How to Write Upside-Down Text

If you are a regular user of the internet,  at some point in time anywhere on the internet you should have seen an upside-down or flipped text while you were browsing around. Seeing the upside-down or flipped text might have gotten you curious and you should have wondered how people are doing this. That curiosity might have lead you to search for how to write upside-down or inverted text.

If that’s what you had on your mind you are in the right place, here we are going to show you how you can write the text upside down in the digital media so that you can have a new, different, and interesting experience on the Internet.

What is Upside-Down Text?

Upside-Down Text is not as easy as it sounds, and it is not also rocket science. The upside-down letters are available for you to use in the form of special characters called the Unicode. 

Unicode is a character encoding standard that is used to define how a character should be represented in text files, web pages, and other documents. There are different types of Unicode available, among them, UTF-8 and UTF-16 are the most commonly used.

To write the Text Upside-Down, you need to know the right Unicode for replacing the normal letter with an inverter letter.

Different Methods of Writing Upside Down Characters

You can write the text Upside Down either manually which is the hard way of doing it or you can choose an automatic easy way to do the same. If you want to clearly understand how the Upside Down Text is created we need to first look into the Hard Manual method.

Writing Upside-Down Text Manually

The manual method of writing inverted text is a more time-consuming process, first, you need to know the Unicode for the letters you need to flip. You can get the Unicode for each character on your keyboard in Wikipedia, you should either remember the code or you can write it down on a piece of paper , you can also copy the list of code to a Doc file for future uses. The code for each character will usually be a combination of numbers and letters.

Writing Upside-Down Text Manually

Once you have noted the Unicode you should open a word processor like the MS-Word and enter the Unicode for each character and hit Alt+X on your keyboard. Now you can see the code changing into equivalent inverted text.

You need to hit on Alt-X for each and every code to get the desired text you want. And you should make sure to arrange the code in the right sequence to get the right text.

This is the most tedious method that no one wants to follow, but on seeing this you might have understood how the writing of upside-down texts is usually written digitally. 

Now we can see the Automatic method that is used by everyone today.

The Automatic Method 

On your Google Search enter “upside-down text generator”, now you will be able to see hundreds of search results showing the websites that could convert the entered text into upside-down text.

Click on one of the search results, most of the Upside –Down Text Generators have two rectangular boxes the first box is where you enter the text or phrase you want to flip. The inverted form of the text or phrase you have entered will be displayed in the second box. You can simply copy the inverted text and paste it where ever you want it to be used.

Using Upside Down Text in Mobile Phone

What’s the fun in there if you are not able to use this unique feature on your mobile phone. You can definitely utilize this feature with the help of an Upside Down Text Generator App on your iPhone or Android Device. These apps are available for download in all the app stores, if you want you can download them directly from their official websites also.

The Upside Down Text Generator Apps works similarly to the online upside-down text generators, you can enter the text to be inverted and the inverted text will appear below which you can copy-paste as per your wish.

Sending Upside Down Text Message on Whatsapp

  • Download any of the upside-down text generator App
  • Enter the text you want to send to your friend in the ‘Enter Text’ Box
  • You can see the inverted Text below
  • Either you can copy and paste the text to your chatbox or in some of the apps you can simply click on share for sending the text to your friend

Using it in Instagram and other social media platform

  • First, you need to enter the caption that you need for your video or picture in the ‘Enter Text’ Box
  • Copy the upside-down text and paste it into the caption box of your social account.
  • Once you are done you can post it in your news feeds.
  • You can also do the same for your Instagram and Facebook bios also. 

Where else can you use the Inverted Text

You can literally use the inverted text all over the internet including all of your social media accounts. All the social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook support UTF-8, so you can use the upside-down text in every social media you are in.

There are also some exceptions as some of the instant messenger clients don’t support upside-down text, but you don’t know until you try it yourself.

The Simplest Method of all

No matter how easy the above method is we will always look for new alternatives. Moreover, who is ready to enter the text on a third-party app for converting it and again copy and paste it into their personal social account and chatbox, it will look like a lot of work if you are the one who wants everything to be done at the instance.

If You want a simpler process instead of an ‘upside-down text generator’ App you can simply download an ‘upside down Keyboard’ App from the play store.

The upside Down Keyboard allows you directly type the upside-down text you want on every app that supports Unicode. This might save you the time of copying and pasting the text from one app to the other.

The shortfall of this app is that you should be able to understand the text before you start typing it. In the beginning, you might face some difficulties but after using it for a while it will be natural for you to use the upside-down keyboard.


If you want to write an upside-down text you can use any of the above-mentioned methods you like but the easiest methods are the Upside down text generators and upside-down text keyboard. Try both the methods and see which is more convenient for you so that you can stick with one and make cool posts and have interesting fun chats with your friends.