Top 10 Similar Websites Like and Alternatives in 2022 is one of the most popular platforms for K-Pop news and other updates. If you are a big fan of K-Pop actors and actresses then, you might be well aware of this site as well. It indeed provides all the fascinating news and daily updates. Well, if you are not aware of this site already then, do not worry! We have got you covered in that case. 

The post below will be highlighting the entire important component related to this site. In addition, if you wish to know some other similar websites then refer to the post below. The top ten websites that are similar to have been enlisted in the following section. So, keep on reading the post to get clarity on the same. 

What is is an amazing website that is considered one of the topmost sites in the globe. It was initially registered four years back. During the pandemic situation, the site has gone completely online and you will be able to access it through your device sitting in the comfort zone of your room. Interestingly, the site has been ranked as #250,437 in the entire world. 

The daily bandwidth of this site is around 14.07 GB and it is 422.16 GB per month. The daily page viewership of this website is around 1800. The headquarters of this site is located in the United States. The AD revenue is approximately 10.8 Dollars (United States Dollar). Interestingly, the load time while operating this site is 4.193 seconds. This is extremely fast as compared to other similar sites. 

This was in a nutshell all about If you wish to know more about this website then, continue reading further. The next section will be discussing a few of the significant benefits of 

Benefits of using is an amazingly impressive platform providing all the new updates. If you are a great fan of K-Pop then you might be looking for a site that provides you real-time updates and along with it all the videos, movies, drama, and others relate to it. 

Well, is one such site that will provide every information and show in one place. Some of the significant features of this site have been highlighted below. 

  • Safe to use is the safest and the most secure website that offers an incredible service to users. It has a friendly user interface. Even if you are not so well equipped, you would be able to use it without any trouble. 

  • No malware

Interestingly, there is no virus or malware attached to this website. As mentioned in the above point, this website is completely safe and free from any kind of malware. This will provide an enriching experience to the users.

  • All the updates

Furthermore, the website is extremely popular for its instant update feature. It provides instant notification about the news every hour. Well, you can also set the time as to when you would want to see those notifications. 

  • Latest movies to classic hits

Well, you are not just limited to watching the controversial videos but also the old and the new Korean hits. You will be able to watch both the old Korean drama as well as the new shows that have been released. 

These were certain basic features that the website provides. In addition to these, the website offers many more exciting features as well. But, if you are more interested to know about some of the alternatives to then keep on reading the post. 

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List of 10 Similar Websites like and Alternatives is no doubt one of the most impressive platforms. It provides an extensive list of features to the users. If you are keen to know other similar websites then follow the post. A few of the best alternatives of have been enlisted below for your reference. Go through them to get a deeper understanding of the same. 


Joo2video is one of the most interesting sites just like It provides a lot of interesting features to the users. This website was last verified on the 23rd of September 2021. Interestingly, it provides safe and secure browsing. One can safely view different videos and movies without any problem. 

If you are in love with Korean drama then, you can watch it all here in one place. You will not be required to switch to another app or site to view other programs. as mentioned above is one of the best alternatives to If you are unavailable to access for some reason then, you can easily switch to for all the fun. However, there is no compromising element involved while using this website. The fun that this website provides is similar to the former site. 

2. is an excellent website that provides all sorts of information related to Korean actors and actresses. It is a site for all Korean lovers. Well, if you are one of them then, you might find this site to be fascinating. It provides instant updates about all the recent news. Interestingly, it also allows the users to set the notification. So, in case there is any update, it would provide a notification for the same. 

This website helps the users get all the videos relating to Korean drama, movies, interviews, as well as other videos. The most surprising part is that the users get to see all this content without spending even a penny from their pocket. It is completely free to avail of the services offered by 

3. is another equally interesting website that provides excellent service to users. It is similar in its structure and service to This website provides an extreme level of fun to the users while watching different videos, movies, and shows of Korean actors and actresses. The most interesting aspect is that the users also get to see the controversies that arise. 

Whenever there is any controversy related to any Korean actor or actress, shows it the first. This is what attracts the majority of people to the website. The service that this site provides to the users is the fastest. So, if you like being update every minute about all the news then, is definitely of your type. 


Joovideo is one of the best websites providing all the latest news updates. It provides every kind of video. All the content available on this site is divided into several categories such as beauty, drama, movies, romance, comedy, and others. So, you will find every category of content. Whether you are a comedy lover, romantic, or dramatic, there is something for everything. 

The website provides all the interesting comedy videos to make your day a bit more special. Hence, if you are going through a tough day then will be able to freshen up your mood. It has everything that you might be interested in watching. So, do not delay any further and enjoy your day with 

5. is one of the best platforms for Korean entertainment. If you are a fun-loving person then you indeed should go-ahead to access this website. It provides all the comedy Korean videos that help you to relieve your stress. If you are a great cook and wish to learn more about Korean food along with the process of cooking it then, you should watch videos on 

Apart from this, all the interesting and recent Korean movies are also available o this site. You can get it all free. Well, this is the most attractive part of this website. The fact that you do not have to pay for watching your favorite videos makes it all more appealing. 

6. is yet another equally impressive platform. It offers incredible features to the users. It does not just provide all the recent updates about the Korean actor and actresses unlike other similar websites but also in addition provides all the classic hits of Korean drama. If you love the old Korean movies or shows then you can indeed watch it all on 

This website is a treasure for the classic hit movies of the Korean film industry. So, do not delay any further if you are a great admirer of Korean shows, drama, or movies. Interestingly, it provides various controversial videos as well to update the users about the bonding in the Korean industry. So, get prepared to enjoy all the levels of fun. 

7. is a website offering a thorough list of interesting and exciting features. The users get to choose what type of content they wish to see on this amazing website. The content here is categorized into several categories and hence it is easy for the users to choose their desired category. This helps the users get what they want without much struggle. 

Additionally, the users would also be able to turn on the notifications. This will help them get updates on every single thing through the notifications. So, you will always remain updated about k-pop and other information relating to the content you wish to know about. So, what reason do you think might not be well enough to not avail this service?


Joovideo is one of the safest websites to visit. There are plenty of websites available on the internet providing the same type of service. Not all of them are equally safe and secure. The most interesting part is that you will not be bored with watching too many ads. No advertisement will be shown to you on this site while watching your favorite video. 

In addition, you will also enjoy the service without actually registering yourself. Though, it is the best site to register as then you might enjoy many other additional benefits. But, even without the registration process, one gets to see a lot. Furthermore, you also not be required to loosen your pocket to avail of these services. So, enjoy the benefits to get all the fun in one place. 

9. is among the best website that provides all the information relating to Korean drama and Korean movies. It also provides different controversial videos of the top actors and actresses. One of the most unique parts of this website is that it also offers those moves to users that are not so well rated. This is because many times the low-grade movies have the best storyline. 

So, be it any Korean movie, you will find it all here in one place. Aside from this, you will get access to other facilities as well. The users can customize the homepage as per their preferences and requirements. Well, what more does a user want from a website?

10. is one of the unique websites as the features it offers stand apart from the features offered by other similar websites. If Korean drama and Korean movies are your types of thing then this website is indeed made for people like you. It has everything that a Korean lover would want to see. In addition to this, many other updates, movies, and videos are also available on this website. is very easy to operate with its friendly user interface. It has a very simple process to search the videos you wish to see. Furthermore, this website offers various other interesting features as well that you will discover when you start using the site to watch your favorite shows and movies. 

These were the top then website similar to and hence the best alternatives to it. The features that these websites provide are enormous and extremely attractive. So, do not delay any further or miss this chance to get all the updates in one place. 

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1. Do you have to pay any subscription fee to avail of the services?

No, it is completely free to access the website.

2. Is it safe and secure to operate it through your device?

Yes, it is completely safe and secure to operate through your device. 

3. Can you get all the K-Pop movies on the website?

Yes, all the K-Pop-related movies, videos are available on 

Conclusion as could be understood is one of the best websites as compared to other similar websites. It provides every kind of update related to Korean drama, movies, or videos. Well, if you are a great admirer of K-Pop then, you might understand what is been said. Get all the daily updates on this site without spending your valuable money with the website. So, why delay any further?