Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey

Jack in the Box, one of the popular fast-food restaurant chains in the United States has created a guest satisfaction survey to find out what the customers have to say about the brand, its products and services. The guest satisfaction survey created by Jack in the Box is nothing but the customer feedback survey, which aims to record the feedback of the customers to improve their services. You can find the guest satisfaction survey of Jack in the Box at www.Jacklistens.com

Jack in the Box wants to know what customers think about their food quality, varieties, customer services, and restaurant atmosphere. Through the answers collected from the online survey, Jack in the Box will know it. The online survey will contain a questionnaire based on the restaurant’s food, services, and environment. 

The customers can genuinely answer the survey questions. Upon the completion of the survey, Jack in the Box will offer a free food item or coupon for the participant to enjoy. This is a tactic by Jack in the Box to attract a lot of survey participants. The reward/prize will also create a positive image of the restaurant in customers’ minds. 

The survey is pretty simple. If you are a customer of Jack in the Box, you are eligible to attend the guest satisfaction survey. 

Introduction to Jack in the Box

Founded in 1951, Jack in the Box is one of the famous fast food outlets in the US today. It has more than 2,000 outlets across the US. The headquarters of Jack in the Box is located in San Diego, California. 

Customers can enjoy mouth-watering and delicious food items in Jack in the Box. Some of its popular food items include French fries, chicken, hamburgers, sandwiches, egg rolls, and tacos. 

The restaurant chain predominantly operates in the Western United States. Outside West US, it is also found in places like Nashville, Albuquerque, Houston, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Phoenix, El Paso, Austin, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and more. 

Qdoba Mexican Eats® is a completely owned subsidiary of Jack in the Box with more than 600 locations in the US, Canada, and District of Columbia. 

Now, let’s get into the guest satisfaction survey of Jack in the Box. There are certain guidelines you should go through before participating in the survey. 

Guidelines for Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey 

  • Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey can be attended either by online mode or phone mode. Most surveys are available only in online mode. But Jack in the Box allows its customers to take the survey both by phone or online.
  • A device (laptop / PC / tablet/smartphone) with an internet connection is necessary to take the survey online. If you are taking the survey by phone, an active SIM plan is required. 
  • The participant must have visited one of the Jack in the Box outlets and have a purchase receipt to attend the survey, as the receipt has the invitation to the online survey.
  • Only one person each receipt can attend the survey. Their family members or friends cannot take up the survey with one receipt. Each person should own an individual purchase receipt to participate in the survey.
  • The purchase receipt is valid for 3 days only. The participant must attend the survey within 3 days from the date printed in the receipt.
  • Once you complete the survey, you will get a reward or coupon. The coupon is valid for 7 days only. Only one coupon can be used per visit to the restaurant.

Now that you know the rules and requirements to attend Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey, let’s see the steps to attend the survey. 

Steps to attend Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey

The survey of Jack in the Box is pretty simple. You can complete the survey in less than 10 minutes. Follow the below steps to attend Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey.

  • STEP 1 – From your preferred browser, go to Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey site www.Jacklistens.com.  
  • STEP 2 – You will see the language option on the survey site. Select the language that you prefer to take up the survey. The survey is available in either English or Spanish language. Click anyone. 
  • STEP 3 – Now, you will be asked to enter the code from your purchase receipt. Type the 14-digit code from your recent purchase receipt. You can find the code in the middle of the purchase receipt. There will be a diagram to help you identify the code. Press the arrow button to go to the survey questionnaire. 
  • STEP 4 – You can see the survey questions now. Answer all the questions patiently and honestly. Some questions accept more than one answer. Do not skip any questions.
  • STEP 5 – Once you have answered all the questions and completed the survey, a validation code will be displayed for you. Use this code to redeem the offer you have won. You can use the offer for your next visit to one of the Jack in the Box restaurants.

You can also watch the online guide for the survey on YouTube 

This video has visual instructions.


How to attend Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey by phone?

If you cannot attend the Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey online, you can attend it by phone. All you need is a phone with an active SIM plan. From your phone, call the number given here: 1-858-876-0461.

Follow the instructions given in the call to complete the survey. 

That’s it! We have come to the end of this article. We believe you would have now understood how to attend Jack in the Box guest satisfaction survey through phone and online methods. Kindly follow the instructions given in the article to complete the survey. If you face any hurdles or have any queries regarding the survey, you can call the customer support number of Jack in the Box for help.