10 Best Safe ROM Sites to Download ROMs in 2022

A lot of people are crazy about playing games on consoles. There are various power-ups and you can play the game without a pause or haul. The excitement can reach higher levels when someone is playing together with friends. In this context, how can someone forget about retro consoles? They have always been an important part of the games that we have played as we grew up. 

These sites have led to a significant rise in the power of computers and people can play all classic games at a very affordable price. A console emulator can help you to play all your favourite console games. This post is going to take you through some of the top-rated ROM sites that are very safe to use. 

What is a ROM site? 

ROMs are a kind of image file that contain read-only data usually firmware, video game cartridge, or the mainboard of any arcade game. With the help of ROMs on a device, one can enjoy playing many old, classic games just on one device. Except for the ROM images, one might also require an emulator for playing such games on a desktop. These emulators can consoles can be found on a ROM site. A ROM site is a site that allows people to download all old games and it also offers many other features. 

Uses of ROM sites

Some important uses of ROM sites are discussed below as follows: 

  • Emulation 

One of the most important uses of ROM sites is emulation and these sites act as an emulator for different old games. You can play a variety of old games which are no longer available through these ROM sites.

  • Digital privacy and storage 

ROM sites are also used for ensuring high digital privacy and storage on a device. With these ROM sites, there is no risk of any malware attacking the files on your device. 

  • Modifications and hacks

One can make several modifications and hacks of their favourite game through a ROM site. These hacks can be used while playing the game with a lot of added features. Several modifications can be made to a game with the help of a ROM site. 


List of 10 ROM Sites to Download ROMs in 2022

Let us now take a look through some of the best ROM sites to download ROMs in 2022: 

1. MoreRoms


Sometimes people look for a Nintendo focus space for installing ROMs, for this users can use MoreRoms. Here one can get ROMS for GBA, NES, and SNES and getting emulators as well. It is containing a huge platform for games and people can get every game whatever they are looking for it.

The MoreRoms website is only featuring a very easy and free-to-use interface and the direct links are available for any downloads. But this website can show many unwanted advertisements if this can irritate a person then this website is not the one which a person is looking for it. The website is also having a help and glossary page which can be a good information page for the user who will use the website. 

2. Restrostic


This website is mainly based on all the types of retro games which the gamer is finding for a long time. This website also comprises a huge library of ROMs. But the interface which the user will be using is very simple and one can see advertisements not frequently.

Various types of ROMs and Emulators are available such as NDS, N64, Atari, and Sage. There is also a request option in the library that can help a person to get all kinds of unavailable ROMs. To install any kind of game the user has to choose the console first then only he can search for the game. The website is also having a straightforward install option on the game page so that it can download the game easily.

3. Easy ROMs

Easy ROMs

This website is one of the popular websites that can be easily surfed from the Reddit account. It is comprised of the easiest interface and it daily adds new kinds of links that help the user. The website is free from advertisements and unwanted notifications.

The Easy Roms owner also updates the ROMs file on the cloud mega format which can be said that the user will get a good amount of bandwidth. Here a person can get numerous games which are spread through various consoles. The owner also uses many kinds of affiliated links for keeping the website working properly. So a person should try Easy ROMs for their use.

4. The EYE


This is also a very good option for the user to download. The website’s interface is very much easy to handle and user-friendly also. Here a person will not get too many unnecessary advertisements and notifications.

After opening the page a person can see the option which is called as Index of the Public ROMs which says that one can find the ROMs in alphabetical orders, thus it is helping the user to download them easily. Thus, a person should wisely while using the website and here one can find all sorts of modified dates and sizes of the available files.

5. FreeRoms


This is a website that helps the user with several free rooms which support their device. It is a free-handed user interface that helps the user for its use. The user can download FreeRoms from their ROM system. It features numerous collections of various ROM files, some ROM files are found only for some people. 

Sometimes people can face problems like the website is not free from advertisements and it keeps on coming to the screen thus disturbing the user frequently. This is the only reason user can face sometimes otherwise there is no such problem that a person can face while using the device. Thus, FreeRoms is a simple and free site where more than 3000 ROM files are available. Here all the files are fully safe for its usage and it comes with free from virus which damages the device. The users who are dealing with the file can easily download the ROM files according to their use and thus they can also install the best kind of emulators for PC for playing high-quality games.

6. ROM Hustler

ROM Hustler

The ROM Hustler is one of the popular websites of 2022 which can be used for games. It also prohibits all kinds of virus-loaded software and fraud crimes. The website is also containing numerous kinds of ROMs and emulators which are fully safe on the internet as well. It is having a simple, quick, clear, and perfect interface for performing numerous kinds of ROM on rom hustler with a quick automatic fast box. The website also offers very much the best functionality and just has to tap the console name and one will have to find it very quickly.

The website can be called one of the oldest websites. It can fulfil the user’s requirements. It has also been said that several user reviews and ratings are given to the website. One should not be worried about its working and simply use the website without any worry.

7. Gamulator


Gamulator is the most wanted and best website for installing ROM and it is very much popular in the gaming world. It also preserves that games which are not available in any offline stores. It also prohibits all types of arcade ROMs and also stored all types of oldest games to control the extinction.

This site also adds the latest types of emulators and ROMs every day. The site is also very much popular with kids who somewhat like the classic type of games. It is also has a huge stock of ROMs with numerous features on its site. It also prohibits all kinds of advertisements and blocks unwanted notifications. The newly handed website is hugely popular and very easy to handle. It has very easy navigation type of tools that can find the games from the extensive kind of data. 

8. Cool ROM

Cool ROM

Here is another website that is very helpful for the user and can easily install the emulators that website is called Cool ROM. The user can get his needed file within a second as we can download the file immediately. So the user is getting the full assurance of using the file which is fully safe and free of the interface. One can say that this website is one of the best websites to be added to the ROM list.

It comprises a smooth working type of mechanism. This website also gives the allowance to the user to install shooting, action, adventure, etc. This website further shows different types of screenshots for different games to understand the game format. A person can simply check the screenshots before installing the game. It also does not show any kind of unwanted advertisement on the screen. 

9. ROMsmania


This website can be said as the best kind of website to be downloaded. It is popular for its huge queue of a directory which covering numerous kinds of emulators and also some kind of ROMs for its download. A person can surf for the window to search and also see for any kind of ROM. Then after the user sees its necessary ROM, he can tap the button for checking the contents of downloaded links which are available for any kind of use. The website is fully safe for its users and it does not provide any kind of unwanted advertisements and notifications as well.

The ROMsmania also has some specific features that can understand the user what the ROMsmania is good at. So let us discuss the features-firstly it said that it has a very simple layout that can be simply understood and also comprises a very good type of designed navigation. Secondly, it is containing numerous types of free Roms for installing for the user. Lastly, it can be said that it can be used in numerous types of locations and is not banned in numerous types of countries.

10. Romspedia


It is the safest and finest type of ROM site which is highly said that all gamers must install this site on their device. The user can also get a wide range of storage for its ROM format. It also has no viruses and is very easy to use for the user.

The user can also get the original artwork of the game to the timeline of the site. It also consists of various types of ROM files which are available and the user can use the file according to his requirements. The ROM files are available on both IOS as well as Android devices, this also helps the user to access any kind of files. The user also gets many blogs on various contents for answering all types of queries that the user is facing while using it. 



1. Are these ROM sites safe to use?

All the above-mentioned ROM sites are completely safe to use. You can download the file of any classic or old game from these sites.

2. Can you access Romspedia easily?

Romspedia is a very easy-to-access site and you can download any game file just by following a few very simple steps. 

3. Are there any more ROM sites?

There are that other ROM sites but the ones mentioned above are very safe and simple to use. 


So, these are the names of the 10 best ROM sites that can be used to download ROMs. By downloading ROMs, one can play a lot of old and classic games that can’t be played on any site. You can use any one of these alternatives to download any classic game you want. Go ahead and try any of these sites to enjoy any game you want with very easy accessibility. All of these sites are free and safe to use and they don’t possess any threat to your device or the files stored on it.