MyHR BFUSA / Login Guide

Unless you are an employee or you are into automobiles and the whole shazam, chances are that you wouldn’t have many ideas about My Bridgerstone and the kind of company they are.

With this article, we are primarily focusing on the employees who are using their MyHR BFUSA portal that is a staple for the My Bridgerstone employees. It helps keep up with the native employee information, details about their work and also form an open forum for the employees to check their schedules and roster, apply for their leaves and even keep up with their payslips and their work hours.

However, if this is your first time with this company and you don’t have much idea about the platform, this article should help guide you on the right track so you don’t have any kinds of confusion about the benefits of the portal and how to make the maximum use out of it. 

What is the Bridgestone Corporation?

The Bridgestone Corporation is a popular Japanese auto and truck parts manufacturer. They have been in the market for quite some time, offering quality parts and products for the vehicles that you use and see running on the streets daily. 

The company was initially founded in 1931 in Japan by Shojiro Ishibashi. Since then, they have grown exponentially and have become a leading frontrunner in their niche of business. The company has grown in such a way that it is touted to be the largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

What do you need to log into the MyHR BFUSA portal?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Bridgestone Corporation and what they stand for, it is time we discuss their portal. If you are an employee, chances are that your employers will suggest you use the employee portal to keep up with your benefits and all the notifications involved. The portal is extremely useful for the employees.

If you are new and you don’t have an idea about the requirements to sign up or log into the portal, the following are a few things you need to be mindful of:

Know the web address for the login process

  • Have a valid username and password
  • Working internet connection with a smartphone or desktop

How to Log into the MyHR BFUSA Portal?

Once you have collected all the required credentials and have opened the portal, the login process is pretty simple and seamless and shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes.

  • Start by opening your browser and then open
  • Once you are on the homepage of the portal, you need to enter the valid username and then the password as you have received during your time of employment.
  • Once you have entered the credentials, make sure that you recheck them once.
  • Once everything is confirmed, click on Sign in and you will be redirected to the portal.

Since the portal is strictly for employee use, any kind of hacking or other suspicious activity will lock the account immediately. If you end up entering the username or the password wrong four times, your account will be seized and locked.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Password?

It is not new for people to forget their passwords. And, to be fair, it is a lot more common than many people make it out to be. If you are struggling with the same issue, don’t worry because we have all the required steps that you can follow to retrieve your password without any hassle.

  • Start by opening the official login portal at
  • Once you are on the portal, click on the “Click Here to Reset a Forgotten or Expired Password.” 
  • To reset your password, you need to enter a lot of information, including your birthdate, UID, MMDD, etc., as shown below:
  • Once you have entered all the information promptly and correctly, click on the “Reset Password Link” from there to reset your password.

What are some of the important Login security tips?

Even though the Bridgestone employee portal is encrypted and highly secured to prevent risks of information leaks, there will be times when you put the information at risk. Don’t worry though because there are a few important security tips that should help you log into the portal without any kind of compromise.

Following are some of the tips that you need to be mindful of:

Make sure that you are always using the official login portal and not falling prey to the fake and illegal portals that pop up.

  • When using an external internet connection, always make sure that it is safe and won’t compromise your user experience at all. This is crucial for you to follow through.
  • Your username and password are unique to your employment. Besides the basic information and notification, this helps you keep up with your employment information and benefits. So, make sure that you never share your credentials with someone else.
  • Once you have the password that you are given by the company during the employment process, change the password immediately after. Also, instead of sticking to just one password, keep changing the password time and time to ensure that you don’t run into the risks of getting hacked.
  • When you are accessing the portal from any web browser or your smartphone, you must log out of the portal without any questions. Don’t close the tab directly because it can leave it open for the prying eyes on the internet.



The MyHR BFUSA portal is a Bridgestone exclusive and has been in action for quite a few years now. If you are an employee and you want to access the information about your work and other important details, you must use the right credentials and know the login process too. Also, while you are at it, make sure that you focus on enrolling only on the legal platform or portal and not fall prey to the hundreds of the other fake ones available.