CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey

A customer is a valuable asset to a company. Customer satisfaction plays an important role in determining the profits and revenues of a company or business. And, how can a company measure customer satisfaction? It is impossible to know what’s going on in the mind of every customer. This is why customer satisfaction surveys were created. 

Customer satisfaction surveys are nothing but questionnaires related to a company’s services and products. The customer is asked to share his or her experience and satisfaction with the company’s products and services. The aim of a company that created a customer satisfaction survey is to make maximum people attend the survey. This will result in maximum responses. 

The company will use the responses to know their pros and cons. The negative feedback of the customers will help the company know the downside of their services or products. This will help the company improve their services. Customer satisfaction surveys also increase the customers’ loyalty to the brand. 

A company can customize the customer satisfaction survey and ask questions as per their wish. They can ask the pros and cons of a particular product and if the customer wishes to purchase once again from the company. To get productive responses, the customer satisfaction survey must be designed properly. It should have definite goals. 

The question should be based on both positive and negative feedback from the customers. Usually, multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions are asked in customer satisfaction surveys. By comparing the outcome of the survey, the company will make necessary changes to their services. 

Some of the advantages of customer satisfaction surveys include. 

  • Knowing positive and negative feedback from the customers. 
  • Improvement of services after evaluating the responses. 
  • Growth of profits and revenue of a company, after making appropriate changes. 
  • Building successful strategies as per the responses recorded. 
  • Increase in Customer Loyalty to the brand. 
  • Creation of happy customers. 
  • The company will know the exact point as to where to improve.

In this article, we will look at the customer satisfaction survey of CVS Pharmacy. We will list you the detailed steps to participate in the CVS customer satisfaction survey. We will also tell you the terms and conditions to participate in the survey. Before that here is a quick introduction to CVS Pharmacy. 

A quick introduction to CVS Pharmacy 

CVS Pharmacy, as you may have known, is a popular American retail Corporation. Founded in 1963, it was initially called a Consumer Value Store. Today, CVS Pharmacy is the biggest pharmacy chain in the United States. It has more than 9,500 locations in the US. The headquarters of CVS Pharmacy is located in Rhode Island in the US. 

From prescription drugs to beauty and cosmetic related products, CVS drugstore has a diverse range of products. Apart from the stores, you can also purchase medicines and other products from the CVS pharmacy’s online site. 

CVS Pharmacy has also opened MinuteClinics. These are basic clinics, where people can treat minor injuries and basic health issues. Today, there are more than a thousand Minute Clinics available in the US. Though the MinuteClinics are not advanced, you can visit them to treat basic illnesses like fever, minor cuts or bruises, and more. CVS is planning to open more clinics shortly. 

Now, let us look at the terms and conditions to participate in the CVS customer satisfaction survey. 

Terms & Conditions to participate in CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey

To participate in the CVS customer satisfaction survey, you should follow certain guidelines. Here are they:

  • The participant should be above the age of 18 or 18 years old to attend the survey. 
  • The participant should own a laptop PC tablet or smartphone to attend the survey online. The device should have a decent internet connection to attend the online survey. 
  • Basic knowledge of the English or Spanish language is necessary to attend the survey as the survey is available in only these two languages. 
  • The participants should have the receipt of their recent purchase in CVS Pharmacy to attend the survey as the receipt contains the invitation for the survey. 
  • Only one person per receipt can attend the survey. Their friends and family cannot attend the survey unless they have a separate purchase receipt. 
  • The receipt is valid for 7 days only. The survey must be attended within seven days from the date of the purchase. 
  • The survey can be taken online only. (Some customer satisfaction surveys can be attended through the mail. But CVS customer satisfaction survey is available only in online mode.) 


Steps to taking part in the CVS customer satisfaction survey

Participating in the CVS customer satisfaction survey online is simple and easy. You can complete it within a few minutes. All you have to have is a recent purchase receipt with CVS and a phone or laptop with an internet connection. 

  • Step 1 – From your smartphone or laptop browser, visit the survey site
  • Step 2 – After visiting the survey site, enter the 17 digits survey ID as given in your purchase receipt. You can find the 17 digit survey ID from the bottom of your purchase receipt. Click the next appropriate button to move to the next page. 
  • Step 3 – Now, you will be asked questions about your experience with CVS Pharmacy. Answer the questions genuinely. Most of the questions are in multiple-choice formats. It will be pretty easy for you to answer. Some questions will be open questions. You will be asked to write your answer in a text box. After answering all the questions, you can submit the survey. 
  • Step 4 – You have completed the CVS customer satisfaction survey. 

Your survey answers will be analyzed by the company. They will take all the feedback of the customers into account and make necessary improvements to better their services. We hope the article was helpful and informative to you. If you think your friends or family members might find the article useful, please share it with them.