Top 10 Similar Websites like 6stream.TV and Alternatives in 2022

Sports freaks can’t wait to watch their much-awaited sports events on big screens. It’s the best source of entertainment for them. Not all can manage to witness the sports events from the venue. Some watch it on television, whereas some stream live sports events from sports streaming applications and sites. Yes, looking into the craze among sports enthusiasts, a lot of sports streaming sites have developed in recent times, that allows people to watch their favorite sports offline and online. 

Therefore, sports fans can now satiate their cravings by streaming sports online, from their homes! However, remember that some sites are legal whereas some are illegal. Some are accessible for free while some charge subscription fees for offering services. In this post, we are going to talk about a free sports streaming website, 6stream.TV. This site has gained popularity recently, owing to its easily navigable interface and fast streaming facilities. To know more about 6stream.TV, continue to read below. 

About 6stream.TV 

6stream.TV is an immensely popular sports streaming website that has brought together live sports streaming services aired on multiple channels. Different channels air different sports events. This site allows players to stream any sporting event of their choice, from any channel live. Be it domestic or international, this site has everything a sports freak needs. 

The best part is this site is accessible for free. However, there’s no reason to think that it offers poor-quality services for free. You can stream sports at 1020p on 6stream.TV. In other words, it’s as good as the legal sports sites. No matter if you are looking for MMA, American football, tennis, golf, wrestling, soccer, golf, basketball, cycling, darts, racing sports, handball, or volleyball, you are sure to get all the sports events related to these games on this site.

6stream.TV isn’t the only sports streaming site available nowadays. There are innumerable other sites that offer similar services. But, before going into the list of alternatives, we would have a quick look at its features. 

RecommendedTop 10 Similar Websites Like and Alternatives in 2022

Features of 6stream.TV

6stream.TV has become so popular among sports freaks mostly because of its features. Below enlisted are some features that make accessing this site convenient for people. 

  • User-friendly interface 

The first thing that user’s notice about any site is its interface. Honestly, 6stream.TV has the best-designed user interfaces. The site is very easily navigable. It’s clean, updated, and connected to fast servers. 

  • Clean categories 

Like we already mentioned, the site streams sports events that are aired on different channels. To make it easier for people to find out the event they are particularly looking for, developers have creates groups based on the channels’ names. 

  • Top-notch video quality

6stream assures its audience of top-notch contents quality. All its videos are in high definition which provides the ultimate satisfaction anyone can ask for. 

We have enlisted the features above. Now, it’s time to go through its list of alternatives. 

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List of 10 similar websites like 6stream.TV and alternatives in 2022

The names of the sites mentioned below provide sports streaming services, just like 6stresm TV. However, not all of them offer free accessibility. Some charge for offering services. Without delay in any further, it’s dive into the details of these sites: 

1. Jio TV

Jio TV

Jio TV or Jio television is one of the most popular live television streaming applications available in recent times. Jio is known for delivering top-notch internet facilities and applications that offer the best home entertainment. For all Jio users, this application is accessible free of charge. In this application, one can find live programs and events that are being aired on different TV channels. Click on the channel that you wish to stream. 

Of all the channels, there are popular sports channels. You can stream your favorite sports event simply by finding out the channel where it’s being aired. 

The application allows easy access. You simply have to log into the application by providing your registered Jio number. An OTP will be sent to the number entered. That’s all. The application will automatically track down the OTP from your device and provide you access to its huge library of television channels. 

2. Sony LIV

Sony LIV

Another android application that’s a close alternative to 6stream.TV is Sony LIV. As the name suggests, it’s a development of Sony pictures India Pvt. LTD. On this application too, one can browse through innumerable sports channels and stream sports events from any one of them at one time. Its collection of channels include set max, sab television, ten 2, ten 1, ten 3, sony pix, sony six, song ESPN, ten golf HD, Ten 1 HD, etc. The latest version of Sony LIV has been updated and new features have also been added. 

Even since Sony LIV was launched on Google Play Store, it has registered over 50000,000 installs. This explains the functionality of the site. It’s a freely accessible site that offers such a huge collection of channels without asking for a penny. You can stream live, watch old sports events, and can even download the old ones for streaming offline. 

3. RedStreamSport


This site functions quite differently than the other two we just talked about. This site mainly hosts steaming links of various types of content from other streaming sources. In addition to the links, the site also has other streaming channels from where users can stream live sports events. They can also go through the list of sports events and stream or download the old ones. It tracks the activities of its routine users can offers recommendations to them, based on their previous streams. This is however a web-based streaming platform and doesn’t have an app version. 

The site offers top-quality streaming and downloading facilities which highly enhance user’s performance. You can browse through a variety of sports collections, be it soccer, poker, cricket, football, hockey, tennis, and whatnot. There is a search box that makes it more convenient for users to look for their desired games. 

4. CricHD


Seeing the name of the site, you must be thinking that the only sport it streams is cricket particularly. However, if you think so, you are wrong. 

Indeed, the site always uploads live streaming links of the domestic and international cricket matches, it offers you other sports events as well. There are a plethora of other sports events that you can stream and download, for instance, you can get hold of the latest basketball matches, soccer events, rugby, baseball, boxing, volleyball, hockey and so much more. 

The site contains old clips of famous sports events, allowing people to stream them online or download them for offline streaming. The best part is on this site, you can check various schedules and timings of the latest matches that are to be held on different days. 

5. goATDee


This site was specially designed for the US audience but is accessible to other countries as well. However, before accessing this site, people are advised to connect their devices to a VPN network and select America as their current location. 

It’s among the top listed sports streaming sites that allow people to stream their favorite sports live! Supposing your television isn’t working and you aren’t ready to miss your favorite match. What would you do then? goATDee is your ideal solution. Visit the official site of goATDee and stream whatever event you want to. Besides offering the latest sports events, the site brings updated news related to sports. 

The site is accessible for free and doesn’t require users to create an account to register. Simply click on its link and you would land up on its homepage. 

6. Stream2Watch


One of the latest websites that offer sports streaming facilities is Stream2Watch. The site has become incredibly popular, mostly because of the collection of sports it offers. You can watch an unlimited number of sports events of your choice, be it cricket, soccer, hockey, NBA, baseball, tennis, snooker, and something else. 

There are clean categories that allow people to find out their favorite sports events easily. Apart from sports events, you can find out a plethora of other television channels including sports ones on Stream2Watch, like discovery channel, MTV, animal planet, sony max, HBO, FX, Fox, ABC, CNN, ESPN, etc. 

The website delivers an immersive sports streaming experience. It hardly includes unwanted advertisements and doesn’t take much time to buffer. 

7. Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar has been delivering sports streaming services shortly. Earlier, it used to be a movie streaming site. However now, the application has taken the initiative to expand its services. Here, you can stream several live matches, not for free though. The free version of Hotstar allows you to stream matches 1 day after they are held. But, if you are wanting to stream matches live on Hotstar, you have to subscribe to its VIP plan, which currently costs Rs. 499 annually. 

The application ensures that all videos are available in top-notch quality. Hotstar, like the other sports streaming facilities, allows people to download content as well. On this application, you can watch old episodes of cricket, basketball, football matches. Even if you haven’t subscribed, you can access these old clips

8. 12thplayer


12thplayer is another sports streaming website that offers extensive coverage of live sports events, news, and entertainment. Here, you can stream your favorite sports competitions, be it ice hockey, American football, baseball, Soccer, and combat sports. This site is popular among a lot of sports freaks. The website is smooth, extremely responsive, and connected to fast servers. 

Besides allowing people to stream sports live, there are new channels as well, from where you can stay updated on the latest sports events. Any change in schedules or timings of any event is reflected on the site immediately. 

The site offers free accessibility to all its contents. The best part is apart from sports, several movies, web series, documentaries are also found here. 

9. VIPleague


The next platform for streaming sports online is VIPleague. Here, almost all television sports channels can be found. You can choose from the selection of channels and stream your favorite sports be it table tennis, hockey, badminton, cricket, football, etc. VIPleague is again a free platform that allows people to access its content for free. 

With our hectic schedules, it doesn’t become possible to sit in front of the TV and watch our favourites sports live. VIPleague knows that and that’s why it even uploads old clips of several sports events. So, if you have missed your favorite sports event live, you can simply log into VIPleague and watch it afterward. The best part is you can even download it for free. 

10. Sport365


Here too you can enjoy live sports events like boxing, racing, football, soccer, volleyball, cricket, basketball and whatnot. This site, though it brings together live sports events from a variety of television channels, it mainly focuses on offering live sports streaming facilities related to soccer and football. 

This site is a true heaven for all football and soccer lovers. The site is popular mostly because of its reliable services. When you enter its website, you could see two options, watch now and live. Click on any of the options you like and start streaming your favorite sports events. 

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1. Is 6stream.TV available for free?

Yes, 6stream.TV is a sports streaming website that offers free services. 

2. Do you have to register on 6stream.TV?

Yes, users have to create an account on this site before accessing its contents. 

3. What sports are available for live streaming on 6stream.TV?

The site brings together a plethora of sports like football, basketball, baseball, cricket, badminton, soccer, rugby, and whatnot.

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In this post, we have discussed the various alternatives to 6stream.TV. We tried to make our readers aware of the presence of illegal sports streaming websites on the internet. We urge our readers to stay away from torrent sports streaming sites. There are innumerable legal alternative sites some of which we have mentioned above. We request our readers to use them instead and enjoy a safe, secured streaming experience.