How To Spy On iPhone Without Apple ID And Password

Apple takes great measures to safeguard the data of its users and protects their privacy, this is a well-known fact. Focusing on patching the vulnerability and securing the user’s device is considered the top priority of every employee for Apple. However, there are several ways you get past all the security measures and spy on an iPhone without the need for any Apple account ID or password.

The most frequently asked question is whether you can spy on an iPhone without Apple ID and Password and to your surprise, the answer is yes! With all kinds of advanced technology out there, spying on an iPhone is just a piece of cake. There are two commonly used methods through which you can easily spy on the text message and other activities of the target device. The first option is through private investigators and the other option is through third-party spyware applications.

1. Through Private Investigators

You may hire a private investigator to find out about the suspicious activities their husband or children might do. Though it is a great idea, you will have to spend lots and lots of money and time to get the information you are looking for from the private investigator. And, you have to pay them as long as they prefer to prolong the investigation process. And sometimes you might spend a lot of money and turn up to nothing and the entire investigation goes in vain.

To avoid such situations, you can just make use of online third-party software that is found over the internet. This software is not going to cost more than hiring a private investigator. These spyware tools are very reliable and moreover paid software is very secure as well. Be sure to not use any kind of free application as they might contain viruses and malicious code.

2. Spyware Application

Mobile phones nowadays are not the safest device in the world right now. Though there are numerous technologies being misused every single day, third-party spying applications can be of great use to all people who want to keep tabs on their kids or more importantly, keep tabs on their partner’s actions. These applications can be downloaded from the internet and after the installation process is completed, you can later log in to your spyware application account from your device and get unlimited access to the information of the target.

If you are suspecting that your partner is not being honest with you or might have a double life, you can sneak peek into their actions, snoop on their text messages, and come to know more about who calls them a lot more times than you do! Moreover, you can also use these applications to keep an eye on kids and make sure that they are safe. 

These spyware applications have the ability to store all the activity logs of a device. Applications like KidsGuard for iPhone users have many useful functionalities and offer various features. These applications are affordable and produce excellent functions. These are used for various purposes by different people around the world.

How To Spy On An iPhone Without An Apple ID And Password?

You can spy using the KidsGuard Pro for iOS spyware tool. The functionalities of this application are very impressive. Many users are impressed with the various beneficial functions this performs. Noted below are a few important highlights of the application KidsGuard Pro for iOS.

  • No Need For Apple ID Or Password

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is known to be the first ever iOS application that works on devices that are not rooted or jailbreak. Jailbreak in iOS means that the restriction software is removed which is what is put forth by the manufacturer to escalate the privilege of a device. This is achieved through several kernel patches.

  • Not Visible To The Target

The best feature of KidsGuard Pro is nearly impossible to detect. Even a well-known IT specialist will not be able to identify this application that is installed on their device. KidsGuard Pro also provides a flexible way of installing the application. You get to choose whether you want to hide or not hide the application icon.

  • Affordable Price

There are various different plans that are available. Almost all the plans that are offered are budget-friendly. You can choose the best plan that fits your needs at the suitable price that you prefer. There are demo sessions through which you can do a trial run first before actually purchasing it. 

Using KidsGuard Pro Application Without An Apple ID Or Password

KidsGuard Pro is not a complicated tool. KidsGuard Pro is very easy to use and you can find your way around it in no time. No technical knowledge is required to use this application. The entire setup process takes less than five minutes. Follow the steps mentioned below to set up this application.

  • Step one: You should first register and create an active account. Register using a valid mail ID.
  • Step two: Choose the most suitable plan which you prefer and carry out the payment process.
  • Step three: Download the KidsGuard Pro for iOS application on your laptop or computer. Download the file and complete the installation process. 
  • Step four: Connect your target phone to the application Existing backed-up data will be displayed. You can connect your devices as well. Even if the application is not kept hidden on the target device, it is not something you should worry about, because you should enter the account password that only you will know before logging into the application. Wanting to hide the application or not is completely up to you!
  • Step five: Select the logs which you prefer to monitor, it will take a second for the application to scan and display all the data on your screen about the target device.

Features Of KidsGuard Pro For iOS

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is said to be an amazing application because of its excellent features.

  • SMS and iMessages that are sent and received on the target iPhone can be viewed through KidsGuard Pro for iOS software. So, messages can be monitored constantly.
  • KidsGuard Pro for iOS has the ability to keep logs of all the data stored on social media platforms as well. Messages including text, audio, video, and pictures get stored.
  • Data that is stored on safari like bookmarks and browsing history can be viewed through this application.
  • through KidsGuard Pro for iOS, you can view details of call logs like timestamps, call history, name of the contact including their number, duration of the call, etc.
  • Stored data can be viewed as stored pictures, videos, and notes that are stored in the target device.
  • The ability to store files from the target device can be accomplished through KidsGuard Pro for iOS applications. 

There are quite a few ways to spy on your partner or kids without actually having to physically access their mobile phone or know about their Apple ID and password. Always remember to make use of trusted and most reliable third-party tools as they are considered to be safe and do not cause any harm to your private information or data. Mostly, all the free spying applications are malicious software. They will for sure cause harm to the system or mobile device. Be cautious enough to not fall for these types of malicious applications. Never think about misusing these applications for any particular reason, they should be used only for good intentions. 

Things To Remember While Using Spyware Applications

  • You can monitor the phone that belongs to your children or kids without them knowing about it and you do not have to physically access it either. 
  • Most of the reputed spyware third-party applications which are paid are easy to use and certain tools are known to be extremely reliable. 
  • Always purchase an application from a reputable company to avoid any form of virus attacks that might enter your device. 
  • There are various functions that can be carried out with help of the features that are offered with regard to these applications. 
  • Best of luck when choosing the most suitable spyware application that suits your requirements.


The growth of technology influences people in both positive and negative ways. Technology nowadays is very powerful and is capable of doing mind-blowing functions. Who would have known that the most secure Apple devices could very easily be spied on without the Apple account ID or the password? All it requires is a simple third-party tool that will give you access to all the logs and data of the target device within a few minutes. 

All the private information can be easily spied on regardless of how secure your device is. Quite a scary thought right, to know that is just so easy for anyone to spy on others. This is a huge breakthrough for parents with stubborn and always trouble-seeking kids. With this application, they will be caught red-handed in no time. But remember these applications can be used by others as well, for example, employers and couples to monitor the work of their employees or keep tabs on their suspicious partner.