iForgot Apple ID – Recover Apple ID and Apple ID Password 

Do you remember the last time when you changed the Apple ID Password? Do you frequently change passwords to keep your account safe from hackers? You might have set up an Apple ID a long time back with the first-generation iPhone or any other Apple device and have now shifted to the latest iPhone or iPad model. Whatever might be the case, forgetting the Apple ID can be excruciating as you are locked out of all the essentialities of your virtual chest. 

The Apple ID account requires an email address and a unique password, for being created and it is the Apple account that acts as identity proof for all the Apple devices that you own. Trying to remember the User ID or the password can be a tricky game especially with the several social media and other accounts that we hold. Moreover, once you forget the password, you lose access to all the private data like the passwords kept in the Apple Keychain, documents, images in iCloud, and more such crucial pieces of information. 

Apple has a stern security patch and you can’t get into the account without retrieving the ID password of the same. Therefore, forgetting the account ID and password can mean a lot of trouble as the security settings can result in locking your device for good. 

However, the good news is that you would not be permanently locked, and connecting with the Apple support executive can certainly help. Nonetheless, contacting Apple support and asking for help can take ample time and you might run out of the patience required to do the necessary. Therefore, to make the process simpler, stop panicking and go through the following potential steps to get your access back into the Apple device. 

Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

The two-factor authentication security setting permits the user to access his or her account only on the trusted devices and the web. Now, there can be a range of trusted devices like the iPhone, iPod, iPad, or MacBook with the latest Apple operating system. 

At the time of setting up the newest Apple device, you will require a password and a security code consisting of six digits. This security code will be sent to you on your existing Apple device or iPhone. When you enter the code, it means that you trust the new device and want it to add it to the list of safe devices through which you can access your Apple account. 

Once you have set up the new device, there is no need of using the verification code anymore. However, if you sign out of your account, or erase the device from the list of safe devices, or if you change your account password, you will need a verification code. In case, you have the two-factor authentication enables, then the resetting of the ID password becomes easy with any other trusted device. Just go through the following steps as given below. 

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Resetting the Apple ID and Password from a Trusted Device                                                     

  • Before you start with the account resetting process, make sure that the device you are using has an operating system of iOS 10 or the other latest operating system versions. 
  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Tap on the user name that is your name. 
  • Go to Password & Security.
  • Change Password. 
  • Type the phone passcode that you had been using for unlocking the device.
  • A screen with the name Change Password will appear.
  • Ensure that you enter the new password in both fields.
  • Tap on Change.

Your newly-set Apple ID password is all ready for use. Do not forget to enter the new account ID password on all the other Apple devices. 

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Resetting the Apple ID Password on a MacBook

  • Before you start with the account resetting process, make sure that the Mac device you are using has a macOS Catalina operating system or the later versions of the MacBook operating system.
  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • In the Apple menu, go to the System Preferences and then click on Apple ID. 
  • If you have an older version of the macOS, then go to System Preferences.
  • Go to iCloud.
  • Click on Account Details and then click Security. 
  • Next, click on Password & Security and then on Change Password. 
  • A prompt might appear in which you are asked to enter a password for the administrative account. 
  • Do so and click on Ok.
  • Enter the new password in the dialog box that appears next and retype it in the other field again for verification. 
  • Verify it and click on Change. 
  • Your newly-set Apple ID password is all ready for use. Do not forget to enter the new account ID password on all the other Apple devices. 

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Resetting the Apple ID Password on the Web

  • Go to the iForgot website of Google. 
  • Enter the Apple ID and click on Continue.
  • A screen shall appear that shows all the phone numbers that are linked with the account.
  • The numbers will be hidden with the last two digits revealed.
  • Enter the number that is associated with the Apple ID and click on Continue. 
  • A dialog box will appear and you have to click on the Allow button in the message notifying you about the Reset Password process. 
  • Enter the phone passcode or the administrative password of the macOS and then click on Continue. 
  • Enter the new password in the dialog box that appears next and retype it in the other field again for verification.
  •  Verify it and click on Change.
  • Your newly-set Apple ID password is all ready for use. Do not forget to enter the new account ID password on all the other Apple devices.

Resetting the Apple ID Password with the Support App

  • If even not one of the Apple devices is accessible then reset the Apple ID password on the Apple device belonging to your friend or family
  • Make use of the Apple Support or the Find My iPhone app.
  • The Apple Support app has to be installed on the device.
  • Go to Topic and tap on Passwords & Security.
  • Tap on Reset Apple ID Password.
  • Click on Get Started.
  • Tap on A Different Apple ID.
  • Enter the ID whose password has to be changed.
  • Tap on Next.
  • A set of instructions might appear on the screen.
  • Follow the instructions until the confirmation message is received. 

Here, it should be understood that devices that make use of iOS 9 to iOS 12 will not be able to download the Apple Support App. They can follow a similar procedure with Find My iPhone app. 

Two-Step Verification Enabled

Users who use older iPhones or other Apple devices might make use of the two-step verification process in which Apple will send a numeric code by making use of the Find My iPhone in iOS systems. Other devices might receive the code in the form of a text message. This service does not apply to Macs. To be precise, this two-step verification is viable for those phones, which make use of operating systems older than iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan. 

Resetting the Apple ID Password with Two-Step Verification

  • Before starting with the process, you should know that these old systems constitute a long recovery code with 14 characters. It is essential to have this recovery key along with a trusted phone number or device.
  • Sign into the iForgot website of Apple.
  • Enter the Apple ID and hit Continue. 
  • Opt for resetting the password and tap Continue. 
  • Enter the 14-digit recovery code.
  • Select a device that is trusted.
  • Type the confirmation code.
  • Select a new password and tap on Reset Password. 

The Apple Support team states that for resetting the ID password with the two-step verification getaway, you require the 14-digit recovery code. If you do not have it then there are no other options left than to create a new Apple account. 

Neither Two-Step nor Two-Factor Authenticity Enabled

If your phone’s security patch is not upgraded and you do not use a Two-Step or a Two-Factor Authenticity setting, then you have to log into the iForgot website with the ID username. Then go through the simple steps mentioned on the website. You can reset the password by the email option or the security questions. Once you reset the password and get your access back into the account, ensure to upgrade the security measures in your phone to two-step verification or the two-factor authentication security setting. 

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1. How can I recover my Apple ID password?

Apple users forgetting their Apple ID password is a common thing. Thankfully, Apple gives you the option to recover/reset your Apple ID password. You can reset your password on a Macbook or another iPhone. Aside from that, you can also change your password using the Support app, two-step verification, or on the web.

2. What is Apple ID needed for?

Apple ID is very crucial for Apple device users. It is your account that gives you access to Apple services like the App Store, FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, and other Apple online stores. Additionally, it also allows you to access your content across all your devices.

3. Is it necessary to create an Apple ID?

Having an Apple ID is a must for every Apple user. Without an Apple account, you cannot use services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, and others. Creating an Apple ID is very easy. All you have to do is visit apple.com and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the signup process. Once your account is ready, you can log in to it using your Apple username and password.

4. How to reset my Apple ID password on the web?

To reset your forgotten Apple account password on the web, you will have to visit the iForgot website and follow the onscreen instructions. This will allow you to reset your password. Once the process is complete, you will have a new password, using which you can log in to your Apple account any time you want.


Forgetting can be blissful but certainly not in the case of your iPhone ID Password. However, even if you do, there is no need to panic anymore as you can follow one of the above-mentioned steps to reset the password and get back access to your Apple ID. Moreover, do not forget to make use of a password manager provided for Apple that stores all the authentications details so that you know where to go if you forget the password again.