Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

When a game is developed for all the users to play, the first and foremost question that arises in people’s minds is whether it is cross-platform or not. Everyone loves to play their favourite games both on consoles and on their other devices like desktop computers, laptops or mobile phones.

This particular up-gradation is being done in the release stage of the game itself. Gang Beasts is a game that was released in the early part of 2014. Before it was released for various other platforms like PlayStation and Xbox in the years 2017 and 2019 respectively, cross Platform is the availability of the game on different platforms and supported different devices. This means that the game doesn’t stop due to changes in operating systems, software or hardware. This essentially states that those who are playing on a personal computer, the very same gamer can contest against those who are playing using a PlayStation.

What is Gang Beasts – An Introduction

Gang Beasts is a game usually played in multiplayer mode and it is developed by double fine productions. The gamer should use the character’s fighting capacity to take on the other players so that they win the game and if they fail to do so, their scores drop massively. The gamer can make use of different aids like weapons and maps to give a tough fight to their opponents. The controls for the game are very simple and that makes it very attractive. The left, right, top-bottom arrow keys or most used ones.

One major question that is on the person’s mind when they play this game is that if they could compete against someone who is playing on a different device other than the one the user is having. To get the answer to this question, you have to read below.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform in 2022?

Unfortunately, as of now, the game is not cross-platform. However, the developers of the game have mentioned that they would include this feature in their next update. Step by step for every platform this feature would be included.

For instance, the players who play using PlayStation 4 cannot compete against the ones who use Xbox One well as those who use Xbox one could compete against those who play using a PC.

The gamers are very much excited about the update and are very much eagerly waiting for the next instalment of the game to be released. The excitement is because the cross-platform nature of the game has several advantages.

Some of the top ones are listed below:

  • The player can play using any platform and not pressurize their friend to buy the device they currently have.
  • The players could check which kind of device would suit them with the cross-platform feature being available. The gaming would become more competitive because the number of players would increase as different platforms are included in the game.
  • The game supports multiplayer mode.
  • The cross-platform feature is beneficial to the game developer as well because a different version need not be developed for every platform when there is an update.
  • Different hardware investment is avoided in the case of cross-platform feature inclusion. So, don’t worry for now, as the cross-platform feature will be included very much soon shortly.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-platform, PC and Xbox One? 

Till today’s times, the game is not cross-platform on platforms like Xbox and PC. For instance, if one particular player is playing using a personal computer and the other player is playing using Xbox one, they can’t continue the game. However, in the consecutive updates of the game, it is said that this particular feature would be included. This came as a huge sigh of relief to the gamers who have PC and Xbox but are not able to compete against each other due to the lack of availability of this feature.

Is Gang Beasts cross-platform PS4 and Xbox One? 

 As of now, there is no cross-platform feature provided for those who play using PS4 and Xbox One.

This states that a person playing using PS4 cannot compete against those who are playing using an Xbox One. However, in the update after the update to be released for PC, this particular feature would be released. It is taking a while for the game developers to release this particular feature and you are supposed to wait for a while.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-platform PS4 and PS5?

Gang Beasts is not cross-platform in PS4 and PS5. This refers that those who were playing using PlayStation 4 cannot compete against those who are playing PlayStation 5 and vice versa.

The game developers are taking a lot of effort to include this feature in the upcoming games. So you can see that for now, the cross-platform feature is fully available between PC and Xbox One.

It is not very simple to develop a cross-platform feature in the latter stages of the game. The major reason why the game developers do not develop cross-platform features at the starting stage itself is that they want to see how the game is received by the audience before they release it for all platforms. Since Gang Beasts are getting a lot of attention from the gamers, the game developers are taking immense efforts to ensure that this game is accessible by all. The process of including a cross-platform feature in the starting stage is very much easier when compared to the inclusion of this cross-platform feature in the later stage.


1. Why cross-platform is a much in demand feature?

The cross-platform is a much-in-demand feature is because the gamer can compete against anyone who is having any device with a different operating system and hardware connection.

2. What are the advantages of including a cross-platform feature for the game developer?

The game reaches a wider set of the audience when the cross-platform feature is included in the game.

3. Is it very expensive for the developer to include cross-platform features?

Yes, it is expensive for the developer to include the cross-platform feature in the later stage of the game. However, if the game developer plans to include the feature in the starting stages itself, it is a much simpler process.


These are some of the facts; you have to be aware of the cross-platform compatibility of Gang Beasts. This game is very well received by the audience and a lot of them are waiting patiently to see the updates that enable gamers having different platforms to compete against one another. Already this game is much popular and with the inclusion of cross-platform features for all of the devices, this game is set to attract a wider audience base shortly. The official website of the game also says the same statement. If you still have any other doubts regarding the operation of the game on different platforms, you could seek the help of the IT support team and also read the technical guide available on the website of the game. You can either call them up or mail them your doubts and check if the game would suit your platform specifications. It is always recommended to have login credentials to avail the best benefits of the games.