Telegram is enjoying the response whatsapp got from its users after update in its privacy policy

It seems like telegram is taking full advantage and enjoying the backlash and scolds whatsapp received after making updates in their privacy policy. Yeah, in case you don’t know, whatsapp made some changes in its privacy policy last week. And, currently it’s receiving enormous negative response from its existing user base.

Now, if we talk about telegram then, this messaging platform twitted a meme on twitter where we can see two funny super heroes with Facebook and Whatsapp icon pointing at each other. Afterwards, it continued as other telegram users also took interest in giving jabs to Whatsapp for its recent act.

Moreover, as it is quiet open to all, Telegram also allows its users to get connected with each other using messaging, voice calls and even video calls too. So yeah, Telegram is a direct competitor to well-known messaging app Whatsapp.

And hence, Telegram grabbed an opportunity to start trolling Facebook and Whatsapp over Twitter with a funny meme. In this meme we can clearly see that there are two spider-man pointing at each other and their hands are replaced with Whatsapp and Facebook logos.

Now, if we look at the privacy policy update then, Whatsapp updated its privacy policy and forced its users to agree on their policy where they’ve stated that data sharing is mandatory with Facebook from now onwards. Yeah, they literally forced their users to agree on this policy.

Moreover, if you’re using Whatsapp then you could either agree with their policy on or before 8th Feb 2021, or you’ll lose your access from the platform afterwards.

Also, we’d like to state that, earlier we were allowed to deny Whatsapp to share our data with Facebook. But, as now, they’ve made changes in its policy; we’re supposed to choose between service or safety.

Moreover, this whole act is now spreading like wildfire and people are openly bashing at whatsapp for their fishy update. Yeah, forcing someone to expose their privacy is not a way to keep them connected to your service. However, they’re ready to lose its users for the sake of data policy. So, at last, it’s all their own choice.

Now, if we talk about privacy then, by allowing whatsapp to share our data with facebook, we indirectly allow them to access and share it to any third party who seek information about us. Yeah, here, our privacy is at stack and that’s the reason, Telegram started bashing on Whatsapp for this illogical act.

We’d also like to add that, Telegram posted tweets back to back on this matter and continued doing so until enough number of tweeter users didn’t came to the discussion and joined the talk.

A twitter user tweeted something like, “He is not migrating to Telegram because whatsapp offers a rich sticker database.” To which, Telegram responded that, “Sorry, any sentence stating ‘Rich Stickers’ and doesn’t include ‘Telegram’ don’t make sense to them.”

Also, some users included Instagram as well in their talk and Telegram responded to such tweets in a humorous way. So yeah, it was full of fun today as Whatsapp Privacy policy upgraded is being discussed everywhere, especially after Telegram started this Meme posting on tweeter.