HCA Rewards Login Bconnected – Know The Detailed Process

Healthcare is hands down one of the biggest industries in the world, catering to the needs of people across the world. HCA healthcare is hands down one of the best portals that are committed to establishing the well-being of people across the globe. The platform offers the best kind of care to care not just to their patients but also to their employees.

Their primary mission is to work towards creating an environment that combines the values and even respect among the employees. HCA is also known for rewarding its employees for their time and efforts, which makes its employees loyal. 

To make the employees have an engaging one-stop portal, HCA created an online portal name the HCA Rewards/Bconnected portal.

What is the purpose behind the HCA Rewards/Bconnected portal?

HCA healthcare family is one of the most popular portals that work towards making healthcare more accessible to people across the globe. However, their biggest asset is with providing their employees with competitive pay so they can have a comfortable and fulfilling life in this world of competition. 

The company also focuses on making its work environment interactive and unbiased. However, long gone are the days where people relied on the age-old mechanism for data management and regulation. 

With the HCA Rewards portal, the employees can keep a check on their work schedules, roster and the kind of benefits they are eligible for. This includes health benefits, educational support and even retirement savings assistance. It can also help you out with keeping up with the work from home inputs, etc.

If you are confused about the login process, this article will guide you through the process without any complications.

How to log into the HCA Rewards/Bconnected portal?

The login process for the HCA Rewards/Bconnected portal is not as complicated as many make it out to be. You need to create a log in password on the official portal, to be able to access the portal.

The need to create a temporary password for the platform is important. This allows you to log into the portal using the email. So, before logging in, create a temporary password. Once that is sorted, you can follow the steps to ensure an easier login process.

  • Start by opening your browser and then open https://hcarewards.com/.
  • Once you are on the portal, enter your HCA user ID along with the temporary password.
  • Make sure you recheck the credentials and then click on login button present below
  • The portal will validate the credentials that you have entered and then redirect you to the dashboard.

When you are logging into the portal for the first time, keep a check on the temporary password. The temporary password is made of the last four digits of the SS number and the date of birth. So, if you are confused about the temporary password situation, this should answer your queries.

What are the medical benefits of the HCA Portal?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the portal and how to log into the portal, we have some of the most important medical-related benefits lined up.

  • It includes all the important information including the outpatient information, office visit along prescription. 
  • Offer preventative health care facilities without any extra cost.
  • The generic drugs are distributed without any charges.
  • Includes all the common medical services at deductible prices.
  • Offers telemedicine options and ease of work around it.
  • In case the employee is hospitalized and needs immediate transportation, AirMed transport is available for free.

What are the behavioral benefits of HCA Rewards?

Besides the general medical benefits, HCA rewards offer a lot of behavioral health support too. The psychological treatment benefits include:

  • Offers to counsel for therapeutic benefits.
  • Offers applied behavioral concepts.
  • Support for patients who abuse treatment substances.
  • Offer emergency services and treatments.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Password for HCA Rewards?

If you forgot your HCA rewards login password, be assured that you aren’t the only person struggling with the issue. For an employee trying to gain access to the portal with a forgotten password, there are two ways of retrieving the forgotten password.

  • The first step is to visit https://hcahranswers.com/ and log in using the user ID and network password.
  • Under that, the users can find the HCA rewards section wherein the users can get access to it and then find out alternative login procedures from there.

What should I do if my Account gets Locked?

There can be several issues that lead to the HCA rewards account getting locked. The most common reason behind the account getting locked is due to the multiple failed login attempts. So, if your account has been locked out, here’s what you need to do:

  • Call the administrators directly on 800 566- 4114
  • Once the call is connected, you will be asked to type in the last four digits of your social security number along with your date of birth for extra security.
  • Once that is done, the portal will verify the details and then connect you to a representative who can help you unlock your account.

What are the benefits of HCA rewards for retired employees?

If you are a retired employee with the login details for the portal, knowing about the allied benefits can help you chalk out a better plan. Here are some of the benefits you can look out for:

  • It has a host of wellness programs accessibility
  • Offers an employee stock option purchase plan under the rewards.
  • Optimal resources for the retirees



If this is your first rodeo with the HCA rewards portal, we hope this article gives you a basic idea about the online portal, the kind of benefits it comes with and also the list of amazing accessibility options that you need with the login process.

The plans and benefits are diverse on this platform and are applicable for the current employees, retired employees and also the spouses and the patients that are involved with the organization. In case you are facing any issues with the platform, make sure you call the admins directly for easy access and login without any complications.