Razer Naga X Gaming Mouse With 16 Programmable Buttons Launched, Aimed at MMO Gamers

We’ve a very good news for hard core gamers among our readers. Yeah, the brand Razer has recently launched a wired gaming mouse with 16 programmable buttons. This gaming mouse by brand Razer is known as Razer Naga X. Basically, this extensively new mouse is targeted for hard core gamers with large hand sizes.

We’d also like to add that, this mouse Razer Naga X has an ergonomic design for right hand gamers. Moreover, it uses 5G advanced optical sensor for most accurate and precision filled gaming experience. Furthermore, it also features Razer Chroma RGB lighting to make your gaming experience of a complete next level.

Razer Naga X Mouse Pricing

Currently, there’s no information available on any sources regarding its availability in India. However, for USA based gamers this mouse can be purchased directly from their official website and at the moment they’ve marked $79.99 as best price for this gaming gadget.

Razer Naga X Features

As stated previously, there are 16 different programmable buttons in Razer Naga X gaming mouse. Among these 16 buttons; 12 are action buttons and there are buttons for traditional left click, right click, zoom in & out, auto run, and DPI increase as well. Also, the brand mentioned that, this mouse uses Razer’s self-patented second generation optical mouse switch design that allows it to feel like every click is done in most feel worthy well and in very much sound manner. 

Apart from these basic features, this wired gaming mouse weighs around 85 grams. Well, if you don’t know it’s 40 percent less compared to their own previously launched model Razer Trinity. Also, they advised gamers with medium to large sized hand with palm or claw grip styling. And yeah, we too recommend this mouse to the users of this segment for some obvious reasons like its design, comfort and next level experience which is made for some specific users only.

Also, we’d like to add that, the Razer Speedflex Cable is designed in a way so that it don’t get damaged even with a bit hard usage. Yeah, it provides more flexibility and it is designed to produce least to minimal drag. Also, they’ve added to their statement that this wiring helps in delivering more smoother and prompt swipes to adapt to tighter and firm mouse control. 

Furthermore, company also added that Razer Naga X is equipped with a small built in memory that stores DPI settings, button configurations, and other custom settings on the flash memory of this gadget itself.

Also, we’d like to add that, Razer Naga X allows users to configure this mouse with button mappings, light effect, macro settings with help of Razer Synapse 3 device configuration software. Yeah, this software is designed to configure gaming gadgets designed and manufactured by Razer.

All in all, this is going to cover vast segment of users with its compatibility and extensive control range. Yeah, if you’ve medium to large sized hands and you like palm or claws grip then you should definitely give it a try to feel a completely next level gaming experience.