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Have you attended a customer experience survey before? If not, this article will help you how to deal with it. Customer experience surveys are conducted by the companies/service providers to get genuine feedback from the consumers related to their products and services. Both positive and negative feedback are entertained in customer experience surveys. 

Also called customer satisfaction surveys, these surveys help the companies know what consumers think about their product or service. The companies take the positive feedback as encouragement and work for better services, while they take negative feedback as constructive criticisms and work to improve on that area. 

Some companies offer a reward or prize or gift cards to people who take part in the survey. This is a great tactic to motivate people to attend the survey. This article is going to give you a lot of information about the customer experience survey of Kohl, a popular departmental store in the United States. Through detailed steps, we will also tell you how to proceed with the survey.

Before delving into the survey guide, here is a short introduction to Kohl.

Kohl – A Quick Introduction

Kohl is one of the popular departmental store chains in the United States. It is a retail chain operated by the Kohl’s Corporation. From clothes to wallets, you can find anything in Kohl. It is one of the biggest departmental stores in the US with over 1,150 locations throughout the states. 

To talk about its history, Kohl initially began as a small grocery store in Wisconsin in 1927. It was founded by Maxwell Kohl. The grocery store soon became successful, leading to the opening of Kohl’s first departmental store in 1962. In 1972, Kohl was taken over by the British American Tobacco company. In 1992, a bunch of investors purchased Kohl from the British American Tobacco company and made it public. 

The company, now, has its place on Fortune 500 list. Today, Kohl has housed numerous celebrity brands including Jennifer Lopez and Laura Conrad. Without having to surf multiple store sites, you can buy various items from Kohl. This includes clothes for both men, women & kids, shoes, skincare, hair care and other cosmetic items. 

In Kohl, you can find products of the best brands like Adidas, Champion, Fitbit, converse, Nike, ninja, and more. Now, let us look at the steps to participate in Kohl’s customer experience survey.

Kohl’s Customer Experience Survey

Here are the survey details & rules. 

You can attend Kohl’s customer experience survey from the website http://www.kohlsfeedback.com/. You should know only one person per receipt can attend the survey. Even if you have gone with a group of friends or family members, only one person can attend the survey using the purchase receipt. 

The survey can be easily taken up online. You will require a device with a stable internet connection to attend the online survey. You can attend the survey through smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC. Make sure the internet connection is decent to participate in the survey. Interruptions on the internet can disconnect the survey halfway. 

The purchase receipt is needed to attend the survey. You won’t be able to participate in the survey without the receipt. The receipt comes with a code, which you will need to enter the survey. The receipt is valid for 2 days only. You should attend the survey within 2 days. 

You must have basic knowledge of English or Spanish to participate in the survey. The survey questions are available in English / Spanish languages only. 

Now, let’s get into the steps to attend Kohl’s online customer experience survey. 

How to attend Kohl’s customer experience survey online?

Attending Kohl’s customer experience survey online is pretty simple. We’re sure anyone with basic internet knowledge can crack it. Follow the below steps to attend the online survey. 

  • STEP 1 – Visit the survey site www.kohlsfeedback.com. You can access the survey by visiting this site from your browser.
  • STEP 2 – Now, you will be able to see the survey page. Press the blue hyperlink, which says ‘BEGIN SURVEY’. You can select the language from the options given at the top of the page. Select either English or Spanish, whichever you desire.
  • STEP 3 – Now, you will see a pop-up window that asks for the store number and access code. You can find the store number and access code details from your purchase receipt. Enter these details.
  • STEP 4 – Select the Start survey once you have entered the details.
  • STEP 5 – Now, you have entered the survey. Answer the questions asked in the survey genuinely. The questions will be based on your experience & satisfaction with Kohl’s services.
  • STEP 6 – After answering the survey questions, you will be asked to enter your email address. You will also be asked if you want to receive Kohl’s sales event emails in the future. Enter the info and do the needful according to your wish. 
  • STEP 7 – You’ve almost reached the end of the survey. After completing the above step, you will be asked to type your email address. Once you enter it, you will receive your savings.

You have completed the survey. You can also watch the Kohl’s customer experience survey online guide on YouTube to visually learn the steps.


Kohl’s sales event emails

Once you sign up for Kohl’s sales event emails, you will be given a printable coupon online for a $5 offer. You can use this for your next Kohl in-store purchase. 

However, if you didn’t sign up for the sales event emails, you will still get a printable coupon. This coupon will be mailed to you. You will receive a 10% offer for your next online shopping in Kohl. 

You should know, you can also complete the survey without signing up for sales event emails. It is totally up to you! Attending customer experience surveys these days is not only beneficial for the companies, but also the customers. Most companies offer rewards, offers or discounts to the customers to take part in the survey.