Free SMS Tracker Without Installing On The Target Phone in 2022

Kids nowadays are filled with enthusiasm and want to explore everything. There are chances they might get misled with their mobile phones or tablets as kids are vulnerable while using the internet. In order to keep them away from any form of cyber harassment or potential bullying, their mobiles should be closely monitored. In order to know who they talk to and how they spend their time on the internet, it is necessary to monitor the gadgets.

How To Get Access To Text Messages Without Installing Any Software?

If you know the credentials of the target to their cloud, you can spy on the messages without having to install any spyware applications on their mobile phone. Whereas, if you do not know those credentials you will have to physically access the target device and install the spyware application on their mobile phone or tablet. 

What Is The Need For An SMS Tracker?

Though there are several reasons for making use of an SMS tracker, but the main reason for making use of these are:

  1. Monitor Kids

Parents nowadays fear that their kids might fall into various traps on the internet. By using tools like these, they can keep a closer eye on the kid’s internet activities. This will enable them to know all about their kid’s behavior on the internet and keep them safe as well. 

  1. Monitor Suspicious Partners

If your partner seems extra cautious about their mobile phone or about the places that they tell you they have visited or keep you in the shade about the places they have been to, it is obvious that they are hiding something. So, if you want to find out whether your partner has a double life by cheating on you, you can simply make use of these applications to monitor their mobile actions.

  1. Monitor Employees

Company or organization owners use these applications to keep tabs on their employees to make sure that they do not send confidential data to other buyers or rival party members and remain loyal to their organizations.

Here are a few applications through which you can get access to the text messages of a person:

1. uMobix

uMobix is considered to be one of the best SMS tracker applications. Through this application, you can monitor GPS location, text messages, call logs, etc. This application lets you take screenshots of the target screen. The best feature of uMobix is that you can track live phone calls, outgoing and incoming calls, and messages. You will also be able to view the history of the search engines. 

This spying application lets you access all the videos, pictures, and audio files that are stored locally in the target device. Call logs along with timestamps can be viewed. The geo-location features track the location of the target device very accurately. uMobix provides twenty-four-seven customer support. They also provide a seven-day free trial and also refund the money to the unsatisfied user within a fourteen-day period.

2. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is another great application that can be used to spy on SMS that is received and sent to a person. Through this, you can secretly monitor all the messages your kids get and the replies they send. Hoverwatch operates in stealth mode. They remain hidden and undetectable, this app always stays invisible. The features of Hoverwatch include the ability to track search engine activities like bookmarks and browsing history, GPS location of the target, and monitor all detailed call logs and wifi activities. 

Through Hoverwatch you can also monitor the messages or chats that occur on the social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Hoverwatch provides various subscription plans and features to its customers. They provide free trials for new users of the Hoverwatch application. You can also remain anonymous with the target, knowing that you are spying on them. They provide an excellent support system to walk you through the installation process. The free trials last for three days.  

3. eyeZy

eyeZy application is said to be a well-known application that is used to track SMS messages. You can view all the messages without having to physically access the target person’s device. This makes it even harder for the target to find out that they are being watched. 

eyeZy is one the most powerful tracking tools that are found on the internet for free of cost. GPS tracking system helps you to track the whereabouts of your kids, partner, or anyone else you targeted. All the outgoing and incoming calls can be tracked through the eyeZy application. 

4. mSpy

mSpy is also a free application through which you can track messages from a remote location. mSpy runs in the background and so it can not be detected by the target. mSpy makes use of the most advanced algorithms to monitor all the received and sent messages of the target. They possess a fast data sync option and you do not lag behind. 

Advanced features require a subscription. Through mSpy you can effortlessly track the live location of the target. They provide their new users with a demo session that goes on for about seven days and you can also get a refund of your money within the first two weeks.  


To carry out SMS tracking, there are several applications that are available, XNSPY is one among them. You can make use of XNSPY without installing any spyware application on the target device. You can either do a free trial run or purchase the product based on the reviews. XNSPY is a reputed application that is known to be very reliable. XNSPY has the ability to be supported on both android and iOS devices. 

XNSPY also has an excellent customer support team who are ready to give answers to all your questions and clarify all the doubts and inquiries you have. They will also help you out with the installation process. They provide various features and they are highly secure. XNSPY makes the monitoring experience very easy. But be sure to use the spying application only for ethical purposes.

6. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY can be used to spy on messages not only received on mobile phones but computers and tablets as well. The remote installation process is available and it is quite simple too. FlexiSPY stays hidden and undetectable to the target user. FlexiSPY offers various parental control features, to track all the actions of their kids. This is one of the most effective tools. You can deactivate or uninstall this application from a remote location when not used. They offer affordable subscription plans. Twenty-four hours free trial period is offered and a ten-day money return policy is offered to all unsatisfied customers. 

FlexiSPY is supported on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. These are the various applications that can be used to track the SMS messages of a target person.

Is There Any Free SMS Tracker?

Yes, there are several applications that can be used free of cost. Some might offer limited functions but they are enough to spy on your suspicious patent or your teenagers. Among the various applications, eyeZy is said to be the most reliable free SMS tracker. This application can be used without rooting or jailbreaking the device. 

eyeZy spring application is easy to use and does not have a complex installation procedure. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use the eyeZy app. All you need is the credentials of your targets and you can directly read the messages they receive or send.

Can The Target Find Out That They Are Being Spied On?

When the spring application is not well hidden, it can easily be detected. However, if you use a spyware application that runs in the background it is most likely that it will not be detected by the target user. Through this, you can remain anonymous without them knowing and safely monitor your kids or other target people. 

Is It Legal To Spy On Others?

This is a quite tricky question. It is almost used by people you know. But if it is an unknown person, it is better if you do not do it. You can not interfere with someone else’s privacy, it is not legal at all. However, in case they are your kids and also your minor, you can keep tabs on them to monitor their actions. Parents monitoring their underage children is legal.


There are numerous reasons for using an SMS tracker. All the above-mentioned points let you know how useful an SMS tracker can be. It can be used for various reasons. You can not only monitor the target’s text messages but also keep tabs on the entire mobile activity. The most important use of an SMS tracker is to constantly monitor the kid’s actions. 

Make sure to consider all the features of an SMS tracker before the one that suits your needs the most. Remember there are so many options with various plans that are provided by different companies.