3 Best  Ways to Make Your TikTok Page More Popular in 2022

Every newbie who started his blog in TikTok dreams of fame, extra money and thousands of fans. But this goal is quite difficult to achieve, because in order for the account to constantly flourish and attract the attention of users, it is necessary to have an idea of what methods of promotion are effective. The fact is that competition on the youth platform is growing every day, and in order to be able to declare yourself, it will not be enough for you to use only free methods and rely on luck.

Several hundred thousand videos are uploaded to the platform every day, and not all of them go viral and get a lot of likes, comments, views. The reason is simple – some beginners forget about the need for high-quality promotion, and this becomes the reason for the absence of activity. So that you do not encounter such a problem, we have written this article in which we will tell you about the 3 best ways to attract audiences: participating in challenges, using the opportunity to buy TikTok followers instantly and publishing posts at the right time. Keep reading!


TikTok is famous for various interesting activities and every day content makers come up with more and more challenges that attract thousands of users. Not only well-known influencers and major brands take part in such activities, but also those authors who plan to expand their fanbase and grow a blog. This can be a good chance for you to prove yourself, show your talents and find new (or first) followers. 

You see, the tasks are located on a separate tab in the application, and people often go there to see current trends, repeat a successful clip plot or find new interesting authors. At the same time, in order to be noticed on the platform, there is no need to participate in every new activity – choose those that may be interesting to your potential viewers and use popular music. This will attract users, and they will visit your page – this is what you need.

Paid Services 

If you are ambitious and intend to conquer the youth network quickly and simply, you cannot do without the help of third-party advertising companies. They help bloggers speed up the process of achieving the desired results and provide really effective services with which you can raise your account to a new level. One of the best options for beginners is to buy TikTok followers cheap to create a subscriber base and a more presentable page appearance. Your fans are an indicator of success and popularity, and if you make sure that there are a lot of them, users will begin to subscribe more actively.

In addition, you significantly increase the activity on the page, accordingly, videos are more often included in recommendations and the account becomes more visible than before.

Publish clips at the right time 

You, as on any other resource, need to choose the right time to download the video. It is important that most of your followers are online during this time period, in which case you can be sure that they will see new publications and will be able to evaluate them. To understand when you need to post content, experiment (publish at different times) and analyze statistics.