Snapchat Cheating: How To Catch Someone Cheating On Snapchat

Among the various social media platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and so on, Snapchat is said to be the most used social media platform that is used for cheating. The features present in Snapchat make it easy for users to have a double life. It has paved an easy way for cheaters to sneak around their partners. This statement might seem insensitive, but it is very true. 

To be honest, Snapchat is widely used by adults rather than kids and teenagers. It is commonly used to sneak behind people’s backs and be in contact with them without anyone noticing. Snapchat is known to be the go-to app for flirting as a result of its disappearing message feature. It is very well known as the “app for cheating”, so if you suspect that your partner is cheating through Snapchat, you should do a lot more than just suspect. As you read through, you will come to know about the different ways through which you can check for signs through which your partner might be having a double life.

Snapchat – An Overview

For anyone who is not familiar with Snapchat, here is everything you need to know about this social media platform. It allows its user to take instant photos and videos. There are a wide variety of Snapchat filters like Brighten, Sepia, High Contrast, Black and White, Neon, etc. These pictures and videos can be shared with the list of Snapchat friends, where they will get deleted after viewing. It allows the user to send private messages as well. The conversations can be customized in a manner where they can either remain for a period of 24 hours after viewing or get deleted immediately after viewing. It also allows the user to create a unique bitmoji that resembles the user which can be used as stickers. 

Snapchat messages disappear after being viewed unless it is saved by the person. The user will get notified if screenshots are taken or when an image is stored. Some versions of the iPhone also notify if the screen is recorded. 

Look out for these signs – if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you:

  • Your partner will become obsessed with their mobile phone.
  • They become detached from you both physically and emotionally.
  • They appear to be extra calm and collective.
  • Your partner won’t give you access to their mobile phone.
  • They will freak out if anyone else apart from them uses their phone.

If you find your partner showing all these signs, it is better to use a spyware application through which you can read all their text and monitor all their activities. It is best to keep tabs on your partner if this behavior continues. 

What Is A Spyware Application?

There are several software applications that can be used to keep tabs on a person. You can download and install this software from the internet. Prefer paid software over free software, as free online software might be infected with viruses and other malware. These viruses and other malware will cause your system to crash or compromise your data. By using paid spyware applications you will be offered with additional features like getting access to browser history, call logs, etc. 

How To Install Spyware For Snapchat?

The very commonly used and the most reliable spyware for Snapchat is the mSpy software. Setting up a spyware application will take less than ten minutes. mSpy offers additional monitoring facilities as well. Here is how you set up a mSpy spyware application;

  • STEP – 1: You will have to create a mSpy account in the first place. Your account should be active in order to get messages from the target device. You can create your account using the mail address.
  • STEP – 2: A confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail ID in order to verify the provided email address. Choose a suitable plan and complete the payment to keep the account in its active state.
  • STEP – 3: After downloading and installing the application and accepting all the user agreements.
  • STEP – 4: Then finish the setting up process. mSpy has an excellent customer service team who will be ready to guide you throughout the entire process.
  • STEP – 5: Through the control panel provided by the mSpy application you will be able to monitor all the activities that take place in the target device.

What Can Be Viewed Through mSpy?

  • All the messages including audio, video, text, and pictures can be viewed.
  • All the keystrokes of the target phone can also be viewed as it contains an in-built keylogger.
  • All the contact details and the call logs along with their time stamps can be viewed.
  • Additional Features – browsing history. Through these applications, other social media information can also be accessed.  

Can You Find Out If Someone’s Cheating, Using Snapchat?

Yes, you can. If you suspect that your partner is cheating, taking a closer look at their Snapchat activity might give you the answers.  

Ways through which you can find out if your partner is cheating using Snapchat:

If you suspect your partner of cheating look out for these clues in the Snapchat application. Make use of these methods before you start to spy on your partner using a spyware application. 

1. Snapchat Map

This is one of the common ways through which you can find out where your partner is. If your partner has enabled the Snap Map feature, you will be able to see where they are and with whom they are. Through this, you can easily find out if your partner is sneaking around your back with someone else. However, if they have not enabled this option, you will not be able to view their location. 

2. Snapchat Friends List

Go through your partner’s friends list before you run to conclusions. See whether you can spot anyone whom you do not know or someone whom you are not aware of. Also, check to see if they maintain streaks and for how long they have maintained streaks. The fire symbol next to the names denotes whether they have been exchanging snaps on a regular basis and the number will tell you for how long it has been going on as it denotes the number of days. Also, note the emoji next to their names. Each emoji has a different meaning. 

For example, A yellow heart emoji means that most snaps are sent to that person and they are considered best friends. Does the heart emoji mean that they have been best friends for at least two weeks? Mutual friends are denoted with an emoji with coolers. Remember that these emojis can also be customized. A blush emoji means that you send a lot of snaps to that person. Like this, there are several other emojis that have unique meanings. Do not forget that these emojis can be customized.

3. Streaks!

Streaks occur if you send photos or videos to each other continuously for three days. They keep increasing as the day goes by. If your partner has a higher streak with an unknown person, you can say that they are probably cheating. Having a long snap streak with an unknown person is always something to worry about. However, if your partner does not seem to be defensive when confronted by this or if you are familiar with the person, then there is nothing to worry about, hopefully. 

As mentioned above, always keep an eye on the person who has the highest streak value, the Snapchat map that shows the location, and the friend list on the Snapchat of your partner. Pay attention to all the emojis that appear after the name. Through these methods, you sure can find out if your partner is cheating. Do not give room for your partner to deny the accusation and be fully equipped with the required evidence. False accusations can tear relationships apart so be careful with what you speak during the confrontation. Approaching your partner without any proper cause will lead to more serious misunderstandings. 


First of all, be completely sure before accusing your partner. False accusations tend to break up relationships as well. So, be sure to process all the evidence you have collected before pointing out an accusation. Let’s just say that you actually find your partner cheating on you, you can not confront them without any shred of actual evidence, so have proofs like screenshots or recordings, this will be an effective way to confront them and will give them less room to deny the accusations. 

Never make up your mind or run to any conclusions without knowing the entire picture. Be patient enough till you find what you are looking for. If you are using the spyware make you monitor it very closely till you find a breakthrough.