Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 was merely a part of rumor’s crowd till the date. However, recently Samsung Mobile Chief TM Roh on Tuesday confirmed that the rumoured model will soon get launched in India. 

Well, it was not an official announcement, yet they confirmed that there’ll be an event for some of their series launch in India. Also, the event is most likely going to be held for Samsung Galaxy S21 series models.

He also confirmed that S pen support is no more going to be a monopoly for their Galaxy Note series, and it’ll be included in other models in lineup as well. Yeah, that’s a big good news for Galaxy lovers.

Apart from Roh’s confirmation, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra was supposedly featured on Geekbench as well. Also, a press print as well showcased the front side of Galaxy S21 which was leaked on the Web.

Recently, Roh posted a press note on their official website stating that they’ll arrange an event soon in india for their next flagship model. They didn’t mentioned any particular model in the note, however it is expected to be the Galaxy S21 most likely. Well, event is going to be held in January of 2021 so the day is not so far now.

Also, in the note he mentioned that S pen support is going to be part of their Galaxy series lineup as well. So, it indirectly indicates that event most likely going to roam around Galaxy S21 for sure.

Moreover, the S pen support might be included in their phone but the S pen won’t be part of the box. So yeah, users are most likely required to purchase this accessory on their own and separately.

We’d also like to state that bringing exclusive features of Galaxy Note series in other series of Samsung models lineup might make rumors of discontinuation of Note series a fact. Well, time will tell what’s going on inside their future plan.

So, Roh’s press note clearly gives a hint about Samsung Galaxy S21’s launch in January 2021 as he has confirmed that an event is going to take place soon in India for their Galaxy series phones.