Event Blogging: What Is It? And How To Make money in 2021

 This is a definitive guide for occasion writing for a blog that you just need to peruse. 

This exhaustive guide will assist you with picking up all that you should know prior to beginning your own occasion based blog. 

Contributing to a blog is past offering thoughts to the world by composing convincing articles. 

Contributing to a blog is a tremendous field, and it likewise incorporates Event Blogging, which is exceptionally famous these days. 

Instead of composing web journals or articles on a particular point, you can expound on an occasion as it positions high on Google and produces a ton of traffic on the occasion day. 

With occasion writing for a blog, you can bring in a ton of cash inside a brief timeframe. Yet, it relies upon different elements. 

In the event that you plan it well, as on watchword research, on-page and off-page SEO, backlinks, and the sky is the limit from there. You can procure from $1000 to $10,000+ for every occasion. 

Chapter by chapter list 

What Is Event Blogging? 

It is a blog made or intended for a specific occasion. For example, social, public, strict, and worldwide occasions. 

The blog centers around a specific occasion to focus on the colossal measure of traffic at the hour of the occasion. Your pay will rely upon the pervasiveness of the occasion and the substance’s quality. 

The substance or articles you put on the blog should cover the fundamentals of the occasion, including: 

What is the issue here? 

Why they commend the occasion? 

How they commend the occasion? 

The area and season of the occasion 

Individuals keen on the occasion 

How your perusers can appreciate it? 

The point here is to give total data and to respond to the inquiries regarding the occasion or giving materials or thoughts to commend the occasion. 

You can do this by utilizing recordings, pictures, statements, and whatever else that your perusers can draw in with. 

Occasion Bloggers does all the cycles a long time before the genuine occasion date to rank up on Google. 

Presently we should take a gander at some the advantages and disadvantages of occasion publishing content to a blog: 

Geniuses and Cons Of Event Blogging 

These are simply features, read more insights regarding them underneath. 


Fast Earning/Income 

Work Only When You Want To 

Excessively High Earnings 

Gets A Lot Of Organic Traffic 


Occasional Revenue 

Requires More Work 

Costly Web Hosting Needed 

Paid Ads Could Be Expensive 

Summing up The Event Blogging Pros 

With occasion writing for a blog, you can acquire a great deal inside a couple of days (beyond what you can make month to month or yearly). Some of them procure up to $10, 000+ each day, which is extraordinary. As what you contribute is close to nothing and its nothing contrasted with what you can acquire. 

Occasion contributing to a blog is ideal for the individuals who love to work at explicit periods in a year or the individuals who would prefer not to work constantly. 

Particularly the individuals who need to make out time with family, occasions, and different exercises. 

Summing up The Event Blogging Cons 

One significant disadvantage of occasion publishing content to a blog is that it requires a magnificent devoted worker to deal with the traffic. This means, you should put away some cash first as devoted workers are costly. 

However, you can utilize a facilitating administration that offers administration on interest that handles traffic in a hurry. 

Another burden is that you should remain online consistently until the occasion closes. On the off chance that worker, content issue, subject or module issues happen, you may lose a great deal of cash. 

Presently we should discuss, “how to do occasion contributing to a blog?”… 

Occasion Blogging – The Step-By-Step Process 

I’ve been getting a ton of DM(s) on my Instagram recently, getting some information about best occasion writing for a blog courses. 

So before we proceed onward to the means, let me disclose to you that, I didn’t discover even a solitary occasion publishing content to a blog course which worth suggesting. 

Nonetheless, fortunately, I’m now chipping away at it to make my own significant course for you all. To get the dispatch data, try to buy in to my bulletin. 

Presently we should take a gander at the means on how you can begin your own occasion writing for a blog vocation. 

Picking A Profitable Event 

Pick An Event 

Before you select an occasion, get some answers concerning its low rivals and month to month look. You can likewise utilize instruments like KeywordTool, Google Keyword Planner to look for catchphrases identified with the occasion. 

You can pick an occasion dependent on the traffic it creates or dependent on your inclinations. Choosing an occasion dependent on your advantage forces a superb wellspring of motivation. This will assist you with making extraordinary substance. 

Picking an occasion dependent on the requests of a crowd of people is additionally incredible. Yet, make a note that the occasion causes numerous hunts. 

Here’s the means by which you can do that: 

Use Google Trends 

This is the best device out there to depend on when examining the pattern or rivalry of searches about something. 

You should simply visit the site and quest for your term. For this situation, it will be the name of the occasion that you need to blog about. 

On the off chance that you have different thoughts, at that point it’s the best apparatus to think about the inquiry volume or pattern of those watchwords/occasion thoughts. 

Allow me to show you the model that I accomplished for you all: 

Google Trend New Year and Black Friday Comparison 

The outcome is extremely clear on the off chance that you take a gander at the image above. I’ve looked at New Year and Black Friday on Google Trend from 2004 to introduce. 

It shows you that the Black Friday gets a larger number of searches than the new year and furthermore the inquiry volume or interest of Black Friday is expanding each year. 

While New Year likewise gets a ton of searches during the occasion however it’s not developing. It’s a straight line, indeed, it’s diminishing. 

Also, Black Friday is making an upward pattern. 

So in the event that you need higher traffic, at that point you should go with Black Friday however you ought to likewise realize that the opposition of this term will be higher than the new year. 

Either go with high traffic – high rivalry watchword or go with the normal traffic – normal rivalry. 

Thinking about how you would know the opposition? The following apparatus will assist you with that. 

Take Benefit Of Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest is one of the mainstream and freemium catchphrase exploration or SEO instrument on the web. It will likewise assist you with discovering the opposition of the watchwords. 

Visit their site and enter your catchphrase. It will show all the essential data for all your SEO requires. 

New Year SEO Difficulty Ubersuggest 

Recall that, on the off chance that you are new to occasion writing for a blog, you should pick an occasion that doesn’t produce a ton of rivalry. Thusly, you can deal with the test. 

Some Event Blogging Topics You Can Begin With 

New Year 

Boston Marathon 



IPL (Indian Premier League) 

FIFA World Cup 


Cricket World Cup 

Valentine’s Day 

Super Bowl Finals 


Film Releases, Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers, 

Computer game Release 

Film Songs 




WWE Wrestlemania 

El Clasico 

Cricket (All Cricket Leagues) 

Mother’s Day 

Grammy Awards 

Chinese New Year 

Australian Open 

Wimbledon Tennis Tournament 

Football (All Football Leagues) 

French Open 

2. Watchword Research Like A Pro 

Do Research 

Subsequent to picking an occasion, the time has come to explore watchwords. Looking for catchphrases with high rivalry and traffic isn’t vital. 

Examination for long-tail catchphrases utilizing devices like Long Tail Pro. 

Different apparatuses that you can use for catchphrase research are SEMRush, Ahrefs, KWFinder, Google Keyword Planner, and so on 

3. Register The Right Domain Name 

Pick Right Domain Name 

Register your space at the earliest opportunity before another person purchases the name that you made in your brain. You need to enlist an area name after picking your fundamental catchphrase or brand name if there’s any. You can utilize a web have like NameCheap or Godaddy to look for an area name. 

Google Domains is likewise a decent site to enlist an area name. 

4. Pick A Good Web Hosting 

Pick A Good Web Server 

To begin occasion contributing to a blog, you need a decent quality web facilitating or worker. On the off chance that you would prefer not to burn through cash on facilitating, you can utilize blogger.com. (However, I would prescribe you to go with a paid web facilitating where you can introduce WordPress.) 

Construct another blog through a Gmail account, pick a layout, and interface the blog to the area name. 

On the off chance that you do this, your site will accessible online for nothing – it is that basic! 

In any case, you can purchase facilitating from SiteGround (Recommended), A2Hosting, WPX Hosting, and so forth It costs a great deal to purchase a facilitating administration, yet it is justified, despite any trouble. 

5. Introduce WordPress In One-Click 

Arrangement Your Blog 

The subsequent stage is to introduce WordPress by utilizing the Quick Install arranged at your cPanel. Choose and transfer a free topic and set the space name to the facilitating worker. 

On the off chance that you have no clue about introducing WordPress or making a site, you can employ somebody. Or on the other hand you can enlist me as well. 

Best Themes For Event Blogging 

Here I will suggest you folks a few topics which are best for Event Blogging or some other blog. 

I’m adding this part as a ton of you were requesting it. 

So we should make a plunge! 

Astra Pro 

Astra Pro 

Speed is exceptionally vital with regards to any site and that is the motivation to keep this topic as my first suggestion. 

It’s extremely light-weight and has super-quick burden time. 

The topic is additionally accessible as a free form however I will not suggest utilizing the free one as that will not be pretty much as adjustable as Astra Pro or featureful. 

The subject has huge loads of highlights and pre-made formats and substance impedes also. 

You will not be disillusioned! 

Study Astra Pro 


GeneratePress Screenshot 

GeneratePress is no not exactly Astra Pro. It’s a nearby rivalry! 

In spite of the fact that I would pick Astara as a victor, I can’t quit considering GeneratePress well. 

The two subjects are astonishing and have practically comparable highlights. 

The lone drawback to GeneratePress against Astra Pro is that it doesn’t deliver refreshes as quick as them. 

Obviously, there is a ton of contrast regarding highlights and everything except generally speaking they are practically the equivalent. 

With regards to value, GeneratePress is the reasonable champ however! 

Become familiar with GeneratePress 

6. Compose Standard And Great Contents 

Lead Generation