Sam’s Club Credit Card Login – All that You Need to Know

The incidence of credit and debit cards has grown exponentially. Not only does it streamline the money-making and handling process, but it has also made our lives a lot easier than we’d likely anticipate. However, the one credit card that has gained immense popularity in western countries is the Sam’s Club Credit Card. 

Besides the wide range of benefits the card brings along, it is also one of those few options that have a range of profitable transactions to it. It makes the process of online payments a lot easier and more streamlined.

However, despite the growing popularity of this credit card, not many people know about it or know how to use it. If you are one of them and you need more detailed insight into the same, we have sorted out all the information for you in this article.

How to Apply for a Sam’s Club Credit Card?

Before we discuss the application process, let us clarify something. The Sam’s Club credit card is issued by Synchrony Bank. This means that all the transaction history, details, and information will be available and issued by Synchrony Bank only.

Here’s how you can apply for the said credit card:

  • You need to open your browser and then navigate to the official website at To enrol for a credit card via online means, you do need to sign up on the platform
  • In case you don’t want that extra hassle, you can check out as a guest for an easy process
  • Doing this will redirect you to a new page with more details about the application process
  • Under the form fillup or registration page, you will be asked to fill in information like name, address, date of birth, zip code, city, state, contact number, etc.
  • Once done, make an online profile and then click on Continue
  • You will receive an acknowledge message on the screen, confirming that the registration process was successful

Once done, you will receive the confirmation on the email and the contact number too. And, that’s all there is for the application process of Sam’s Club Credit Card.

Sam’s Club Credit Card Login Portal

Once you are done with the registration process and you have access to your credit card, knowing about the login process is important too. This is what allows you to keep a track of the online account and look out for any suspicious activities on the platform.

Here’s how you can log into the portal:

  • Start by visiting the official website of Sam’s Club credit card
  • Under the official homepage, you have to enter the user ID and the password to access the account

official homepage of Sam’s Club

  • Once you are done entering the details, you can click on secure login to log into the online account.

Keep in mind that the user ID and password are generated during the registration process for the credit card. These details will be confidentially sent to you on your email and registered mobile number, so keep an eye out for those and save the details for future use.

What are the Benefits of the Sam’s Club Credit Card?

Since there are so many different banks and so many different credit card options available in the market, you might be sitting here confused. Why should one opt for this one, especially when Synchrony Bank is not the most popular option?

Well, the following are some of the benefits that you can avail yourself with this credit card:

  • The users get 5% cash back on gas stations transactions
  • Doesn’t have any annual fee charges
  • Has an online portal for easier access 24×7
  • Avail of 3% cashback in restaurants and travel
  • Doesn’t have security on advanced theft
  • 1% minimum cashback on every fulfilment

How to Reset the Password for Online login of Sam’s Credit Card?

If you use the Sam’s Club Credit card and you want to manage your account online, chances are that you need to have access to the user ID and the password. These two credentials are a must if you want access to your profile. However, it is common human nature to forget your password. If that is the same with you, here’s what you can do to retrieve the password:

  • Visit the official website at
  • Under the login page, you need to click on the Reset password option
  • This will redirect you to a new page that asks for a username and ZIP code for verification.
  • Once you have filled in the details, click on Continue and verify the account details
  • Once the verification is done, the portal will redirect you to the page to change the password.

Are there any official tech support numbers or addresses for Sam’s Club credit cards?

If you are facing any issues with the credit card or you wish to close the credit card, there are a few ways you can do so. We’d recommend directly contacting the bank’s customer care to take the process further.

Following are the details you need to know of.

For customer service: Telephonic

  • Mastercard: 1-866-220-0254 
  • Store Card: 1-800-964-1917

For consumer credit card: Address

  • Sam’s Club Mastercard, P.O. Box 960013 Orlando, FL 32896-0013 
  • Sam’s Club Store Credit Card, P.O. Box 530942 Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

For business credit card: Address

  • Sam’s Club Business Mastercard, P.O. Box 960016 Orlando, FL 32896-0016 
  • Sam’s Club Business Credit Card, P.O. Box 530981 Atlanta, GA 30353-0981

Is the Sam’s Club Credit Card worth it?

Given that the credit card has gained substantial popularity among users, it isn’t surprising that it is quite a worthy investment. Not only do you get access to lucrative offers, but you also get to make the most out of the amazing cash backs and the additional benefits. So, yes, it is worth it.



If you want to build your credit score and want a reliable credit card for the same, the Sam’s Club credit card is a good starting point. Just ensure that you focus on the application process, have access to the right information to be able to connect with the online portal.