Twitter Launches Pilot Programme Named Birdwatch

On Monday, Twitter reported that they’ve launched a new program called Birdwatch. Yeah, it is a pilot programme that lets users to flag tweets which they feel like are misleading or false; it also allows them to write notes to provide tweeters team with context based information.

The project Birdwatch, is offered in United States at the moment and in near future we could expect its expansion around the globe. Well, that’s what they’ve said in their official blog post.

As we all know, social media networks are facing a lot of difficulties in combating with misinformation or fake news on their platform and hence for them it became essential to find a breakthrough for this problem.

Moreover, last year, twitter also imposed some functionalities which was labeling and providing warning for the information spread on their platform regarding Covid-19 pandemic and US election.

Now, birthwatch being one of their pilot programme where users will have to voluntarily required to apply as a participant and they’ll be considered as their team pilots. Also, their notes won’t be available outside birdwatch platform and it’ll only be available for pilots on their birdwatch site. This programme is aimed to provide extensive control over misleading and false information shared on their platform for sure.

Moreover, twitter also reported that it’s aimed to take around 1000 to 100000 birdwatchers for their programme on initial basis and it’ll increase gradually with time. Also, as it’s a free programme these birdwatchers won’t be paid for their help to this platform.

Furthermore, twitter vice president of product Keith Coleman stated in a blog post that “Eventually we aim to make notes visible on tweets for public audience of their platform, however, it’ll require a consensus from broad and diverse set of contributors.” 

He also added that, pilot contributors could rate the helpfulness and correctness of other contributors on their platform.

Moreover, as we all know, it’s pretty hard to build a completely community driven system like this where a group of biased contributors could change whole meaning of correctness with regards to the shared information. So, this system is in its initial phases and will gradually improve from their end where control over all the reports will be imposed as much as possible.

All in all, this move from twitter could help it become one of the most reliable social media network where control over shared information and news will be managed by its users itself. Furthermore, as it allows users to write notes regarding context of whole information or fake news, it will let them curate good news by eliminating the bad ones. Yeah, it’s going to be a new change for sure and we could expect a positive response from some quality users who want to keep this social media platform a nice place.

Now, we should wait for them to launch this programme globally so that control over our local news could get a bit better as nowadays it is filled with a lot of false news based information.

At last, one of authoritative person also added from their team that “We belive this is a model which is worth trying.” So, yeah, they’re just testing it at moment, but if it receives a good response and output in terms of control then it may go live for vast segment of users.