AirPlay Not Working On Roku TV – How to Fix It

How often does it happen that you want to watch something on the big screen of your television using a media stick and the AirPlay feature just won’t work? Happens to the best of us. However, this is where you can step up your game. If your screen mirroring feature or AirPlay on your Apple devices isn’t working, there can be several reasons behind that and that is exactly what you need to find out to fix it. 

Especially with Roku TV, chances are that the connectivity is showing error, which means that you need to find constructive ways to solve the problem without making things a lot more complicated. The primary objective of using AirPlay is that it helps send and forward the videos from your iPhone or iPad to the Roku TV or other kinds of smart television for superior results.

However, if your AirPlay feature is malfunctioning, there are a few causes to it and few ways which you can use to fix the issue.

What to look for when AirPlay isn’t working?

If the AirPlay feature in your iPhone or iPad isn’t working, there are a few cross-checking that you need to do. Most of the time, if the AirPlay feature isn’t working on your phone; chances are that it won’t work even with the changes you make. In such cases, you need to know about the exact causes of the problem before you move ahead to fix it.

  • Troubleshooting needed in iPhone or iPad

If the AirPlay function is showing an error, chances are that you need to get in touch with the iPhone and iPad settings and run a troubleshooting function for better clarity. If the devices are connected to the Wi-Fi, the easiest way to troubleshoot is by switching them to the Airplane mode. This will reassign the Wi-Fi settings and other functions and make the process a lot easier for you to handle. 

  • Update your device

Sometimes, the AirPlay feature starts malfunctioning if your iPad or iPhone aren’t updated, especially when it comes to the software. So, you need to focus on updating your device without any questions asked. Just ensure that you have the software updated along with the individual applications to ensure it connects well without hassle.

  • Software glitch

Another common cause why your AirPlay is showing errors while functioning is because of a software glitch. It can happen and the best way to get rid of that issue is by switching off and restarting your phone your iPad again.

  • Not compatible

In some cases, especially with MacBooks, there are instances when a user keeps trying to connect but their device isn’t even compatible with AirPlay. So, make sure that you check the compatibility of the device with the AirPlay function because that is crucial above all. The best way to check this is by going to System Preferences and then Displays to check if the AirPlay feature is supported or not.

If that doesn’t work, you can troubleshoot or restart the device to overcome this hurdle.

  • Poor Wi-Fi functions

Last on the list of causes behind the lack of AirPlay connectivity is due to poor Wi-Fi functions. Sometimes, we don’t realise this but poor Wi-Fi and internet connection is hands down one of the most common reasons behind the issue, which means that you need to unplug it and then plug it back in again to see notable results.

Some routers even need a firmware update to fix the issue, which is another reason why you need to focus on the issue without further complications. So, make sure that you be mindful of the situation without complaints.

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How to Fix AirPlay not connecting to Roku TV?

Now that you know of some of the possible causes as to why the AirPlay isn’t connecting with Roku TV, the next thing that you need to know is the procedures to fix the problem for good. It isn’t as complicated as you think, which means that you wouldn’t face a lot of problems when it comes to this. 

Here’s what you can do instead. These are some of the effective ways you can get rid of the connection not working out:

  • Check the Roku TV version

The first step to fixing the overall issues with the AirPlay not connecting to the Roku TV is to check the versions and updates of the same. You need to ensure that the Roku TV version you are using supports the AirPlay feature and is compatible with the same. This is one of the most common issues that individuals struggle with. If your Roku is running on versions below 9.4, chances are that it won’t function the same way anymore that you want.

If the same isn’t in the latest version, you need to make the update immediately without further questions.

  • Check the Requirements

Both Roku TV and Apple device should follow and abide by the requirements needed to support Airplay via these devices. So, make sure that you are being mindful of the same.

  • Enable the Option

Sometimes, what happens is that you are trying to connect the AirPlay feature on the Roku TV with the feature disabled. Much like how you need to enable your Bluetooth to pair and connect a device, the same goes out for the Roku TV as well. So, make sure you check whether the function is enabled in the device or not before you get into operating it.

  • Follow the Right Steps

Even missing out on one step from the middle can end up causing complete chaos and prevent the AirPlay function from connecting to the Roku TV. In such cases, we’d recommend that you take your time and then connect it to the Roku TV based on the steps that are mentioned. Once you are done scanning, you can then seamlessly connect the features without complications.

  • Check your Network Connection

Lastly, the most important cross-checking that you need to do is with the network settings, be it the cellular network, Wifi, or even VPN connection if you are using one. Sometimes poor connectivity can prevent the connection between AirPlay from happening on the Roku TV, so be mindful of that too.

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The AirPlay feature not functioning with Roku TV is not something new. You need to ensure that you know about all the causes behind the issue and then follow along with the steps as we mentioned. It can take a few tries and tests before you get the connectivity sorted out.

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