10 Best KickAss Torrents (KAT) Sites & Alternatives To Use in 2022

Walked, wherever people felt the urge to watch movies in their leisure hours, they either had to buy cassettes or hit the theatres. The idea of movie theatres and cinema halls has emerged in recent times. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that previously, people didn’t have access to multiple entertainment sources. Now, the scenario is completely different. 

A lot of movie streaming sites, both legal and illegal have come up in recent times. They host innumerable movies, web series, music videos, and trailers for people to stream or download. So, now people can spend time with their family and watch their favorite movies whenever they feel at home! Isn’t that amazing? You can stream your favorite content online or download it for offline streaming. While some of the sites are useful, there are innumerable fake sites too. 

In this post, we are going to talk about one such movie streaming torrent site, KickAss Torrents. It’s an illegal movie streaming site that uploaded pirated torrent links. From this site, you can get the best quality links to a variety of content. Let’s know more about Kickass Torrents from below. 

Wuat is KickAss Torrents site? 

KickAss Torrents is also called KAT. It used to be a very popular website used for downloading torrents. This website enabled the users to download software with copyright and movies free. It attracted more than a million users every day because of its free services. 

However, because of the use of pirated content, the US government decided to take it down and prohibited its use. Though the website clarified their compliance with DMCA and also removed all copyrighted material as soon as they were reported.

Even if KickAss Torrents isn’t available, there are multiple movie streaming sites like a kick-ass torrent that deliver similar services. If you are unable to access KickAss Torrents any day, you can access any of these sites and go through their collections torrents. 

However, you must remember that these are illegal sites and the government doesn’t allow them to operate. Nevertheless, they continue to do so by changing their domains frequently. If you are still interested in knowing about the alternatives to KickAss Torrentss, continue to read below. 

Best Alternatives to KickAss Torrents in 2022

Similar Websites Like KickAss Torrents (KAT) and Alternatives

Below enlisted are some alternative sites that are illegal and offer content streaming services for free. Before you go through these sites, you must know that there are legal movie streaming sites available as well. They offer secured services in return for a nominal subscription fee. You can easily find out about them from the internet. 

As of now, let’s go through the list of KickAss Torrents movie streaming alternatives. 

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular torrents hosting sites that provide multiple torrent links on a variety of movie categories and languages. On this site, you don’t get videos and movies uploaded. Here, you will find innumerable torrent links from where you can download your favorite movies or TV programs, videos, etc. The site comes with an easily navigable interface. Therefore, browsing through the site and searching for your required movie link is easy. 

You can get the latest torrent links of movies, web series, music trailers, and whatnot. The best part is that here torrent links are available in different formats like 320p, 720p, 480p, 1020p, etc. You can choose to visit any link of your choice. However, the site is illegal and has been banned from several countries. Users are therefore advised to connect their devices to a VPN network before accessing my Pirate Bay. It allows them to maintain their anonymity and prevent getting caught. 

2. ExtraTorrent


The next reliable alternative to KickAss Torrentss is Extra Torrent. Recently, developers have revamped this site to offer an improved version to its users. The latest site holds the largest collection of torrent links on a variety of genres, languages, and cultures. 

The site being an illegal one was banned back in 2017. The site has recently made a comeback with a new domain. The layout of the new site is clean and not confusing. People prefer to visit Extra Torrent only because of its broad collection of content. There are hardly any pop-up ads you would come across. Torrent links are categorised on the site for the convenience of the users. The site is kept updated with the links to the latest releases. 

Since it’s an illegal site too, one must connect to a VPN network before accessing the site. This is essential to keep your device protected from malware. 

3. YTS


Also called the YTS torrent tracker sometimes, this site is the third most preferred alternative to KickAss Torrentss. Haven’t you heard of YTS movies? It is this site. YTS is especially good for users with limited internet. That’s because YTS has the amazing quality of compressing its torrents, allowing people to stream HD content without consuming enough data. 

Remember that YTS is a popular torrent movie streaming site. If you are looking for torrent links about games and other content, you must search other torrent sites. On YTS, you are sure to get innumerable torrent links that cover drama, horror, science fiction, psychological thrillers, and whatnot. You would get movie links in a variety of languages too. Click on a suitable link of your choice and download the content to stream offline. You can also choose to stream it online as well. 

4. Zooqle


Zooqle is famous for hosting a large number of video games, both for PC and gaming consoles. With every new game being released, Zooqle uploads downloading torrent links that enable people to download or stream the game online on another site. There’s also a scope to subscribe to the best categories on Zooqle and stay updated on the latest uploads. For gaming freaks, Zooqle is, therefore, a great source of entertainment. 

The site is comparatively new but has gained immense popularity among gamers in a very short time. Besides delivering the old and latest games, one can get TV content and movies as well. However, remember that Zooqle is largely a game torrent site. Its collection of movies or any other type of content is very limited. The site contains advanced search options, allowing people to browse through the Zooqle easily. Like the above-mentioned sites, Zooqle is also an illegal one, and therefore using a VPN network is advisable. 

5. 1337x


Thanks to its easy interface and advanced search options, 1337x has also emerged to be a widely preferred torrent movie downloading site. Its vast collection of torrent links from different genres, languages, and cultures is another reason that accounts for its rising popularity. No matter you are looking for TV programs, web series, documentaries, or short films, 1337x would be a great source of entertainment. 

The site has recently improved its security features, boosting online safety and reducing irrelevant pop-up advertisements. Nevertheless, like all other websites, accessing 1337x is also illegal and users are always at a risk of getting caught. That’s why they must use a safe VPN network to stay anonymous. However, this site isn’t for gamers. So, if you are expecting to find torrent links to the latest games, get ready to be disappointed. 



On this site too, one can get top-quality torrent links. The site comes with a user-friendly interface and offers a huge variety of collections to its users. It has built its popularity among online movie streamers in recent times. Since the site is new, its collection is less as compared to the older sites. Nevertheless whatever torrent links you find here are worth watching. The best part is the clean categorisation of its torrents. There are links for horror movies, web series, documentaries, short films. 

Each of them is grouped for the convenience of the users. RARBG is also an illegal alternative site hence accessing it is an act of crime. A large number of users log in to this site via VPN networks. If you are thinking of going through its connection, you too must do the same. The only problem with RARBG is that it streams irrelevant ads as well. It severely interferes with your browsing experience and can make you irritated. 

7. LimeTorrents


Lime Torrents’ immense focus on its users has made it a great alternative to KickAss Torrents. It hosts only those torrent links that work and are approved by a large number of users. 

Lime Torrents also brings a user-friendly interface for you. The best part is it is connected to superfast servers and hence boasts of faster browsing speed. It hosts a vast library of content, ranging from horror movies, drama, and psychological thrillers to romantic movies and web series. You can find the best torrent links of the latest content on Lime Torrents. 

Whenever you access Lime Torrents, make sure to connect your device to a VPN network. It keeps your device safe from malware and trackers. 

8. iDope


It’s an extremely new torrent movie streaming site. You are sure to get anything you search for on this site. The site is extremely well designed and offers a vast variety of torrent links. The links are of top-notch quality and unlike the fake sites on the internet; these links don’t redirect the user to another site. Overall it’s an excellent alternative to the kick-ass torrent site. 

The links take you to another site where you can download or stream the contents of your choice in any format you like. To make sure users can stream content in different formats, iDope uploads multiple torrent links of the same content. If any of the links don’t work, you can switch over to the next one. 

9. Torrentz


This site only focuses on delivering a variety of music torrents to the users. Here, you are sure to get torrent links to movie trailers, music videos, and audio music as well. You can download music of your choice from these links easily. The site allows easy navigation and browsing. Different genres of music are categorised separately on this site. This makes it easier for the user to search for the song they wish to stream or download. You can also search on the homepage. It makes your search process easier. 

Irrespective of the fact that this site is the best for music lovers, Torrentz is still an illegal movie streaming alternative. If you are unable to subscribe to legal music streaming applications, torrentz can cater to your music preferences. But remember that accessing the site is illegal and you must connect your device to a VPN server. 



1. Is it safe to use KickAss Torrents?

No, it’s not safe to use KickAss Torrents. It’s an illegal site and people should refrain from accessing it. 

2. Are the above-mentioned proxy sites free to use? 

Each one of the above-mentioned proxy sites is free to use and you don’t have to pay any extra charges to use them.

3. Can you get music torrents on these proxy sites?

You can get music torrents on a few of these proxy sites if not all.

4. What are the categories of content available on KickAss Torrents?

One can find torrent links from all genres of movies, be it horror, romance, drama, science fiction, or web series. There are movie links from different languages as well. 


All the above-mentioned sites are illegal. They host torrent links illegally, without having copyright permissions. This post was entirely meant to educate the masses on the dangers associated with streaming illegal sites. Accessing illegal sites is a crime as per the anti-piracy law. The government is trying by all means to curb the activities of illegal movie streaming sites like KickAss Torrentss. These sites illegally host the latest movies and cause losses to the film industry. As responsible citizens, we mustn’t stream these illegal sites only because they offer free streaming services. We must invest in subscribing to the legal alternatives and enjoy safe streaming services.