Mi SmartClock and Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K Pro Launched By Xiomi

Xiomi has decided to expand its IoT portfolio further to next level. Yeah, they’ve launched Mi Smartclock and Mi 360 Home Security Smart Camera 2K pro in European market.

Firstly, talking about Mi 360 Home Security Camera then, is has a state of the art AI upgraded in it which can record at 1269p for providing sharper image output. Moreover, these smart camera is equipped with dual noise cancelling mic which helps in capturing clean and clear audio.

Now, talking about Smart Clock, it is equipped with modern multi colored touch screen that acts as a clock, alarm, smart assistance program and a digital photoframe as well. Yeah, it’s a complete piece of innovation developed by Xiomi. And, in near future we could expect even further upgrades in this smart device as per our tipsters.

Pricing of Recently Launched Smart Devices by Xiomi

So, now, if we talk about pricing of Mi 360 Home Security Camera 2K pro then in European market it’s available for EUR 59.99 which is equivalent to INR 5400 roughly. And, this camera comes in white color body option only. Well, other color variants are also available but as of now, they’ve released white variants only.

On other hand, Xiomi Smart Clock is available for purchase in European market just for nominal fair price of EUR 49.99 which is equivalent to INR 4500 on average. And, this clock is also available in white body finish only.

Moreover, we tried obtaining details regarding these product’s launch in Indian market. However, Xiomi didn’t clarified details and hence we can’t be so sure about its entry in Indian market. But yeah, as Xiomi’s major consumer base lies in India, they’ll soon release these products here in India as well.

Specifications of Xiomi’s Smart Home Devices

Now, if we pay attention towards specifications and details of these smart home products then Xiomi Home Security Camera 2K pro features a 6P lens with f/1.4 aperture. This camera by Xiomi can record at 1296p rates and supports 360 degree panning, tilting and zooming capabilities. Also, it is equipped with 118-degree viewing angle that means there’ll be less space wasted in blackhole and hence it’s capable of covering wider area in single frame.

As it is a Home security camera, they’ve equipped it with 940-nm infrared sensor which can capture clear images even in low light environment. And as stated earlier, it supports bi-directional real-time voice calling and with help of dual microphones it helps in cancelling noise to enhance your communication experience.

This smart camera also comes with a privacy mode feature that help you in setting its lens downward and to enable physical shield with help of Home App supported on your phone.

For working over network it supports dual band Wi-Fi and uses H.265 encoding so that it uses less data and bandwidth. Also, this security camera is mountable in inverted positions as well.

Now, if we talk about Xiomi’s Smart Clock’s Specification then, this smart clock comes with 3.97” color touch display. Moreover, this smart clock is compatible for google assistant and Chromecast support. 

And, this smart clock will act as a smart hub for all your daily routine activities along with music streaming and other plenty of functionalities.

Moreover, you can even play footage of Xiomi’s Smart Home Security camera on the display of this smart clock. What else we need? And yeah, its sunrise alarm function eases the process of waking up.

So, all in all, both of these products are unique and highly user friendly and will hold their presence and their users productive living experience for extended period. And, there is no doubt in that. But yeah, these devices are not available in India at the moment, so, we’ll have to hold our horses till they finally decide to launch it in India.