Ocenhorn: Chronos Dungeon Is Now Available For Apple Users

Finally, now, wait is over for Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon. Yeah, this mind blowing game with fabulous gameplay is now available on apple arcade. And yeah, this game is playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV as well.

Now, if we talk about upgrades in the gameplay then Chronos Dungeon is expanded on the Oceanhorn universe and is now capable of handling 4 players in single local multiplayer mode.

Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon features a complete old day’s 16-bit style rogue-lite dungeon crawler for quick gameplay & sessions.

Previously, same developer team launched Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm which was only available on Apple Arcade and it was amongst most downloaded and top rated games of the year 2020.

Talking about this gameplay’s story, here Chronos Dungeon takes place after long 200 years of the Catastrophe where plenty of tiny Arcadian settlements were in its early stages and floating between clouds in Uncharted Seas. So, to evolve peace of living order of civilization for their people, some adventurers sets themselves up on this journey.

In the gameplay, these adventurers find entrance gate of Chronos Dungeon, where there is a magical paradigm hourglass which can change history and bring the world back to its former peaceful glory and charm. Yeah, it becomes more interesting as you go forward in actual gameplay.

Now, if we talk about multiplayer mode then up to 4 players could join in single local multiplayer session and they act as the adventurers of the quest. Moreover, dungeon floors are completely randomized to offer a completely different and new experience every time. Yeah, even if you go through same level then whole experience of gameplay will get changed. It’ll feel new every time.

In the gameplay, there will be in total four character classes and heroes. And, they’ll start each game with completely different statistics. Yeah, everything is randomized in a way that it’ll become once in lifetime experience when you play it.

Now, if we talk about the history and series of Oceanhorn; then, developer Cornfox & Brothers launched their first Oceanhorn editon in 2013. And, back then, it was named as Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. 

Moreover, that editon was launched initially for iOS and then it was also released for Android, Windows and MacOS. And then, it was also launched for all modern gaming consoles that includes Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation Vita.

After that, the second part of the game known as Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm was launched exclusively for Apple users in 2019. However, a year later the same game’s Nintendo Switch port was released for gamers using this awesome console.

Now, if we talk about Apple Arcade, then its subscription based service that will cost you INR 99 per month. Also, it’s bundled with Apple One Subscription which will cost you around 195 per month. And yeah, we’d like to add that Apple Arcade is a gamer’s platform where around 45 games were released in 2020. And, it provides worthwhile experience so it’s completely worth the charge they ask for. Yeah, it’s value for money subscription if you’re one among many die-hard gamers.