Top 10 Similar Websites Like and Alternatives in 2022

Apart from movies and TV shows, anime has also been a good source of entertainment to people and so many people watch anime like crazy. It hardly matters whether you are new to watching anime or have been watching it for years; a good website is what everybody looks for. 

Nowadays, the emergence of so many anime streaming websites has made it tough for people to choose any particular site for themselves. This post is about one such very popular anime streaming website called and some of its alternatives. 

What is Genoanime?

Geno Anime is the best website that can be used for streaming through a wide range of anime. It might not have an attractive homepage but it is really easy to navigate across the various rows full of anime content to get what your eyes have been looking for. Every icon that you see is full of colours and is tagged under each category so that the viewers can understand the category better. A quick look through each heading will help you in knowing the total number of episodes that the series companies of and also whether it is subtitled or doubled. 

In the main menu of the webpage, one can also get an option of searching for a particular anime to browse through, choose an anime at random, check the date of release, and all other necessary details. The layout of the website is exceptionally good and you can get quick accessibility to the entire menu very fast. The design of the website might make you think about the older anime sites of 2000.

Once the browser is clicked on, one can start sorting through the content based on several factors like anime type, season, or category. The best part has to be that there are no charges incurred even in the case of a broken link.

Features of Genoanime is an excellent website on which you can stream through unlimited anime content. There are some very unique features offered by this website and they are as follows: 

  • Simple UI 

The user interface of this website is really simple and you can browse through the content on it with a lot of ease. The easy user interface is what makes users attracted to this website. There are no complexes steps that you need to follow for accessing this website.

  • Regular updates 

The content of this website is updated almost after 10 mins of the launch. The website gets updated regularly which makes it convenient for the users. 

  • Wide collection

On this website, one can find almost every type of anime and the entire collection is divided into several categories to make it easy for the users to search for their desired anime.

  • Add to favourites option 

The most newly added feature is the option of add to favourites which allows you to include all the content that you want to watch later. Once you add any content to add to the favourites list, you can even search for it very easily and watch it anytime you feel like it. 

Best Alternatives of Genoanime: 

Let us take a look through some of the best alternatives of the Genoanime website: 

1. VRV


VRV is a popular website that was started in the year of November 2016. It is owned by Crunchyroll and it is thus shown all types of anime movies on that website. Numerous types of VRV genres can be seen as free content but for some content, a person needs to subscribe to the website. So the channels can be purchased individually or in a premium mode. But now VRV is only can be seen only in the United States but some of the partnership content can be viewed worldwide. 

The site also contains 30 days of free surfing and it is said that it is one of the longest types of free trials is available. But if a person purchases the premium then he will be free from all types of unnecessary advertisement and can access all-new episodes. Thus, VRV can be seen from its website and the applications like IOS from iPad and iPhone, Android, and streaming sites like Xbox One and Play Station.

2. Animelab


AnimeLab is an anime website which is only can be accessed by people who are from New Zealand and Australia. The website is featured by Madman entertainment and it is owned by Aniplex. Thus it is a free website that has some of the most popular films and shows which are all way from Japan. Now it is featuring only 751 shows with numerous episodes and films as well.

It was firstly launched on 28th May in the year of 2014 with fifty series and seven hundred episodes and thus it removed or replaced the screening room of madman. When a person opens the main page of Animelab, then firstly he has to sign in or sign up his account and the anime will pop up from Japan. One can see the current shows after an hour of their release and people can watch the shows with their family or friends. Here simulcasts are also featured or available. One can see the shows from anywhere with streaming with Animelab. 

3. Anime Fever

Anime Fever

Anime Fever is made for android devices and it is originally developed by Google Play. The application is made by Snow Jr and it is made for android devices. It is an anime-related website which is offering free to watch any kind of film and shows. 

It is based on very simple design and features which is the same as Netflix. One can also click on the parental rating option if it is used for any child. Here people can find many pop-ups like many of the different websites of the list which is given. So a person can use a pop-up blocker for its usage. Every show is only open only in the browser of the website so nobody will be called a third user using the website. A person cannot download the anime fever application straight from the Play store. One has to download the application while having the Apk file from the main Anime Fever website. 

4. Animepahe


Animepahe is an application where a person can see numerous types of anime films and shows on an android device for free usage. It is said to be the popular website for all fans of anime with only one click just needed. A person can access any kind of animated genre on the website. 

One can freely access the Animepahe website and no need to register to see any kinds of videos on the website. In this application, a person does not require to give his information for using the website. When you get a film to see just write its title on the search option and select enter to see the video. It features all kind of its new releases on its websites. So a person can see all the shows after logging in. It has numerous anime videos which are available to stream on the website. Thus, this website is free and is perfect for watching all the shows without spending any kind of money.

5. 9 Anime


9 anime is a simple file converting application that gives assurance to the user to access any movies or digital shows. It is considered of numerous of content for everyone what they are looking to watch. It features many subtitle-related films and shows that are very easier for people to watch. It is a global website basically from Japan. It comprises HD quality video. People who are having internet issues can download it beforehand to watch smoothly.

9 anime is especially a free website that can be used by anyone and for any fraudulent activity a person can protect his account by giving a VPN code. It can be streamed free without any advertisements. It can be streamed from mobile phones, Roku, Firestick, Play stations, and any other devices. It also can adapt to any type of size of screen. 

6. My Anime List

My Anime List

The application is mainly used for social networking and social cataloguing which is handled by the volunteers of the website. The website also provides a huge list for scoring anime. It also provides all the collections of users and a huge database consisting of manga and anime.

It was launched in November of 2014 and created by Garrett Gyssler. It has numerous anime on the website which might appear as few while scrolling the anime. It has numerous types of Anime series on its watch list. Newly anime series are also quickly listed on their homepage so one can get all the information about the new releases. One must register oneself to save the view content and to see all the anime-based movies.

7. Anime Dao

Anime Dao

It is one of the popular websites to watch free all anime films and digital shows to watch for it. The website is considered one of the safest websites to stream to watch the shows. The website has a very simple user interface which allows them to look for their desired content at ease. If a person clicks on explore button then he can filter them into several types like currently featuring or OVA. 

The entire content of this website is classified into many categories which makes it convenient for the viewers to browse through the website and sort out what they want to watch. One might fight a few advertisements to appear in the middle of an anime show but with the help of an ad blocker, these ads can be blocked and they won’t reappear again. 

8. Funimation


Funimation is also a very good website that allows you to stream anime. What makes this website eccentric is the fact that it consists of some of the very distinguished anime collections which can’t be found on any other website.

This website offers both premium and free plans to the viewers. There are also options in NY which one can stream the website’s content without any advertisements. Some of the newest Japanese shows can also be found on this website. If someone chooses the premium plan, they can download whichever content they want. It also offers a free trial of 14 days so that the freshers can have an experience. 

9. GoGo Anime TV

GoGo Anime TV

The best part about this website is that it has a very organized design which doesn’t allow the viewers to get confused with what to watch and what to not. It is an excellent website that can be accessed in both free as well as paid versions. 

One can find a huge plethora of content on this website including Chinese dubbed movies, Japanese dubbed movies, anime, etc. You must give it a try if you are an anime lover. 



1. Are these websites similar to

Yes, all the above-mentioned sites are very similar to Some of them are even better than the former site. 

2. Is it safe to watch anime on these websites?

It is completely safe to watch anime on these sites as they don’t possess any kind of threat to your device’s privacy. 

3. Is Anime Fever good?

Anime Fever is a good website with a wide range of content. It offers different categories in which the entire content is divided. 


This was all about, its features, and its alternatives. This website is widely preferred by anime lovers across the world. All the alternatives that have been discussed above also have a very good user interface and they also feature a wide variety of content that can attract a large number of viewers. There are many other alternatives of too but the most popular ones have been mentioned above in this post. You can give these alternatives a try if you are an anime lover.