Notes Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14

After the arrival of the iOS 14 update, things changed for iPhone users. For all these years, iPhone users were deprived of the app icon customisation feature. But not anymore! Now iPhone users can personalise app icons according to their liking.

The iOS 14 update comes with a new feature called “custom app icon.” It allows you to change the look of any installed app on your device. It can be applied through the Shortcuts app that is inbuilt in your iPhone.

The custom app icon option is available in iOS 14 and later versions. This feature has quickly become very popular among users. If you are excited to know how it works, you are in the right place.

Notes Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14

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Notes Icon Aesthetic ios iphone

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Notes Icon Aesthetic iphone ios

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Notes Icon Aesthetic apple

Notes Icon Aesthetic iphone

Notes Icon Aesthetic ios

Notes Icon Aesthetic

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Let’s say, you want to customise the Notes app icon. You need to first download a few custom Notes app icon images. These images can be found in abundance on the internet. After downloading the images, save them in your phone’s gallery and follow the steps below.

  • Launch the Shortcuts app. It comes pre-installed on your device. If you can’t find it immediately, go to the App Library and search for it there.
  • Once the app ones, tap the + icon on the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Type the name of your new shortcut and tap the Add Action option.
  • Now it’s time to switch the app icons. In the search field, type Open App and then tap Open App.
  • Tap on the word App and you will be shown a list of apps. You need to choose the app that you want to customise. In this case, you will pick Notes.
  • Go to the blue symbol in the top-right corner of the screen and tap it. This will open a new shortcut page will open.
  • Now tap the option Add to Home Screen.
  • You will be shown a preview of the Notes app icon.
  • Tap the icon under the Home Screen Name and Icon option. You will either need to choose a photo, take a photo, or choose a file. Since you have already saved a few images in the gallery, select the Choose Photo option.
  • After choosing the app icon picture, you can adjust or crop it.
  • Once you are done tap the option Choose.
  • You will be shown your new icon. Now you can assign a new name to the shortcut.
  • After you are done, tap the Add option in the top-right corner.
  • Go back to your home screen and you should be able to see the new shortcut.

Along with the new shortcut, you will also find the original app on your home screen. You will want to remove the old app icon. For this, long press and hold the old app icon and then tap the Remove app option. By doing so, you can remove the original app from the home screen. It will get stored in the App Library, so you can access it from there whenever you want.

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1. How many times can you customise a single app icon?

You can apply the custom app icon option on a single app as many times as you want. There are no set limits.

2. Is the custom app icon feature in-built in iPhone?

The custom app icon is not exactly an inbuilt feature. Instead, it can be applied via the Shortcuts app, which comes pre-installed on your iPhone.

3. Can you customise all installed apps at once?

Unfortunately, the custom app icon feature doesn’t allow you to customise all installed apps at once. You will need to customise each app individually.