How To Stop Sharing Locations Without Them Knowing

Sharing your locations has its own pros and cons. The advantage is that your friends and family will get to know about your whereabouts. Through this option, you can always keep them updated on “where you’re at?” During emergency situations, this option is very helpful. Whereas, the advantage is that some people consider this a personal privacy breach. 

The most commonly asked question regarding the location sharing option is, “Can it be turned off without anyone’s knowledge?” The answer to this question is, yes. There are several ways through which the “location sharing” option can be turned off without anyone knowing. No one will know even when this option gets re-enabled. But few methods when used can result in you getting removed from the friend list of your friend. So, be careful about how you turn off this option.

Will The Location Be Shared If The Mobile Phone Is Turned Off?

Your location will not be shared if your phone is completely turned off or even if it gets drained out of battery. During this stage, the mobile phone will be entirely disconnected from the internet which is why the location is not shared. Whereas, when a mobile phone is in sleep mode, it will continue to share the location as it is still connected to the internet services. 

Here are a few best ways to stop sharing locations without anyone noticing:

Tracking the location can be easily prevented if the features like “Find my iPhone” and “Share My Location” are turned off. While disabling these features no one will be notified, this is said to be a huge advantage.  Mentioned below are five different ways through which the location sharing option can be turned off. These methods are simple and easy to perform. All these methods are tested and proved to be workable. So just give these a try. 

1. Disabling Airplane Mode

This method is said to be the most simple way to turn off the location sharing option. Almost all mobile phones have an airplane mode option. Disabling airplane mode is a single-step method that provides a temporary solution for hiding your location. Also keep in mind that, while disabling airplane mode, the network connection will get disabled as well. While the airplane mode is turned on you will not receive any messages or phone calls. 

How to enable airplane mode?

  • Navigate to settings on your home screen.
  • Locate and toggle on the icon that has an airplane symbol on it.
  • The airplane mode will be enabled. Once it gets enabled your location will not be shared with anyone. This is a temporary method once the option is turned off again, the location will also be shared.

Airplane mode can also be turned on in the control panel of the cell phones. Some control panels possess the airplane mode option as a default feature, whereas if it is not, you can customize it as well.

2. Switch Off The Share My Location Option

This is another single-step method that turns off the location sharing feature. However, this feature is not available in versions less than iOS8, only versions of iOS8 and higher versions have this feature. This method will not notify anyone regarding turning off the location. 

How to enable this feature?

  • Navigate to the setting after launching your iPhone.
  • Select privacy and click on the Location services.
  • Search and tap on the “Share my location” option.
  • Toggle off the feature to disable the option.

This is not a temporary solution, your location will not be shared until you switch on the option again. This is a great feature and does not affect any incoming messages or phone calls like the previous method. 

3. GPS Spoofer

Ever since software-defined Radio has come around, Global Positioning System (GPS) simulator programs were made accessible to all people. This is the cause for making GPS spoofing applications easily available. These kinds of GPS spoofing software are programmed to hide the current location of the user. Most of these applications can be installed only on laptops or personal computers. These can be then connected to the iPhone the user. 

There are quite a few tools in the app store that will enable the user to spoof their location. These applications help in spoofing the GPS location. There are several applications for iPhone and Android as well. This is an excellent method to hide the current location. 

How to use GPS Spoofer?

  • Download any GPS spoofer application on your laptop.
  • Connect your mobile phone to the computer or laptop. Launch the application and click the start option.
  • Click on the teleport option and choose the desired location you want to show yourself.
  • Select the location and click “ok”. 

Your GPS location will be successfully spoofed. Remember that some applications will have limited locations to choose from. Using a GPS Spoofer application is very easy and a great way to hide your current application.

4. Using A Different iPhone

This method can be carried out only if you possess two different iPhones. But both iPhones should be logged in using the same Apple ID. 

How to make this happen?

  • Launch your iPhone and go to settings.
  • Navigate to the iPhone Profile.
  • Select the option “Share my Location”.
  • Parallelly on the other iPhone click on the option “Find my” app.
  • Select “me” which is an icon and toggle on the option “Use this iPhone as my Location” option.

To understand this method. let us imagine a scenario, you leave one of your iPhones at home and take the other one with you. If you follow this method of approach, everyone viewing your location will think that you are at home because the location is shared from the phone you left at home, whereas you will actually be somewhere else.

5. Disable Your Location On “Find my App”

Most of you share our location with the help of “Find my app”, so you can directly switch off the location sharing option from the application itself. 

  • Lunch your iPhone and navigate to the “Find My app” application.
  • Select the ME icon on the application.
  • Click the turn-off button on the “share my location” option.

All these five methods are straightforward and are proven to be effective. These methods are applicable to anyone who wants to hide their location without anyone being notified. 

Can You Hide Your Location From A Selective Person?

Yes, you can. There is no need for you to share your location with everyone in your contacts nor is it necessary. You can choose to keep your location hidden for certain people with whom you do not wish to share your personal traveling details. You can create a customizable list with whom you want to share your location. 

Using the “Find my App” you can also choose to hide your location from selective people. This can be done by; Launching the application and navigating to the contact option and selecting the Stop Sharing option. Then click ok or confirm. By doing this only the people you have selected can see your location. 

You can also choose a virtual location to hide the current location. There are several tools and software that are available to carry out this function. First of all, install the required software on your computer or a laptop that will carry out this function. Launch the application and connect your iPhone to the computer. Change the location from the drop-down box. You can also type the desired address on the search bar. After choosing the preferred location click to submit. After this is done your location will be changed. These steps should be carried out again if you want to change the location.

All these methods that are mentioned above can be handy on different occasions. Through these methods, you can clearly understand how to hide your current location from your contacts, friends circle, and family members. There is no method or technique through which you can permanently hide your location from anyone. Your location can be easily traced as long as you are connected to the internet service. 

Few Final Words

To summarize, sharing your location can be useful in times when you want to keep your friend circle or contacts and family members updated on where you are. But it can also cause a breach of your privacy. It is advised to share your location when it is necessary and disable the option when you do not want others to know about your current location. All the possible methods through which you can switch off the location sharing feature without anyone knowing are mentioned above. Choose the method that you feel comfortable using and hide your current location. 

These are some of the most common and easy ways to achieve stealth mode. So, whenever you feel like your privacy is being breached, just follow one of these methods and vanish!