How to Water Eject Using Siri Shortcut?

One of the worst nightmares includes dropping your iPhone in the water. Even if you try your best to keep the device from dropping, it keeps slipping from the hand or the pocket. An iPhone has a sturdy exterior body. It can well handle the shock of the drop on cold hard ground. Go back in your memory and recall the number of times the device slipped through your fingers and hit the bare floor? Apart from a scratch or a hard-to-notice dent there seem to be no other issues with the phone. However, water affects an iPhone differently. 

When you drop the phone in water, droplets might enter into the charging port, speaker, and audio vents of the device. Often a dry towel rub or a blower run can absorb all the water from the phone and make it as good as new. However, if the speaker of the device has not been dried up completely off the water, then the issue might persist with the sound from the speakers. The sound quality of the speakers can diminish by a considerable level due to soggy speakers. Go through this article to find out the best feasible shortcut solution to restore your phone to its best. 

How to find the Siri shortcut to eject the water out of the speakers?

If you own the latest models of the iPhone series like the iPhone 7, you will know that it comes with IP68 certification. Moreover, older models come with IP67 certification. Such a certification marks one of the safety features of the phone to be water-resistant but does not guarantee the device to be waterproof. This means that the device is permeable and can be affected if exposed to too much water or for a prolonged period. Therefore, the best alternative to drive the water out from the speaker grills is by installing a Siri shortcut that uses a low-frequency sound to do the trick. Go through the following detailed steps for further understanding. 

Go to The Shortcuts App and add it to the Home screen

  • It must be noted here that the iPhone comes with The Shortcuts app. This app is specially designed for users so that they can get quick access to their customized settings on the phone. Once you get into the Shortcuts app, you will get a list of automated preset actions for your convenience. 
  • Tap on the Shortcuts App and then scroll through the library tab from where you can find the “Water Eject” option right at the bottom of the list.
  • Once you tap on the Water Eject ellipsis, you will get a dropdown menu from where you can select the Settings option.
  • Tap on the Settings icon to get the “Add to Home screen option”. Click on it to get the shortcut on the home screen.
  • Adding the shortcut to the home screen enhances its accessibility. Moreover, there is a range of other locations from which the shortcut might be accessible.
  • You can access it from the Shortcuts App or the Shortcuts widget that can be added to the Today View panel for better lock screen operation.
  • One of the best ways to use the shortcut is by making it a Siri shortcut.

Make it a Hey Siri Shortcut

  • For making, it a Siri Shortcut click the ellipsis that appears on the tab of the water ejection option in the Shortcuts App library. 
  • Next, go to the Settings icon from the ellipsis and tap on the “Add to Siri” option.
  • Now, check the credibility of the Siri Shortcut by using your Hey Siri phrase or type it out in case you have the type to Siri option enabled on your phone. 
  • Continue hitting the “Done” button unless you reach the library of the Shortcuts app.

Eject the Water out of your iPhone

  • Now, the last and final step of the process is to eject the water out of the phone by making use of the newly added shortcut.
  • Use the Hey Siri phrase or go to the shortcuts app and then from the library view tap on the “Water Eject” option right at the bottom of the list. 
  • Then tap on the prompt tab of “Begin Water Ejection”. You can also directly get to the prompt tab by tapping on the newly added home screen shortcut.
  • The water ejection process shall begin in no time.

Once the water ejection process begins, you will be able to hear a sharp sound indicating a low-frequency tone being played by the phone to jet out the extra water from the speaker grills. If your iPhone has a considerable amount of water inside its speakers, then you can see the water being forced out from the bottom of the phone. It is recommended here that the iPhone shall be held at a slight angular position in respect to the ground so that the speakers face the floor. This angular posture will further help the device to force out the extra water from its inside. 

Water Eject is one of the most successful Siri shortcuts built for the device. This shortcut comes in handy when the extra water in the speaker grill cannot be dried with air-drying or a blower run. Moreover, the fast-paced technology-driven life that we all are living, demands the extensive use of a mobile phone. 

What are the advantages of the Water Eject Siri shortcut?

There can be innumerable instances in which you lose your iPhone and drop it in the pool while relaxing in the sun. Alternatively, you might be a social media sensation who requires regular updating of the account with new innovative videos and photographs. This might require your device to be kept at risky stand-by positions. Therefore, it can be understood that the modern usage of the iPhone increases the chances of accidents. This makes the Water Eject shortcut more relevant and useful. 

Water Eject is one of the most popular Siri shortcuts, which is preferred by the majority of iPhone users. The user interface of the app is simple and easy to understand. Moreover, the app makes use of a simple mechanism of generating a low pitch sound of 165 Hz so that the vibration created by the corresponding sound waves ejects the water out of the speaker grill of the device. 

Furthermore, the app comes with an ellipsis that gives way to the settings of the app. Here, one can easily find the option to add the app to the home screen of the device or other shortcut locations like the shortcut widget. Moreover, you can also add the shortcut to the list of operations done by Siri by adding it to the Hey Siri list from here. 

If you own the latest iOS 12 then you can upload the shortcut to the web and share the app with any user who has an iOS 12 operating system by simply completing the installation of the Shortcuts App. Therefore, this is the best Apple-certified software that you can get to eject water from your iPhone. 

Everything that you should know before using the Siri Shortcut

There are some crucial pieces of information, which you should consider before using the Siri shortcut. The recent models of the iPhone series like iPhone XS and XS Max come with IP68 water-resistant certification. However, the older models of the series come with IP67 water-resistant certification. Now, if you have recently upgraded your older model to a newer set that comes with IP68 certification, do not be under the delusion that IP68 equates to being waterproof. No iPhone until the date has been declared waterproof so it is advised not to dip the device in water intentionally. Moreover, users should be well aware of the fact that Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage.

How frequently can you use the shortcut?

The shortcut can be used to eject most of the water from the phone. However, some water might remain in the device. You can choose to use the Siri shortcut multiple times. However, it is not recommended to make use of the low pitch sound continuously. This is because the intensity of the sounds might damage the speakers for prolonged use. Therefore, make use of the shortcut only when it is necessary. Ensure that it is used for a single time and then air-dry the phone for some time. iPhones with IP67 or IP68 have the required mechanism to self-repair themselves and shall be fit to use in no time. 


1. Is iPhone waterproof?

The latest iPhone models are made waterproof. But if you are using an older model such as iPhone 7 or iPhone 6, then your phone is water resistant, but not waterproof. This means your device can get affected if exposed to too much water for a prolonged time.

2. How to eject water from iPhone?

If the speakers of your iPhone are malfunctioning due to water, you should try the water eject method using Siri Shortcut. All you have to do is go to the Shortcuts app and select Add Shortcut option to add it to your phone’s shortcut library. After that is done, say ‘Hey Siri, Water Eject’ and see the magic.

3. What happens when you say Siri to eject water?

If you ask Siri to eject water, it will play a low-frequency sound to eject the water that has entered your iPhone. If you look at the speaker grill of your phone, you will see the water coming out. After the process is over, Siri will turn down the volume to 50%, and you will see a process completed notification on your screen. This is an effective method to eject water from your iPhone. But if it doesn’t work, you will have to take your phone to the service center.

4. Can I submerge my iPhone in water?

Apple iPhone models that have a rating of IP68 under IEC standard 60529 can be submerged in water. These devices can handle a maximum depth of 6 meters for up to 30 minutes.


Now, you can easily drain the water out of your iPhone without having to worry about the muffled voice that your speaker is letting out. However, it is crucial to remember here that when you drop your phone in water, then the internal hardware of the iPhone receives a considerable percentage of damage. No water-resistant technology can prevent such damage. Therefore, the best way to eject water out of your phone is by taking proper care of the device and ensuring that it does not drop.