Is It Possible to Use Kodi Legally and Safely?

Is It Possible to Use Kodi Legally and Safely

Is Kodi legal and safe to use? Can you end up behind bars using Kodi? Can Kodi bring malware and viruses to my devices? Several other questions are associated with the Kodi media player, making Kodi look shady.

However, that is not the case. Kodi is a safe and legal media player out there. Most users use Kodi with streaming devices like Amazon Firestick. Let us see in detail if Kodi is legal and safe to use.

1. Is Kodi legal to use?

Yes, Kodi is legal, but the legality depends upon several factors. You can use Kodi for several legal or illegal activities. For instance, using Kodi to stream copyrighted data, stream illegal videos or shows, and download not-so-legal content is not legit.

Kodi is legal if you use it to play videos from your local storage, stream videos from official apps and websites, and stream legal videos only. Add-ons play a vital role in its legality. Keep reading to find out.

No one can point any finger at you if you use Kodi for legal streaming and with legal add-ons. Several people enjoy Kodi with Amazon Firesticks to stream their favorite shows and movies on a larger screen.

You might need to keep it updated to have the best experience. You might want to make sure you read it first before updating the Kodi app. Several add-ons behave differently after updating the Kodi app. You might need to learn all about it before updating.

2. Do add-ons make it illegal?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Kodi is home to numerous add-ons (illegal and legal both). You won’t necessarily notice the difference as all of them look similar.

So, how do you differentiate between legal and illegal add-ons? The answer is pretty simple. If an add-on offers you to watch copyrighted content for free or gives you several pop-ups and ads, or if it promises to stream live sports for free, it might be an illegal add-on.

Illegal add-ons set up the trap by offering TV shows and movies for free. You might not want to use these add-ons because of the pirated content. You might end up behind bars if original content owners go into a legal battle.

3. Official and Unofficial add-ons

You will find several official and unofficial add-ons for Kodi. It is up to you to select the ones that suit you the most. I recommend sticking to the official ones to avoid getting legal notices and emails.

Here are some decent official add-ons you might want to use.

  1. PBS kids
  2. Nasa
  3. NBC live extra
  4. Fox Sports Go
  5. iPlayer WWW
  6. Plex

You might want to use a VPN if you need unofficial add-ons. Here are some of the unofficial add-ons you might want to use.

  1. Mobdro Kodi,
  2. Placenta Kodi,
  3. Poseidon Kodi,
  4. Genesis Reborn Kodi,
  5. Fantastic Kodi,
  6. cCloud Kodi,
  7. Oculus Kodi.

You can use Kodi with its add-ons on several devices. However, the behavior of these add-ons may vary as per the platform you use. You can use devices like

  1. Android phones and Smart TVs,
  2. Windows,
  3. Linux,
  4. iOS,
  5. macOS,
  6. Streaming devices like Amazon Firesticks, Roku, and more.


It depends on how you use Kodi and what content you stream on it. Using Kodi for legit purposes is legal. You can watch videos from local storage, official add-ons, and websites, listen to music, and do much more.

However, if you want to use it for illegal content and add-ons, I suggest you use a VPN for an extra layer of security. A VPN can unblock geo-locked content and provide you with anonymous IP to hide your original location.

You might want to remember that using these unofficial add-ons and downloading/uploading/streaming copyrighted content is a criminal offense.