Onshift Login Guide For Employees And Mobile Users

Guides on the internet help people get easily a clear idea about the thing they are looking for. Presenting you the OnShift Login Guide for employees and mobile phone users. Before delving into the steps, let us get ourselves introduced to OnShift Guide. 

What is OnShift?

To begin with, OnShift is one of the popular and efficient cloud-based software, which is exclusively designed to cater for the labor-management needs and goals of a company in the healthcare sector. If you didn’t know, the healthcare company can gain a large sum of profit through OnShift. Using this you can request a demo after giving them the complete details that are needed. 

OnShift is an online portal, which comes with the best employee management system. Employees can easily access and manage their schedules anytime using the OnShift portal. For easy and efficient access, OnShift is available on both mobile phones and PCs. You can access it as an application through mobile and also as a web app through PCs. 

People using Apple phones can download the OnShift iOS app. OnShift makes the job of employees easy by helping them effortlessly manage their schedules. It also helps the schedulers log the call-offs instantly. With OnShift, comes the Onshift schedule login, Onshift wallet login, and Onshift mobile login. 

Both the website and mobile phone versions of OnShift are easy to access and handle. Employees can easily manage their things in both versions. They can simply view the schedule anywhere at any time. 

Employees can receive messages, reply to received messages and open the notifications regarding their shift using OnShift. OnShift also comes with:

  • Request Shifts
  • Set Communication Preferences
  • Fill-Ins And Time Off
  • View Reward
  • Performance History

What are OnShift Schedulers?

OnShift Schedulers are used to quickly and efficiently manage the Call-Offs. The option particularly removes and logs the called off employees. Apart from this, it also has the message sending feature. You can send messages to the staff available. Messages can also be sent to qualified staff with the help of the Employee Directory present in the app. With this, you can directly contact the staff members. You must know that the OnShift mobile application is available and accessible to all OnShift customers.

Detailed Guide for OnShift Login

Before going to the steps for OnShift Login, you should remember a few points. Always check the internet connection before logging in. Make sure the internet connection is stable. Slow internet may cause trouble logging in. 

Now, let’s get into the steps for OnShift Login.

  • STEP 1 – First, you should go to the OnShift office website. You can do this either from the mobile app or web app.
  • STEP 2 – Now, you will see two fields on the page, which must be filled. These are the Username and password. Enter the correct username and password. 
  • STEP 3 – Now, you will enter your account. You can now efficiently access and manage your schedule from any place at any time.

Like you saw, the OnShift Login process is very simple. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do this. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can log in to your OnShift account in a few seconds. By doing this, you can manage your schedule easily.

What is Employee Scheduling Software?

OnShift is an employee scheduling software. Employee scheduling software aims to efficiently schedule employee shifts by spending less time on it. As a result, the company costs will reduce and employee scheduling is also efficiently managed.  

Advantages of Employee Scheduling Software

  • Reduced time spent on scheduling
  • Cost-effective; saves cost for the company
  • Efficient management of employees
  • Message sending feature
  • Message receiving feature
  • Saves manpower 

Best Features of OnShift – Employee Scheduling Software

OnShift is an Employee Scheduling Software that comes with multiple best features. They are:

  • Employee Scheduling Software protects the company by giving predictive insights. It also generates alerts, which will help you to knock off overtime. You can also prevent over-staffing using OnShift. Clock-riding can also be avoided. Employee Scheduling Software significantly reduces costs and time. 
  • Employee Scheduling Software comes with the simplest UI i.e. user interface. Anyone can use it without any prior experience or training. It is very easy to access. The easy user interface will help the employees of a company or organization to easily adapt themselves to the software, saving manpower, time and costs.
  • From OnShift, you can easily extract the analytics of employees. This will help the company with efficient labor management. With just a click, exceptions are addressed. 
  • The facility of HR & Clinical Systems Integration in OnShift will help effortlessly connect with 60+ times, manage attendance, payroll, HRIs, and clinical systems of the employees.


How to increase efficiency with OnShift software?

The conventional method to manage the shift of employees is through long complex spreadsheets and handwritten schedules. But, OnShift software chucks all these methods. Through the software, a company can save costs and reduce time in managing employees’ schedules. So much information is easily stored and delivered by OnShift, removing complexities in handling a large amount of data. The software decreases the time taken to manage schedules by about 70 per cent.

Reusable master schedules can be used to create new schedules in less than a minute. Consistent staffing and scheduling can be done using predictive dashboards & proactive to-do lists. You can also engage employees with 24/7 access online and using the phone application. Call-offs can be filled in a few minutes and changes can be communicated instantly without any delays. 

The approvals for shift requests from the employees can be automated. This will help efficient management of the employees and their requests.



We believe you got every bit of information you need about the OnShift Employee Scheduling Software. Onshift is one of the popular and commonly used employees scheduling software that comes at an affordable cost. The easy user interface of OnShift makes it accessible to everyone.