Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission in 2022

As people tend to carry their phones almost everywhere, it is so very easy to track their activities by spying on their phones. Moreover, tracking a mobile is very simple and can be accomplished within a few simple steps. Mobile phone trackers pave the way to get inside a person’s mobile phone. But however, spying on other people does involve legal objections. Most of the users make use of these applications without knowing about the legal impact this might cause. 

Breaking into someone’s private life is not good. Breaking into their mobile phone and viewing all the content on the device including text, images, videos, audio, files, application, etc has major penalties in a court of law. It is not legal to use tracking applications to spy on other people without their knowledge. But this is not the case when it comes to teens and minors. It is totally legal for parents to monitor their children. Especially under-aged kids can be monitored in a legal manner. Parents of minor children do not need consent from their children in order to monitor them. 

Benefits Of Using Tracking Applications

  • By using a tracking application you can monitor the actions of your kids. By installing a tracker on your child’s smartphone, you can make sure your child is safe and stays out of trouble. 
  • On the other hand, these tracking applications can legally be used by employers as long as they have written consent from their employees agreeing to be spied on. Through this, the organizations or the company can be sure that their staff and workers do not leak any confidential information about their company or organization to the outer world. 
  • You can install third-party software on your own and monitor the activities of the target or you can hire law enforcement agencies to do this for you. It is an obvious fact that carrying out this process through a law enforcement agency will not be cheap and might not be affordable to most people and they will charge you with respect to the high-end tools and software they use and how many days they monitor the target. 
  • To save yourself all the dime, it is advised to carry out this process on your own. There are various tools that are available which can be made use of. Most paid applications can be very reliable and user-friendly. 

Here are a few tracking applications you can use without any permission required.

The Best Phone Tracker Applications

1. mSpy

If you want to track multiple applications at the same time, mSpy is your right choice. mSpy provides access to all the information or data present in the target phone from a remote location. mSpy is compatible with both iPhone and Android version devices. Through mSpy you will be able to monitor all the outgoing and incoming calls and text messages. You can view the entire call log information including the time stamps, name of the caller, number of the caller, duration of the call, etc. It also provides access to view the contents of the social media platform including its chats. The GPS location tracking system used by mSpy provides a very accurate location tracking feature. 

mSpy is very easy to set up and the entire installation process takes less than five minutes. It does not require the target device to be in the rooted or jailbreak stage. All the updates of mSpy are regularly updated every five minutes, this feature ensures that you do not miss out on anything that might be important. This application also offers excellent security features and safeguards your privacy. 

Functionalities Offered By mSpy

  • mSpy runs in the background, that is it operates in stealth mode.
  • They have excellent customer support available twenty-four seven. 
  • You can monitor all the actions of the target in real-time without any delay. 

mSpy offers various subscription plans and you can choose the one that suits you the most. They also provide a free trial session for a limited period and refunding policy for unsatisfied customers. 

2. Cocospy

As a parent, if you are looking for the best parental control device, Cocospy is the one you should go with. It offers a remote tracking feature. It is supported on both iPhone and android devices. It helps you to monitor the target without them noticing. It is said to be one the most powerful tools that has the capability to run in the background of the target’s device. 

In order to make use of this application spyware, you must first create a Cocospy account with your mail address and select a subscription plan. Once you finish the installation process you can very easily navigate to the dashboard through which you can spy on the target. Some of the features of Cocospy are SMS monitoring, the ability to read chats from social media platforms, and keeping tabs on browsing history. Cocospy has a geo-fencing functionality as well. 

Functionalities Of Cocospy

  • Ability to track all the incoming and outgoing calls.
  • You can view and read all the text messages that are sent and received.
  • GPS location tracking system enables you to track all the places the target visits.
  • The best functionality is the “geo-fencing” feature

Cocospy stays hidden in the target’s device and this is one of the best spying applications you can use that does not require any permission. Cocospy is used very commonly among parents who want to keep tabs on their kids. Cocospy offers real-time updates so that you can constantly be updated on all the actions your target performs.

3. eyeZy

eyeZy is known for being the best cost-efficient tracking application. A whole package that is required to track mobile phones is present in the eyeZy application. You can very quickly complete the process that is required for installing this tracking software. You have to create an eyeZy account first. The best feature that eyeZy provides is the keylogger feature. eyeZy records all the keystrokes with the help of key loggers. eyeZy always operates in stealth mode. You can also customize and block the access from the target device to particular websites.

Functionalities Of eyeZy

  • Has the ability to monitor all the social media platforms.
  • GPS location tracking and the advanced geofencing feature are also available.
  • eyeZy has a good customer support team that is active all day long. 
  • You can search and find files using their names.
  • eyeZy can block access to certain websites.

eyeZy has the whole package. Be it SMS tracking or monitoring call logs, eyeZy can do it all. eyeZy is applicable to android devices as well as iPhone devices. This is great and extremely reliable. 

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch has the best and the most accurate geolocation feature that is offered. It can track social media platforms including Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Whatsapp, Skype, Snapchat, etc, and can also monitor the activities of search engine history. It has the ability to keep tabs on the calendar and the contact list of the target. 

Hoverwatch gives its user complete access to call logs of the device which can be of great use to the one who is spying. This tracking application can track up to five devices at the same time. Once the application is installed you can jump right in and start monitoring. It makes use of the cell towers, wifi towers, and GPS tracking system to give the most accurate location of the target device. 

Functionalities Of Hoverwatch

  • Through Hoverwatch you can monitor all the Instant messaging (IM) platforms.
  • The entire browser history can be viewed with the help of this application.
  • Has the ability to take snapshots. You can easily take screenshots of the target device at any point in time.
  • The best feature – Hoverwatch automatically captures the image using the front camera every time the mobile phone gets unlocked.

This is a great application for the parental control system. As multiple devices can be monitored simultaneously you can use it to monitor all your kids separately. you can also view all the keystrokes that are made in the target device using this which makes it a very unique tool with various important features. 

5. GEOfinder

GEOfinder provides a feature to track phone numbers for free. This is one of the free tracking applications that are both reliable and efficient. They have various useful features. GEOfinder is not like other third-party applications, you do not have to download GEOfinder on any device. This software is web-based. So this eliminates the process of downloading and installing. The added advantage of this web-based software is that you will be able to trace a device with the help of a mobile number. 

You can send a link containing a link to a target device. If the target clicks on the link you will be able to view the accurate location of the device. don’t worry, your identity will remain hidden through it all. 

Functionalities Of GEOfinder

  • Ability to send text messages that are customized by you.
  • Can track the location of the target in an anonymous manner without their knowledge.
  • There is no limit to requests that can be sent per day.
  • GEOfinder provided a well-detailed location of the target device on the map 

This web-based application is free of cost. They can be used without any installation procedure. As soon as the target clicks on the link which you have sent, the location can be immediately viewed by you.

All these applications are unique in their own ways and can be easily installed. The customer service team is known to be efficient and consists of muti-lingual employees, who can for sure guide you through the setting and installation process. Through this, you will understand the various features they are provided and how each of these tracking applications can be used. Always remember to make use of these applications only with good intentions.

Things To Remember

  • Make sure that the application you want to purchase will be compatible with the operating system that runs on your target device. 
  • Make sure that it has a built-in GPS tracking feature, this is a very important feature. Without this feature, you will not be able to track the physical location of the target person.
  • Make sure that the application can run in stealth mode. This is the feature that is required in order to keep the application running in the background and remain hidden and undetected at the same time. 
  • Check if the application company has a twenty-four, seven customer service option so that you can approach them with any doubts at any point of time.
  • Purchase applications and subscription plans that you think are budget friendly for you. Do opt for very cheap ones or the ones that are very expensive.
  • Go through all the features that are offered and select the most suitable one that is required according to your requirements. 

Is There Any Free Or Cheap Application To Track Others?

Yes, there are quite a few applications found on the internet that are either free or cheap. Cheap applications will have very limited and basic resources. There are chances free applications may have malicious software embedded in them so, it is safe to say that you should not purchase a free application unless it is from a reputable company. 

To Summarize

Phone tracking applications can be put to good use by everyone. How and when you use these applications will judge whether this is legal or illegal. All the above-mentioned applications are top-notch and are trusted by a vast number of users around the world. Some of the applications mentioned are free and they are known to be effective as well though they might perform limited functions. Make sure to choose the application that suits your needs and requirements most. Do not opt for very expensive high-end applications if it is not required. The phone tracking feature is mostly available on all low-cost subscription plans as well.