How To Trace Text App Numbers

Almost everyone at some point in time must have thought about tracing the text application number. Whenever anyone receives an abusive text message they instantly want to trace the origin of the sender. This is the most common thought. Every victim of cyber harassment always wants to find the perpetrator behind the sent abusive text. But if the message is sent through a text app, it is not easy to track the sender as the text app provides a feature that blocks the number, so only the message will be sent without the knowledge of the number. 

The frequently asked question while dealing with text apps is, “Can the text app be traced back?” And the answer is yes, but to be honest it is not that easy to track that number. There are a few applications found on the internet that will let you trace the origin of the sender. 

Textfree From Pinger – An Overview

The most commonly used application is known as the Textfree application from Pinger. In case you are wondering how to trace text app numbers, stop wondering! Using the “Textfree” application is how you can trace it. You can easily find this application all over the internet. 

What Is A Textfree Application?

Textfree is also known as the Textme app. Instead of texting using regular messaging applications, people nowadays prefer alternative applications like Textfree. These apps come in handy and are very convenient. Textfree is developed by Pinger Inc. Textfree application enables you to send an unlimited number of text messages to all your friends and family totally free of cost. Textfree has an in-built free calling feature as well. 

What Is A Second Text App?

The second text app allows the user to create a customized mobile number that can be used for free to call and text other people.

How To Find Out If The Received Text Is From A Texting Application?

Just by looking at the caller ID, you can tell if it was sent from a texting app. The caller ID will denote these types of numbers as either calling numbers or text numbers. This is represented by a number from the text application. And the other method is by looking into the call history. 

Is It Possible To Trace Textfree Apps?

Yes, it is possible but it is not easy. It takes quite a lot of effort. Nevertheless, legal agencies always possess the right to trace the origin of messages sent from the TextFree application.

How To Find Out The Actual User Behind The Textfree App?

Even if the identity of the number stays anonymous, it can still easily be traced back with the help of the service provider or through contacting the company itself. All the required information regarding a user will definitely be stored in their servers and log files.

How To Trace A Textfree Number?

The direct answer is, you can not trace it. However, you can always contact the customer support team of the TextFree application to get to know more details about the user. In short, the TextMe app can be traced by legal agencies however, the TextFree number can not be tracked.

How To Trace The Text App For Free?

These three commonly used methods are as follows.

  • Number one – Make use of a mobile phone tracking application.
  • Number two – Make use of the text history tool.
  • Number three – Make use of the different search engines.

All these methods do not are free of cost and you can easily try these out without any guidance from anyone.

How Does Textfree Work?

For all the users of Textfree, a unique number will be assigned. After importing all the numbers from your device into this application, you can start to send text messages or call the person through the assigned number. 

Do not forget that this is not your actual number. Every call or text message that you send through this application will reach the recipient through the unique number assigned by this application. As the messages are sent through your actual number, the recipient will not know from whom the message is being sent. 

Textfree – Procedure To Trace A Text App Number

Make use of the reverse phone directory online tools, they can be either paid or free to use. Textfree applications possess this feature. So if you get a message from a person with a random number, you can track them using the Textfree application.

Noted below are a few simple steps that help you to guide through the setup process;

  • Step one: Download the Textfree application from the internet and sign up using your valid mail address. You can also sign in using your Facebook account or your google account.
  • Step two: After the process of verification is done, proceed forward to logging up. You will be displayed with a wide range of numbers. Choose a number you prefer and click on the arrow button.
  • Step three: ATextfree inbox gets displayed. This shows all the contact numbers along with their name. These get imported right from the mobile phone. 
  • Step four: If you have received any form of abusive text message you can directly block their number through the help desk option in the settings menu.

Who Will Be On The Other End If You Call A Textfree Number?

You call back to this number using the internet. You will talk to the person to whom the unique number was assigned by the texting app.

How To Find Out To Whom The Textfree Number Belongs?

In order to find out if a person owns a text app number, you can easily use a “text now” number tracker tool. By entering the right details you can trace it back in no time all by yourself. On the other hand, you can also make use of the help provided by the customer support team.

Can Deleted Messages Be Traced Back?

Yes, you can trace back the deleted or erased messages. This might require a specialized encryption tool to carry out this function. Through these kinds of tools, all the deleted data or messages can easily be recovered and traced back.

Procedure To Report A Textfree Number

If you keep on getting disturbing offensive text messages from the textfree app you can report to the support team and block the number from getting access to you. Here is how you can do that;

  • Step one – First of all visit the support page of the textfree app.
  • Step two – Select the “legal and privacy” settings.
  • Step three – select the option “How to Report Abuse of Service”. After selecting you can report the number you want to block.

These are steps to be followed while reporting a number that sends you unnecessary messages or causes any form of discomfort.

Safety Of The Textfree Application

TextFree applications are said to be very safe and secure. The private information or personal data of the user is never leaked to others unless it is required by the legal agency for an emergency issue. These companies make use of the top security feature that is available in order to protect the privacy of their customers. 

TextFree application offers a unique number that can be used to call and text messages for free. These numbers are difficult to trace. This unique number can be made use of, without the application as well. 

These are everything you will need to know about textfree applications before using or trying out the textfree app or if you suspect that you are receiving text messages through these applications.


To summarize, you can not trace a textfree number, only the textfree app can be traced. These numbers are anonymous and they are private. Calling or texting someone through this is very reliable as none of your personal data or information will be leaked to the other person. It will take a certain amount of time to track the origin of the user. You can either find the origin with the help of the service provider or by yourself with certain online tools. 

You can always choose to try out several online applications by yourself before contacting customer support or the service provider. Remember that there are several ways to trace the usage of the text app number. You can always contact a legal agency if you keep on getting abusive text messages or inappropriate content and you are not able to find the actual source of its user.