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How to hide/Unhide Text Messages on iPhone?

We all have those sneaky partners or even siblings and parents that have a habit of indulging in our matters, especially when it comes to text messages. Sounds like a bit problematic situation, doesn’t it? Well, with the latest technologies and a little tweaking around, you can easily make the most out of the situation,… Read More »

Can I Remove App/Widget Name or Label from iOS 14 Home Screen?

Since its inception, Apple has been a consistent brand. The different iOS versions have come up with their fixes and feature that have satisfactorily contributed to an enhanced user experience. However, the computer industry leader has been much vociferous with the idea of what they wanted their users to do with their phones or other… Read More »

How to Water Eject Using Siri Shortcut?

One of the worst nightmares includes dropping your iPhone in the water. Even if you try your best to keep the device from dropping, it keeps slipping from the hand or the pocket. An iPhone has a sturdy exterior body. It can well handle the shock of the drop on cold hard ground. Go back… Read More »

When is Fortnite Coming Back to iOS?

Fortnite published by Epic Games has been one of the most sensational games of the recent past. It is a battle strategy game with engaging gameplay, ultra-detailed graphics, and challenging levels filled with innovation. Initially, after the launch, Fortnite was able to grow a player base of around 350 million. The game counted the highest… Read More »

iForgot Apple ID – Recover Apple ID and Apple ID Password 

Do you remember the last time when you changed the Apple ID Password? Do you frequently change passwords to keep your account safe from hackers? You might have set up an Apple ID a long time back with the first-generation iPhone or any other Apple device and have now shifted to the latest iPhone or… Read More »