MagicJack Login: How to Sign In to your MagicJack Account

Subscribed to a reliable service? But, not sure how to proceed with the login? We’re here to guide you through the process. Sign In guides have been proven effective in helping people easily get into their accounts and use the services required efficiently. MagicJack is one such brilliant service providing platform.

Let’s get to know what MagicJack is, its features and how to sign in to the MagicJack account. 

What is MagicJack?

If you haven’t heard about MagicJack, we’ll put it in simpler words for your easy understanding. 

It is a voice over internet protocol provider, which is popular since the year 2007. You can expect services from MagicJack similar to the phone in your home. But, the difference is, MagicJack uses an internet connection to make calls instead of an actual phone line.

This technology has made the lives of many easy. Using MagicJack, you can make calls anywhere anytime by simply connecting to the internet and logging in to the MagicJack account. MagicJack has replaced the normal phone connection at your home. Make phone calls from MagicJack to your home telephone. 

MagicJack has released the original dark image of it recently. This is one of its marketing strategies. This tactic will further improve the popularity and trading of MagicJack.

Advantages of using MagicJack account 

MagicJack comes with multiple benefits. You can efficiently manage your account online, pay bills and also go paperless. This is a good environmental friendly factor.

  • Pay your phone bills online
  • Efficiently manage the account online
  • View and check plans 
  • Go paperless; E-bills replace paper bills 

Now, we will tell you how to log in to your MagicJack account online. Before delving into that check out the list of requirements you need for MagicJack login.

Requirements / Necessities for MagicJack Login

You must have the below credentials and requirements below to log in to your MagicJack account. Take a look at them below:

  • You should have a suitable device to log in to your MagicJack account. This can be a laptop or PC, tablet or a smartphone 
  • The device you use should have a reliable internet connection
  • Decent browser for the login
  • Know the correct Web Address of MagicJack. This will help you go to the homepage of MagicJack
  • You should own a valid MagicJack e-mail ID/phone number and the exact password 

Detailed Login Guide to MagicJack

Kindly follow the below-mentioned steps to log in to your MagicJack account. 

STEP 1: From your browser, type the official login site of MagicJack. The official MagicJack address is

STEP 2: You can view the ‘LOGIN’ option at the top right of the menu. Click that. After you click the ‘LOGIN’ option, click the ‘My Magic jack’ button.

STEP 3: Now, you will see two fields: email or phone number and password fields. In the two fields, fill the email or phone number and enter the correct MagicJack password. Now, click the ‘Login’ option to go to your MagicJack account.

In case, you had forgotten the password of your MagicJack account, we will tell you how to deal with it. On the MagicJack LOGIN page, you will ‘Forgot Password?’ option below the Login button. Click that if you had forgotten your password. Now, it will ask you to enter the e-mail ID for which you want to reset the old password.

After entering the email address, please the SEND RESET CODE option. Now, follow the instructions that appear and reset your old password.

Customer support / Help for MagicJack users

If you are using MagicJack and facing any issues, you can always contact their customer support number. We have mentioned the contact number of MagicJack for your reference. It will help you resolve your issues or problems with your MagicJack account.

The toll-free number of MagicJack for customer support or assistance is 800-624-4252. You don’t have to be a tech genie to access the features of your MagicJack account. It comes with a pretty easy user interface. Customers of MagicJack can also add their international minutes to the MagicJack account from the login page. 

People with basic technical knowledge will be able to use the MagicJack account efficiently.



After signing in to your MagicJack account, you can easily access its features and functionality as the user interface is pretty simple. You can control your account, change your registered phone number, pay bills online and go paperless, request for a device upgrade, renew subscriptions and do much more with the MagicJack online account. You can also view and avail the offers and discounts after logging in to your MagicJack account. If the article was beneficial to you, share it with your friends to spread the information.