10 Similar Websites like Vidtao.com and Alternatives in 2022

There are times when people look for software to help them in discovering and tracking the most popular YouTube advertisements in the market. This is because to create a successful ad campaign on YouTube, nothing can be more important than creative ideas. This website allows you to search, explore and track the most popular ads on YouTube posted by your peer sites. 

What is vidtao.com?

Vidtao.com is a website that can be used for swiping through different YouTube ads when you browse any channel on YouTube. It also helps in searching your peer’s sites and looks for the ads posted by them, check our different ad models which can help you while designing your own YouTube ad. 

It also chooses ads from different marks that can be an inspiration in your process of creation. Look for day-to-day analytical data and statistics to know which ad I more trending and why. 

Benefits of using vidtao.com

Some significant benefits of using vidtao.com are mentioned below as follows: 

  • Discover potential customers 

Vidtao.com helps you to find customers who are genuinely capable and suitable for your website. It is a fact that your business is eccentric and your customers also should be the same. Depending on the conventional factors like revenue, location, etc., are not ample in the present times. 

  • Know your customers better 

This website also helps you in understanding the needs of your like never before. It provides reliable insights about all B2B companies that can’t be found otherwise. The sizes of departments and structure of reporting, employees, technologies, revenue are other factors to consider. It also has a specific customer service team to assist the customers in whatever concerns they face. 

  • Connect with your customers easily

This website allows you to communicate with your customers very easily as it provides you with all the necessary information. It provides all details about the customer including their phone number and email address.

List of 10 Similar Websites like  vidtao.com and Alternatives

If you have used vidtao.com you must be willing to try more of its alternative websites. So, here are 10 best alternatives of vidtao.com that are quite similar to the former website: 

1. Filecamp


File camp is all about the software which is made of cloud pattern Digital Asset Management or DAM; it helps the companies to organize and provides all types of media files such as documents, videos, and images. It also offers a variety of users and the user can configure their pair of the user as well as admin and folder permission. It also allows the person to approve and review the said work as it is made of online proofing with commenting box. The Filecamp is also having a customize option that will make sure that one’s DAM device can match all the person’s guidelines. If requires one can use a wide range of download presets which can permit the said person who can instantly install the correct resolution of the pictures.

The main advantage of using file camp is it works like Google Drove on heavy steroids and manages all the company information very smoothly. While using Filecamp one will not face any lost files anymore. Every device has its disadvantages as well, here in the Filecamp more integrations are required in the system. Otherwise, all the functions are available in the Filecamp. 

2. Paperflite


It is famous marketing collateral as well as a sales enablement device that provides marketing and sales group to manage, distribute and share all types of related content. The Paperflite is a very easy and efficient tool that works like a library which lots of content on sales and marketing. One can also form a contact list in the application and can also use the system for sending emails for having a strong campaign that can share all the documents.

 It also provides some of the best quality leads and empowers them to complete the targets while uniquely using the same content. It can also help a person to organize or share the contents to any channels at the right time. The application can also make customize microsites for every customer and can be sent quickly. The only disadvantage of Paperflite is that it takes a huge time to shape the framework.

3. Marvia Digital Asset Management

Marvia Digital Asset Management 

This is also software that manages all the media files and shapes the size of the management. It also helps to improve the disputes and reduce all kinds of negative assets which have been used earlier. The system can very well organize and distribute the marketing theme very smoothly also maximize the outcomes of the Marvia. It is offering a variety of features like it is having a smooth type of workflow and campaign management, also helps to customize templates, etc. 

The application can also make the employees work with the brand without sacrificing any kind of product consistency. Thus it also responds to all the market demands very quickly and makes the brand materials very faster.

4. Brandifyer


This is mainly a service which provides all kinds of marketing and communication business persons. It also provides to manage all kinds of assets like messages, images, and videos and helps to make new and fresh content. It also provides complete end-to-end features which are personally designed for Macintosh. It is available on Mac, Windows, Android, and iPhone devices. It also supports all kinds of online supports, flexible business hours, and 24 hours active supports. 

This online DAM also provides several offers in project management, asset sharing, formula management, artwork management, bills of material management, etc. The Brandifyer also comprises a wide range of features like it manages several kinds of documents, and helps in customizing all types of branding, and also approves all kinds of process controls.

5. Zoomifier


It is a cloud-based platform that is generally supported on the SAAS solution which helps the business to grow more. The Zoomifier also helps to collaborate between sales and various kinds of market teams which is gaining many customers. It is having a wide range of content and also providing customers with automatic customer platforms and it is having quick video calling and closing all kinds of deals very quickly with all sorts of customers’ interest. This is also providing end to end features that are mainly made for the Web Application. The Zoomifier can be found on android, iPhone, and iPad. 

This kind of Digital Asset Management is also based on a wide range of features such as it tries to manage all kinds of documents and is having a wide range of contacts; it also leads to project management, content, and presentation management.

6. Digizuite


This is a digit asset management which is made for large companies to comprise of a huge number of a large type of media files. It also helps to manage the brands, upload or edit certain files, and also have an automatic workflow. This also provides an end-to-end platform for its Web Application.

 It is super configurable and having a customize solution that can integrate with numerous business features like Microsoft Office, Episerver, Adobe Creative Cloud, etc. It also offers a quite range of Asset Library, workflow management, asset categorization, etc.

7. Media Silo

Media Silo

Media Silo is digitalized software that is used for asset management and it serves different agencies and enterprises. Media Silo offers a lot of reliable solutions for all web-based applications. It is a mobile added system used for digital asset management and offers features like Asset Library, Asset sharing, mobile screen supported, categorization of Asset and bulk uploads altogether. 

It can be used for both monthly and yearly payments and also makes use of cloud-based deployment. There are a lot of attractive features offered by this software which include filter/search options, video streaming, management of Metadata, analytics, reporting, etc. It has an exceptionally wide Asset Library which can be very attractive for users. 

8. Propago


Propago is well-known software that is used for the management of the digital asset. It is mostly used in agencies, SMEs and offers highly encrypted solutions developed for web applications. This is completely internet-based software used for the management of digital assets that provides asset management, multi-store, customized Branding, and management of projects altogether. 

Other services offered by this website include product configuration, asset management, branding customization, approval of process controls, search, management of assets, categorization of assets, management of orders, search, template customization, etc. Apart from these, there are many other services offered by this software program that can be beneficial for the agencies that use them. 

9. Tweak


Tweak is another addition to this list. It is all about managing digital assets and can be used in various enterprises, start-ups. Tweak offers strong encryption for all devices and operating systems including Windows. It offers many services including workflow balance maintenance, sharing of assets, branding customization, etc. 

Just like other websites of the same kind, tweak offers filter, search, sharing of assets, and management of workflow, categorization of assets, analytics, reporting, and a lot more. So, if you are looking for some of the best alternatives of vidtao.com, you can consider this as a suitable option because it can fulfil all your asset management needs. It is a widely used platform by SMEs, start-ups, freelancers, etc. 

10. Eagle App

Eagle App

Eagle App can provide you with an extra extension for browsers in Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and safari which can be helpful for you in collecting and downloading all URLs and images from the internet. It also allows you to screenshot any URL or online picture with the help of a single click. Once the image has been saved to Eagle, you will find it convenient to enhance the workflow and keep everything in place. 

Presently, this website is supportive of more than 81 different formats of file in both Windows and macOS inclusive of video, office, design, font, image, and other audio files that you might already know about. One doesn’t need to download several file viewing applications to look up to any particular format because this website can do all your work very efficiently. One can also browse through different commands. It also helps in organizing all your files so that you can find them at ease. 


Vidtao.com will provide you with the best view of work done by all your competitors and that will also help you in saving your precious time alongside assuring that the campaigns that are launched become successful in a short period. This website understands that it is just not enough to have a large market database. There are filters that are specifically related to industry and these filters make sure that you can find easy you are searching at ease. You can also skip the irrelevant ads. 


1. On which devices is vidtao.com us supported?

The website vidtao.com is supported on devices like Android and IOS.

2. What is the type of deployment used by these alternative websites?

The majority of the alternative websites mentioned above make use of deployment which is cloud-based.

3. Is there any free trial available for these websites?

No, there is no free trial available for these websites.