10 Best Torrent Sites [Ultimate P2P List for 2022] – Most Popular in the World

One of the major issues with the torrent sites is about choosing the correct size that will not in any chance affect the host device with viruses and malware. This is the potential reason due to which users do not randomly go about changing torrent sites. As a rule of thumb, you can always restrict your torrent needs to the top best torrent sites for avoiding the risk of malware and the consequent violation of privacy.

This article tends to give you an insight into the best torrent sites. One of the potential advantages of a top torrent site is that the uploading sources are verified. This means that the verification helps in diminishing the chances of uploading malware, viruses, or other spying software. However, before going into the list of best torrent sites let us understand the meaning of torrents to get better clarity. 

What is a Torrent Site?

The torrent site is essentially the BitTorrent protocol, which is used to share large-sized files. On the other hand, the BitTorrent protocol is a technique or mechanism of peer-to-peer communication for sharing files over the Internet. The files that are available through peer-to-peer file sharing communication are available in a decentralized way from various users and can be downloaded accordingly. 

The chief objective of peer-to-peer or P2P systems is the distribution of the high weight load of uploads or downloads smoothly over a huge quantity of computer systems and other facilities powered by an internet connection. Moreover, it should also be understood that to upload or download a file on a P2P channel, you would require a BitTorrent client like qBittorent or any other download manager. 

List of Site

Now, let us look at some of the best torrent sites, which receive the most traffic. There can be several reasons for the popularity of the sites. However, the major reason is the list of verified uploads that these sites host. Therefore, you can trust these torrent sites. Let us look at the best torrent sites as stated below. 

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has ruled the list for best torrent sites for quite some time now. It has successfully been able to cross all hurdles of being blocked or shut down and has around 6.3 million users who access the main site. However, if one considers the mirrors and the attempts to block then 20 to 60 million visits in a month can be counted as a fair number. 

Pirate Bay is also popular for its large repository of files from where users can browse for their desired file. There are millions of files in the library, which are available at a download speed of 5-6 MB per second uniformly. This makes Pirate Bay one of the most trusted sites for torrent needs among global users. Moreover, a minimum of a single seeder is available on any torrent on the site irrespective of the time or the age of the torrent. This adds to the user experience.

2. The RARBG Website

The RARBG Website

The second best torrent site on the list is the RARBG website. It has a large library of torrents. Moreover, each torrent is accompanied by an active and trusted community of seeders along with the significant quality of the torrents. The RARBG site observes traffic of around 40 million visitors per month. 

RARBG website is the number one competitor of the Pirate Bay in regards to the customer experience. This means that the RARBG website pledges to provide a better and enhanced personalized or customized experience with the most downloaded ten torrents in each category and news that has been displayed on the home page of the torrent site. 

Another important feature is that the site keeps on updating its library with the latest content. RARBG also poses a similar speed of download as the Pirate Bay. However, the only point of difference lies in the intrusion of ads, which is bigger in the case of RARBG. 

3. The 1337X Website


One of the best torrent sites meant for downloading movies, music and other popular television series and shows are the 1337X websites. The site has a huge repository for all kinds of torrents. Some of the users even browse through the website searching for some of the popular game torrents. However, it is crucial to understand that both RARBG and The Pirate Bay have more torrents than the 1337X torrent site on any given day. 

The website initially had issues like too much clutter with problems with navigation. Moreover, the site also posted significant security risks. However, after these issues, the site went through a complete revamp, which has made it easier to use and browse through. One of the best features of the site is that one can filter movies based on their award nomination. With traffic of 53 million visitors a month the site provides a download speed of 3 -4 MB per second without the intrusion of ads.

4. The Torrentz2 Website


If you are a fan of good music, then the TOrrentz2 website is for you. Although all the above-mentioned torrent sites host music torrents, Torrentz2 has the best torrents files for the music you are looking for. The website does not receive traffic of more than 10 – 20 million users per month. Moreover, if you are looking for general torrents, then this website is not for you. 

Torrentz2 is one of the most reputed sites for any kind of music. It has one of the largest music libraries among all other torrent sites. This is the only reason behind the popularity of this torrent site. The speed offered for downloading the files is not more than 1 to 3 MB per second. Moreover, the downloading of torrent files are also associated with the intrusion of ads. Another important feature of the Torrentz2 website is that the searching of the music becomes easier with filters like albums and artists.

5. The YTS Website


This is another potential torrent site, which can be used for downloading movies with high-end picture quality. In case you are looking for a movie torrent, then YTS is the site, which you should prefer. If you look into the indicators of a good torrent site then YTS can be the best option with a significant library of new movies. It is one of the most visited or preferred sites for downloading movies. 

The download speed provided by the YTS site is around 3 – 4 MB per second. Moreover, another noticeable feature of this torrent site is that it observes traffic of around 75 million visits per month. Furthermore, the site poses one of the most beautiful categorized libraries of HD quality torrents with a remarkable interface and the least ad intrusion. One of the most important features of the site is that you can find all the classics on it in 1080p.

6. The EZTV Website


The world of torrents is ruled mainly by movies and television series. This means that visual entertainment is ruled by the series or different seasons of a popular series. If you are a fan of binge-watching popular television shows, then the EZTV torrent site is definitely for you. Although EZTV does not have a huge repository of content like RARBG and the other torrent sites, EZTV has all the latest television series and newly released shows.

A minimum of a single seeder with each download. Moreover, the site has an active community. This means that all the sources of upload are verified. The monthly traffic received by the torrent site is around 20 million visitors per month. The download speed provided by the EZTV website is around 2 – 3 MB per second. Therefore, if you are looking for the latest television content then this torrent is the right place for you. 

7. The Zooqle Website


If you are an avid gamer looking for all the latest and slightly backdated gaming content, then this website is definitely for you. Zooqle can be termed as a paradise for people looking for game torrents. It has one of the hugest and well-maintained libraries of video gaming torrents available with a warranty. Moreover, the list runs long for both consoles and PC games. 

Another important fact about the website is that it hosts some of the rarest collections of game torrents, which are hard to find on any other website. It has an active community with over 5 million visitors in a single month. The best download speed provided by the torrent site is 1-2 MB per second. Moreover, Zooqle has a uniquely designed user-friendly platform. This means that you can easily find a game torrent within its library. However, the issue of ad intrusion can become frustrating at times. 

8. The LimeTorrents Website


This is another torrent site, which is known for its library of some of the brand new or latest content. It comes with one of the smoothest interfaces with an excellent seeder ratio. Moreover, it also poses an active community. The average speed for downloading torrents provided by the website is 3-4 MB per second. With such a speed and a repository of brand new content, LimeTorrents is a popular name among torrent users.

One of the concerns with the particular website is that it does not have a resourceful library. This means that you will not be able to find slightly old television series or movie torrents in the website library. Moreover, the issue with the intrusion of ads can also be disturbing. However, all the downloadable torrents have verified sources and the site can be trusted with the quality. 

9. The TorrentDownloads Website


One of the concerning features of this website is that it attempts to open an added tab in the browser with advertisements. Although it is not harmful, it can get on your nerves. TorrentDownloads is one of the classic websites that have been in the loop from the days of origin of torrents. However, with the arrival of Pirate Bay and RARBG, the popularity of TorrentDownloads diminished. 

The site provides a download speed of around 2-3 MB per second. Moreover, the issue with the intrusion of the apps can be problematic. The monthly traffic of the site has been reduced to about 5 million users. Despite such drawbacks, the torrent site has some of the oldest and rarest content, which cannot be found on any other torrent site. Even if you are searching for an old book or a video game, you might find it on this torrent site. 

10. The IPTorrents Website


Last but not the least, the IPTorrents website is one of the best private and biggest torrent sites. The meaning of a private torrent site entails the fact that the user will need an invitation to get into the site. It has one of the biggest libraries with a very active community. Moreover, the biggest relief is that the site poses no ad intrusions, which makes it much popular.

You should also prefer this private torrent site because it is safe as each user are background checked by the admin before he or she is let in the group. Moreover, if you can afford to be a member of the IPTorrents website, then you will be able to enjoy the highest speed download because of the seeding quotas. 



1. Which is the best torrent site?

The selection of a site depends on the type of content needed like music, movies, games, or television series. Select a relevant site with optimum speed and security.

2. Does a private torrent site require you to pay?

Yes, a private torrent site might include a fee.

3. How to avoid fake torrents?

A thumb rule to avoid fake torrents is by going through the user comments.


This is the list of the best torrent sites through which you can browse to find out and download the movie or television show torrent, which you are looking for, is mentioned above. Moreover, it is crucial to remember different types of content have different torrent sites from where they can be best downloaded. It is always safer to go through a trusted site to avoid viruses or other malware attacks.