Phone Aesthetic Icon For iPhone in iOS 14

Wouldn’t it be great if you could change the way the apps look on your iPhone? Well, now you have the option to customise any app you want!

The iOS 14 update comes with a new feature called ‘custom app icon’ that helps you to change the look of an app icon. You can apply this feature to any app that is installed on your iPhone.

It is a fun feature that has been missing in iPhone for decades. But now that it’s finally here, people are making the most of it.

It is a simple feature that can be applied via the Shortcuts app. With this option, you can customise the apps as many times as you want. Every time, you get bored with the same app aesthetic, you can change it to something new.

If you want to change the aesthetic of the Phone app, you should follow the guide below. The steps are the same for all the apps you want to customise.

Phone Aesthetic Icon For iPhone in iOS 14

Phone Aesthetic Icon apple ios

Phone Aesthetic Icon apple iphone ios

Phone Aesthetic Icon iphone ios

Phone Aesthetic Icon ios iphone

pink Phone Aesthetic Icon

iphone Phone Aesthetic Icon

ios Phone Aesthetic Icon

Phone Aesthetic Icon apple

Phone Aesthetic Icon iphone

Phone Aesthetic Icon ios

Phone Aesthetic Icon pink

Phone Aesthetic Icon

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Guide To Change The Phone App Icon Aesthetic

To change the aesthetic of an app, you will need a few things. This includes:

  • iOS 14 and later updates
  • Shortcuts app (it is an inbuilt app)
  • App icon images (you can download them from Google)

After saving the app icon images in your phone’s gallery, you should follow these steps:

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone.
  • Tap the + icon in the top-right corner.
  • Tap Add Action.
  • In the text field, search Open App and select it when it appears.
  • Select Choose.
  • Now select the app that you want to customise. Here you will choose the Phone app.
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the option Add to Home Screen.
  • Tap the placeholder app icon.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the option Choose Photo.
  • Now select the custom app icon image that you downloaded in your phone’s gallery.
  • Adjust or crop the image if needed.
  • In the text field, rename the shortcut that you want to appear on the home screen.
  • After you are done, tap Add.
  • Lastly, tap Done.

Go back to your home screen and you will find the new shortcut there. Along with that, you will also find the original Phone app. You can remove it by long-pressing the app and selecting the Remove App option when it appears.

Some Things To Remember

Here are some important pointers to keep in mind when customising an app:

  • When you create a new shortcut, it doesn’t change the original app. Instead, it creates a new shortcut on the home screen.
  • If you want to customise multiple apps, you will need to do it individually.
  • You can remove the original app from the home screen after you create a new shortcut for it. The original app will be removed to the App Library in your iPhone.
  • You can customise an app as many times as you want without any restrictions.
  • To customise all the apps at once, you need a custom app icon pack that can be downloaded from the web.

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1. What is the Shortcuts app needed for?

The Shortcuts app is used to apply the custom app icon feature on the apps. It is an inbuilt app, so you don’t need to download it again.

2. How can you access the original app?

After you remove the original app from the home screen, you can access it in the App Library of your iPhone.

3. What is the best place to find custom app icon images?

You will find the best collection of custom app icon images on Pinterest.