Top picks for online gamers in 2022

Gaming is a massive industry that is expected to keep growing in the coming years. Mobile games, console gaming and computer gaming have all been continuously developed and improved by advances in technology.

The advances of technology in gaming have had an effect on every aspect. The latest version of Unreal Engine is the most impressive yet, allowing developers to easily create hyper-realistic games. Virtual reality headsets have finally reached a price point where they are accessible to most consumers, and improvements to AI have made games smarter and more responsive, which is a great development for playability.

With all of these tech developments, knowing what you need as a gamer can be hard to keep track of. This is especially true for online gamers, who are constantly caught up in the war between whether you should buy and build your gaming PC.

While PC specs are a fairly personal choice and depend on the type of gaming that you plan on doing, there are a lot of other things that online gamers need to make the experience the best it can be. Here are our top picks for online gamers for 2022.

Anti-blue light glasses

We’ve known for a few years that the blue light from our screens is a problem. The scandal surrounding streamer Valkyrae and RFLCT, a skin care line that claimed to prevent the damage blue light can do to your skin, brought blue light to the front page.

While the amount of damage blue light from screens does to our skin is negligible compared to the light from the sun, it has been proven to contribute to eye problems and make it difficult to sleep.

Unlike the RFLCT products, blue light blocking glasses actually work. They can reduce the eye tension that leads to headaches. These glasses might seem a little gimmicky but they can improve your playing experience and protect your vision in the long term.


Good gaming headphones are essential for all gamers. For online gamers playing MMORPGs or any game that involves an element of team play, they can make a huge difference. Being able to hear and communicate clearly with your teammates, guild members or the players you’re running a dungeon with makes game play so much smoother.

When trying to find good gaming headphones, there are three things to look for – noise cancelling, microphone quality and comfort. Noise cancelling is important because if you’re still getting background noise, it doesn’t matter how good the sound quality is, you won’t be able to hear the action. A good microphone prevents your voice from getting lost in the static. And obviously, you want your headphones to be comfortable – it doesn’t matter how great they sound if they’re so uncomfortable that you’re miserable while wearing them.

Gaming mouse 

A good gaming mouse is one of the first upgrades gamers usually make as they start to get serious about playing. A gaming mouse has more buttons, which are generally programmable, and a more ergonomic design. Many also have LED lights and cool designs and graphics.

For many years, Razer has been the leading maker of gaming mice. The Naga series has been among their most popular and the latest edition, the Naga X, is no exception. Sixteen programmable buttons might sound like overkill to the uninitiated but for serious gamers, it’s an ideal number.

Gaming chair

What makes the perfect gaming chair is a highly personal choice. The traditional PC gaming chair resembles an office chair but has added support and more adjustable features. Platform gaming chairs, as comfy as they, are not usually the best choice for online gaming. The hybrid chair blends the comfort and manoeuvrability of a platform chair with the stability and support of traditional PC gaming chair.

No matter what style you go for, though, a high-quality gaming chair that encourages good posture can reduce back pain and helps to prevent you from developing back issues from playing.

A Steam account 

Steam is the best place to buy, discuss and play online and PC games. A Steam account allows you to use Steam and all of its features. Steam has expanded and now offers console games for download as well but computer gaming is where its heart is.

Any gamer, from the most casual to the ultra-serious, will be able to find plenty of games to play on Steam. It’s also the best place to find games from indie developers. If you’re just starting out with gaming, a Steam account is a great place to start.