survey. The coupon is a gift from McDonald’s Canada to the customers for attending the survey. You can print this coupon. 

NOTE: You must have kept your printer ready before starting the survey. This will help you easily print the coupon once the survey is complete. Use the print option on the screen to print the coupon. 

You have successfully finished the customer satisfaction survey of McDonald’s Canada and got the coupon. You can make use of this coupon during your next visit to one of the McDonald’s Canada restaurants. 

For a visual online guide of McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey, click this video

The YouTube video will show you step-by-step on how to attend the survey. 


Excellent Benefits of customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are not just created by the companies to get feedback from the customers. They have more benefits.

  • Customer experience surveys build the customer-company relationship to a next level
  • They help the companies identify the buying trends 
  • Surveys show companies what customers want and help them understand their customers
  • The areas of improvement are precisely identified for rework
  • Customer experience can be optimized through the results obtained from the customer satisfaction surveys
  • The best opportunity for the company to get customer information
  • Helps the company build their brand value and reach a lot of customers personally 

We truly believe you learnt how to proceed with McDonald’s Canada customer satisfaction survey. Follow the instructions given in the article to win the free coupon. The online questionnaire should be answered honestly for the company to get genuine feedback from the customers and work on improving their services.