LG teased about their first ever 48” bendable cinematic OLED display at CES 2021

Technology is evolving everyday and LG proved it again. Yeah, LG Display recently unveiled their first ever 48” bendable LED. 

Talking in a bit of depth, this display features a paper thin screen which is capable of bending and unfolding for up to 1000R curvature radius.

Bendable displays are already a latest trend in foreign countries, however, it’ll soon get available for Indian users and market as well. 

LG’s 48” bendable LED provides a complete viewing access from any angle. And, it’s first choice for gamers and sports enthusiasts. Moreover, LG 48” bendable display features a cinematic sound OLED which means this screen itself will make sound on their own without use of any speakers. And yeah, it vibrates as well. 

According to our sources, LG is planning to put this LED as demo in upcoming CES2021 event.

This bendable LED display from LG is said to be first-ever designed 48” curvature LED display of the world. Moreover, on Youtube as well they’ve published a short yet mind-blowing teaser video for this display that showcases its look along with capabilities.

And yeah, LG itself claims that it will be able to bend at a radius of up to 1000mm without any issue and along with keeping same result and performance. Yeah, with help of its bending abilities one can either mount straight like an ordinary TV monitor or can bend it to get a fabulously immersive experience out of it.

Also, it is equipped with a state of the art ultra-slim exciter which makes it capable of producing vibrations on the display. Moreover, you’d get amazed to know that LG made a statement claiming that they’ve reduced this exciters thickness from 9mm to 0.6mm. Yeah, it’s an achievement on its own as it helps in allowing this LED to be as thin as possible.

Moreover, it offers a stunning response rate of 0.1 millisecond, refresh rate of 120Hz per second along with wide variable refresh rate ranging between 40Hz to 120Hz.

Above all, LG also claims that this 48” OLED is certified for a reduced level of blue shade emission and it’s completely flicker-free. Additionally, they also stated that this is perfectly designed for delivering best ever experience to the gamers as it uses all the latest technology to make gaming a real-time experience happening in a gamers surrounding. Yeah, it offers a state-of-the-art gaming environment to the gamers.

So, all in all it won’t be a surprise if this 48” LED display from LG win majority part of customer segment. Yeah, at the moment it’s the only available option in bendable variants. No doubt, there are some bended LEDs available on the market but they are not flexible for being flat or bended while it offers a next-level experience by being bendable.

However, they’ve not yet made any announcement regarding it’s entry in the market. Still we could expect it in near time or before the 2021 ends. Anyway, no matter when it get available! We’ll provide you an update regarding its launch date at any moment of time when they announce it.