Microsoft Is Making It Easier to Transfer Files From Outlook to Teams With Drag and Drop

People who are hardcore outlook users and works in team would like to know that Microsoft has added one more amazing functionality to its widely used tool. Yeah, they’ve added drag and drop support for transferring your files from Outlook to your fellow Team Members & Teams.

Well, it definitely adds up a lot of productivity to work culture as it allows to move attachments between two of the highly used productivity apps of Microsoft. Also, people were requesting for this feature on Microsoft forum since the year of 2016. And now, finally they’ve added functionality of moving attachments with drag and drop from Outlook to Teams. Moreover, our sources also reported that Microsoft is working on providing call scheduler to free users of their Calendar app. Well, if provided then it’ll further add a lot of productivity in our routine work culture for sure.

Also, we’d like to clarify that one of Microsoft Team’s administrator confirmed it on their forum that they’ve finally added functionality of drag and drop from Outlook to Teams for providing extensive productivity while working. Moreover, he also added that, until now users were facing a lot of hassle in dragging files on desktop first and then dragging it again to teams from desktop, so now it can be dragged & dropped directly from Outlook to Teams.

We’d also like to add that, this feature has already started working on web client version of google chrome and Microsoft edge since February of last year. However, at that time it was considered as partially done. Also, administrator reported to our team that their version was already working on web client version of Teams and now after October it has started working directly from outlook to teams on desktop applications as well.

Apart from that, Adminstrator also added that, functionality of letting free users of Teams to use calendar in Teams application is under testing phase and it’s being tested by their internal testing teams. Also, he added that, this request was pending since 2018 when it was demanded for first time on Microsoft Forum. It’ll allow users to schedule meetings and conferences directly in calendar app of Teams application.

Moreover, he added that they’re working on providing storage capabilities of around 250 GB to Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams users. Yeah, they’re planning to provide more space for storage to even free users in near future. Also, users of these applications would like to know that support and updates of all these foresaid functionalities will start rolling for next month onwards and very soon you’ll be able to enjoy extended versions of the same.

With upcoming updates, users will be able to share 4K and UHD videos and large sized files over these applications without any limitations.

Yeah, all in all, Microsoft is planning to acquire large segment of users by delivering above expectations their existing users. In near future we could expect even more updates from Microsoft developers by which we’ll be able to access everything for free or for very minimal charges where we’re paying a lot at very current moment.

So, now, let’s wait for these updates to get completed in upcoming months and we’ll again update you regarding the same when it happens.