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Advance Auto Parts is a popular company that sells aftermarket automotive parts in the United States. It is known for selling quality automobile parts to its customers, installers and professional wholesale dealers. The company has created a customer satisfaction survey to know the feedback of customers about its products and services.

What is a customer satisfaction survey?

Advance Auto Parts Customer Satisfaction Survey

The customer satisfaction survey is a questionnaire for customers, formulated by a brand or company to record the positive and negative feedback of customers. These surveys contain questions about the customer experience, satisfaction, company’s products, product quality, service, etc. By getting genuine feedback from the customers, the company will precisely identify the areas that require improvement. 

Why customer satisfaction surveys are powerful?

The positive feedback from the customers will act as an encouragement for the company. Through customer satisfaction surveys, a company will efficiently build a personal relationship with the customer. The customer-company bond will also become stronger over the years. 

The negative feedback will help the company make effective improvements and changes in their products and services. By making necessary changes, the company’s scope for higher profits and popularity will increase. It helps the company understand their customers’ needs and views. 

The company can identify the buying trends through customer satisfaction surveys. It helps them directly get inside the minds of customers to know their exact point of view about the company’s services. The results of the survey will be analyzed by the company and used to make strategic decisions in business for more profit.

Advance Auto Parts – An introduction

Advance Auto Parts is an aftermarket automotive parts seller in the United States. The headquarters of the company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Both common customers and professional installers get served by Advance Auto Parts.

In the US and Canada, Advance Auto Parts has more than 4900 stores and about 150 Worldpac branches. In parts such as the Bahamas, Mexico, British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, Advance Auto Parts serves over 1,200 individually owned Carquest branded stores. The company has around 71,000 employees, with unprecedented growth in recent years. The company indulges in numerous environmental friendly activities to save the planet. 

You can find quality and original automotive replacement parts in the stores operated by Advance Auto Parts. Other products include automotive accessories, maintenance items for trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans, imported cars, batteries, etc.

Now, let us look at the rules and requirements to attend the customer satisfaction survey of Advance Auto Parts.

Requirements to attend the customer satisfaction survey of Advance Auto Parts

There are certain rules and guidelines to attend a customer satisfaction survey. You have to go through the guidelines once before participating in the survey. 

  1. You should have visited one of the stores operated by Advance Auto Parts and bought the items you needed. You will be provided with the receipt for your purchase. Keep the receipt safe and use it to enter the survey.
  2. The participant of the survey should be over 18 years of age to attend the survey online. Individuals less than 18 years of age cannot take part in the survey.
  3. You should own a device like a laptop or a smartphone to attend the survey online. The device should have a proper internet connection to attend the survey without any interruption.
  4. The survey can be attended by only one person using a single purchase receipt. 
  5. The prize or reward offered by the company cannot be transferred or exchanged. It has to be accepted as given. 
  6. The survey questions and info are available only in two languages: English and Spanish. You should know either one of these languages to attend the customer satisfaction survey of Advance Auto Parts. 

Detailed steps to take part in Advance Auto Parts customer satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction survey of Advance Auto Parts is pretty simple. You can complete it in 3-7 minutes without any hassles.

  • STEP 1 – From your device browser, go to the Advance Auto Parts customer satisfaction survey site Select your preferred language from the top right corner of the page. 

You can also read the privacy policy, Sweepstakes rules, and previous winners of the survey from the survey home site. Once you have finished reading all the important info, you can proceed to enter the survey code. 

  • STEP 2 – On the survey page, you will be asked to enter the survey code. The survey code will redirect you to the questionnaire page. To help you identify the survey code easily, there is a diagram on the page. 
  • STEP 3 – Once you go to the survey questionnaire page, you can see the questions regarding the customer experience with the products, product quality, and more. Answer all the questions genuinely without skipping any questions. Answering the questions honestly is important as the company will analyze the answers you have entered to make necessary changes.
  • STEP 4 – After completing the survey, submit it and enter sweepstakes to enter the reward drawing.

You have completed this survey! You can also watch the online visual guide of the survey on YouTube


Does Advance Auto Parts offer a reward for the survey participants?

Yes. Advance Auto Parts offer free products or services to the lucky participants of the survey. After completing the survey, you can wait for a few days to know if you have won any prize. The company will notify you if you are a prize winner. 

You can view the Survey Sweepstakes Rules at

We hope you are clear with the rules and requirements of the survey, and the steps to participate in the survey. Just follow the given instructions to quickly finish the survey. Do not worry if you had missed winning the prize this time. It is practically not possible to offer rewards to all the participants of the survey. If you think this article might be useful for any of your friends or family members, you can forward it to them.