Walmart In-Store Satisfaction Survey

Walmart In-Store Satisfaction Survey

Are you planning to attend Walmart In-Store customer experience survey? If so, this article will be of great use to you. Customer experience surveys are created by the brands to record customer feedback. Both positive and negative feedback from the customers is registered and analyzed to make appropriate improvements in the products and services offered … Read more

Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages For Free On iPhone

Check Boyfriend's Text Messages For Free On iPhone

Is your boyfriend acting differently around you? Is he doing shady stuff? Do you think he is hiding something from you? Don’t you think all these questions can be answered if you could just take a quick peek at his iPhone text messages? Not one or two there are numerous ways through which you can … Read more

How To Turn Off Location Without The Other Person Knowing

How To Turn Off Location Without The Other Person Knowing

There are instances in human life where we wish to not be noticed by others and enjoy some privacy. While enabling location helps friends and family to keep track of your safety and whereabouts, usually it goes against one’s privacy. However, you may ask, how do you turn off the location without alerting other people … Read more

Staples Survey @ – Win $500 Gift Card

Staples Customer Satisfaction Survey

Most successful businesses are where they are because of the high rate of customer count and customer satisfaction. A customer is considered an important asset for the company, as he/she determines the profits and revenues.  To make a customer happy and gain constant support, a business should cater for the needs of the customer. And, … Read more

Best Spy Apps For Android Without Access To Target Phone

Best Spy Apps For Android Without Access To Target Phone

Android spyware applications will help you reveal your kid’s cell phones and shield them from cell phone addiction. These applications can also be used to reveal your employee’s actions. This spying software can help you to track call logs, text messages, email messages, and other activities for your children’s mobile phones or tablets or any … Read more

Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pizza Hut Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys have become popular in recent times. Especially, when it comes to food Outlets or restaurants, the food brands have created customer feedback surveys to know the positive and negative feedbacks about their food quality, menu options, restaurant ambience, employee behavior, the customer experience at the restaurant, and more.  These surveys help the … Read more

How To Create And Edit Gaming Videos: 8 Pro Tips

How To Create And Edit Gaming Videos

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in gaming videos. But before you start using gaming intro maker and start cutting up clips of your favorite games, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are eight pro tips on creating and editing gaming videos like a pro! Find Your Niche The … Read more

Facetime Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14

Facetime Icon Aesthetic

If you are using iOS 14 or later versions, you are lucky as you can use the “custom app icon” feature to personalise the aesthetic of your phone. This is a new feature dropped by Apple that applies to all iPhone apps. The custom app icon option allows you to change the aesthetic of the … Read more

Notes Icon Aesthetic For iPhone in iOS 14

Notes Icon Aesthetic

After the arrival of the iOS 14 update, things changed for iPhone users. For all these years, iPhone users were deprived of the app icon customisation feature. But not anymore! Now iPhone users can personalise app icons according to their liking. The iOS 14 update comes with a new feature called “custom app icon.” It … Read more