Facebook News Launched In UK – Providing Publishers with Extensive opportunities in traditional journalism

Facebook has came up with their social media news network. According to reports, Facebook has launched Facebook News in Britain on Tuesday. Yeah, it delivers users with their AI curated news content bought directly from traditional publishers who struggle to get exposer for their content due to financial limitations.

Moreover, news feature of facebook was previously launched in USA market and now they’ve already rolled out a new update in Britain market. Also, according to our sources, they’re planning to extend this feature worldwide in near future.

In this feature, Facebook will pay to publishers for their curated content and their service includes news and content of some of the top media houses that includes Channel 4 News, Daily Mail Group, Sky News and many more.

Moreover, they’ve already finalized a deal with mega giants of news networks such as Daily Mail, The Economist, The Guardian, The Independent, and The Mirror.

Also, while interviewing authorities of these media houses, they told us that nowadays whole news sentiments are totally based out of social media networks as majority of things has been moved online. And, for them it’s becoming hard to print copies and deliver as there is very less interest among readers for buying a copy while everything is already available on internet. Moreover, cost of advertising is becoming huge for them and hence it is becoming tougher for them to move their content over social media networks. Now as facebook has came up with news feature, it’ll help them to deal with all these issues in smooth and delicate manner.

Furthermore, a director of news partnership for Facebook in Europe also stated something on his blog like; “Our sole goal & vision is to build on our efforts to help traditional journalism sustain and create more value for publishers.”

He also added that, Our product is aimed to act like a multi-year investment that will keep original and traditional journalism in front of their old as well as new audiences and on the other hand it will provide publishers with more opportunities related to advertising and subscription based plans.

To add on to that, Digital Secretary Oliver Dowden also praised and welcomes this new move from Facebook by calling it “Authoritative Journalism… Which will act like antidote to dangerous and false information and cornerstone to true and value based democracy.”

Moreover, he also added that “UK publishers are looking for a fair deal to improve their business with relationship among online platforms and now as Facebook is working towards their outputs, it’s good for them as well.”

Due to pandemic situation worldwide, local news agencies suffered their worse in lifetime. Moreover, they’ve also imposed windfall tax on global tech giants so that they take active interest in helping local traditional news networks to sustain for future.

All in all, Facebook has received a major positive response from UK based publishers for their new move towards improving journalism and to save their business. Moreover, they’d get a lot of more opportunities with new online platform as it’ll give an extensive freedom of advertising and subscription based plans.