Intel RealSense ID Face Recognition System Launched, Effectively Useful With ATMs & Smart Locks

As we all know, future is linked directly with AI & IoT stuff. And, majority of brands are currently working towards that direction. And, today, we’ve received one such news from Intel.

Yeah, Intel has finally announced officially regarding launch of their Facial recognition system. Intel RealSense ID Facial Recognition system will allow its users to lock and unlock things with a single glance.

According to brand, this facial recognition system is capable of delivering secure, user-aware and authentically accurate facial recognition for unlocking things. Moreover, they also added that, it’s equipped with an active depth sensor in combination with a specialized neural network to do amazing stuff for its users.

This face ID recognition system works effectively with ATMs, smart doors, smart locks, gate access controller and so on.

Moreover, this facial recognition system is going to get launched in the end of Q1 of 2021, and they clearly announced that it’ll be available to ship afterwards to most countries, including India in its list.

Intel RealSence ID’s Price and Availability

As stated earlier, this smart and next generation facial recognition system will be available to ship after end of Q1 of 2021. And, it’ll be available to ship in major number of countries where they’ve also included India for their initial shipment lot. 

Moreover, there are two models available in this facial recognition system where Intel RealSence ID F455 is priced at 99 USD which is equivalent to roughly INR 7300. Yeah, for merely around 7.5K you’re getting a next gen automation device which will reduce plenty of your task and time wastage.

On the other hand, second variant Intel RealSence ID F450 is only available in the pack of 10 and is available for around INR 55,000.

Also, these smart devices can be pre-ordered at the moment but shipment will be released by them only after first week of March. And as stated earlier, this credit card sized smart device can be shipped to majority of countries including India.

Intel RealSense ID Specification & Features

This modern age facial recognition ID makes use of dual camera lens and sensors to dive deep and to capture the depth of person in from of it. According to Intel’s statement, currently available conventional authentication methods are prone to ID theft and Security breaches and hence we need as secure as possible device to improve security and safety around us. Yeah, this is also key reason behind people’s & organization’s preference towards latest methods for authentication and security assurance.

Also, they stated that, Intel RealSense ID comprises a built-in anti-spoofing technology that helps against fake entry attempts using photographs, videos or masks. Yeah, according to their claim, it has rate or one to one million false attempts for breach.

Moreover, this state of the art facial recognition system adapts automatically to natural physic change of human. Yeah, it identifies automatically that you’ve wear your glass today, or wear a cap.

They also added that, their RealSense ID don’t require any network setup as its already equipped with an easiest enrolment process which adapts to the provided inputs on its own. Also, Intel clarified that, RealSense ID is solely a privacy driven solution and it processes all the facial images on only local level where it even encrypts all provided input data. So yeah, they’ve kept privacy as their utmost concern while designing this next generation safety and security solution.