AHRebates.com Rebate Form Submission & Reward Guide

If you have a pet and you like to feed them products from the Bayer Animal Health products, then this article is for you. This is where you can claim your free rewards and rebates without putting in much effort. 

In case you have recently purchased any kind of pet products from brands under Bayer Animal Health products, including Profender, Seresto, Advantage II, etc., you stand a chance to apply online and redeem your rebates against those purchases directly from Bayer Animal Health products.

There are indeed some strict rules and regulations that need to be followed. However, if you have made a recent purchase, we’d recommend you read till the end of the article to get all the necessary information.

What are the rules to Claim the Rebate and Reward from AHRebates?

If this is your first time with the reward program, be assured that the process is not simple and that easy. There are certain criteria that you need to tick off before you qualify for the rewards. So, for example, if you bought products a year back and want to enter the reward program now, that won’t be a possibility at all.

Some of the common criteria to match are:

  • The product you buy from the Bayer AH product should be quantified under the rebate eligibility limit.
  • Complete the rebate form and submit it before the mentioned deadline on the product.
  • Have printed copies of the records.
  • Have proper purchase receipt and proof of the purchase from the individual vet clinic.
  • Be patient up to 4 weeks till the form gets accepted formally.
  • Wait for the rebate cheque for up to 8 weeks to reach you.

These are some of the basic criteria that you need to follow to qualify for the rebate cheque. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the proof or records because that is what makes all the difference in expediting your cheque delivery.

How to Submit the AH Rebates Form?

Now that you are familiar with the basic requirements and criteria, it is important we also look into the steps involved in the application fill-up process. The process isn’t complicated if you have all the documentation handy and you follow the steps we are going to mention down below:

  • Start by opening your web browser and type in https://www.ahrebates.com/ and press Enter.
  • The homepage will open up and have a list of all the qualifying products under the rebate and reward program. Select the products that you have purchased.
  • Under the input box, enter the details of the owner along with the shipping information.
  • From under the dropdown list, select the name of the vet clinic you bought the products from.
  • In the next field, enter the reason for purchase, the size of the product you purchased and the necessary information that they ask for.
  • In the last column, upload all the documentation proof and the images that they need for verification.
  • Cross-check all the information that you have entered.
  • Once you are sure that the information is complete and correct, click on Submit.

Make sure you print the rebate form after you are done submitting it. This is to keep documentation with you.

With the rebate program, you are eligible to apply for six rebates per household, per offer. In case your rebate form is rejected, it is likely because you have exceeded the limit or not uploaded enough information or the correct information as needed.

What are some of the rewards under the AH Rebates?

If your form successfully goes through, there are several rewards to select and get. Some of the most notable ones include:

  • Advantage Multi: 12 Packs $75, 6 Packs $40 (with Test) 
  • Quellin: $20 (One 120ct bottle) 
  • Advantage Multi: 12 Packs $65, 6 Packs $30 (without Test) 
  • SERESTO: $15 (For purchases between January 1, 2021, and March 31, 2021) 
  • ChlorhexiDerm, HyLyt, Malaseb, or major drugs and IVs – (1 unit $5)
  • SERESTO: $20 (For purchases between April 1, 2021, and December 31, 2021) 

Keep in mind that the rates or rewards are pretty much the same throughout the year. So, you can’t expect drastic changes from year to year.


1. What is AHRebates?

AHRebates provide rebates on Bayer Animal Health products to people who have recently purchased their products. You can claim your rewards by visiting their official website. However, they have some criteria that need to be fulfilled before you can claim your rewards. You will find all this information on their online portal. Read the rules and criteria carefully. Otherwise, you may miss out on your rewards.

2. How do I apply for the AHRebates reward program?

To take advantage of their reward program, you will have to first fill up their application form and submit it online. To submit your application, you will have to visit www.ahrebates.com and follow the instructions mentioned in the post. Once your application gets approved, you will be eligible to apply for six rebates per household.

3. What is the advantage of applying for AHRebates?

AHRebate offers a reward program to pet owners who have recently bought Bayer Animal Health products. By applying for their reward program, you can get exclusive discounts on your purchase. For example, you can buy multi-pack items at a much lower price than the actual rate. They give discounts up to $20-$30 or more.

4. Do they change the discount at AHRebates?

The discount amount usually remains the same throughout the year. However, the company holds the right to alter the discount rates at any time they want. They usually change the discount rates depending on the prevailing market conditions. To know the current discount rates, you will have to visit their website. 


This is how you can claim a rebate and reward from the AH Rebates when you buy any of the Bayer Animal Health products. This is an amazing initiative and pushes the pet owners to do the maximum for their pets without having to worry about spending a lot of money in the process. Since treatments and taking care of a pet can be too much sometimes, this is Bayer’s way of giving back to the people who take care of their pets.

We hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know about the AH Rebate and the Rewards program for your pets.